The Sea of Sands

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  1. It was a dark and rainy Sunday night at New York City and a young gorgeous woman, about 22 years old or so was walking along the sidewalk in formal wear.

    The bar door to Kacky's opened and all the men stared as she walked in, some whistling as others smirked.
    Two men in suits stood in a secret doorway and as she walked between the me they walked behind her.
    Opening the door, the woman looked around to all of the men sitting in the middle of the room talking about a map.

    "Ma'am," a suited man said standing up...his hair combed back as he wore dark sunglasses.
    "Do you have the money?" The woman asked with her arms crossed.

    "Debra, please...have a drink..." The man spoke in a graceful manner and snapped his fingers. A man walked over with two wine glasses and was just about to pour when Debra raised her hand at the man as if to stop him.
    "Im here on official business...unfortunately, please..." She said and from her bra pulled out an amulet that looked like a hand and placed it on the table in front of the leader.
    "Victor, the money..." Debra began and the guy only nodded and with another snap of his fingers a briefcase was brought to the table and opened up, thousands of dollars were in there all folded neatly.

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  2. Mat kept his eyes fixed ahead. Something was going down. He hadn't wriggled far enough into their trust to earn the right to know what, but something was going down tonight.

    It wasn't long before that something began. The doors of the bar opened and a woman walked in. A beautiful woman, more so because of her composure even than her physical traits, which were stunning on their own. She was not one of the boss' whore friends; that much was clear. Doing his appointed job, Mat followed her into the room, shoulder to shoulder with Darian, the second guard. Together, they shut the heavy doors behind her.

    His eyes watched the proceedings from behind a concrete face. It was expected of Mat to see, prevent, and stop the problems. If there were no problems, then he absorbed nothing. Of course, truthfully it was his job to see everything and absorb all.

    He studied the amulet the woman had brought out and then the money. The amulet. The money. The map. Somehow it all fit together. He was still trying to figure out how and what to do about it.

  3. The concrete pavement was slick with rain, making the metal buildings shine. The rain lashed down relentlessly and a large amount of inky clouds had started to gather in the sky. A multitude of cars crawled along the road in a slow-moving pace, apparently there had been a car crash further down the street. Colorful language were thrown at each other and the loud blares of the car horns could be heard. Olive turned up the volume of her music and carried on walking. Her Black hair was a shade darker due to the rain, it clung in strands around her face. She had forgotten to bring an umbrella. Olive was always forgetting something. She didn't mind much, she liked the way it felt on her skin. It made everything look different, brand new.

    Lightning illuminated the sky, casting odd reflections in the shop windows. Olive still had a long way to go until she reached home. She knew she wouldn't make it back in time. What now? Olive drew her scarf tighter around her neck, leaves and twigs rattled in the tree's above Olive's head, she flicked a fallen leaf which had landed on her head. The wind howled and tore at her, she put her arms around herself and wished she had brought a thicker jacket.

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