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Tuxedo Mask

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Since Fluffy is doing this I thought I would too since i haven't really shared my writings.

I'm Just the Sky

She is as far from me as the sea is wide
So it seems anyways
Clownfish and anemone, our past
Now I feel as if this masquerade that we all play
Is no longer a game
And the pieces have been set

The Death of a Moth
My cage
The window pane
Where is the light?
She was here, no longer
Greener pastures
Her wake, crumbs of brilliance
Only fools neglect
Or rather fools have the last laugh
Oh the irony

We are so close we don't touch
This suspense is killing me
I hope it lasts
As I talk in a 2nd person
But don't know what to say

She frolics with the moon
As if Eros struck her
And then broke his bow in two

She no longer loves the sky
And I ask why?
Because time is nigh

Elope into the galaxy
And take the world
After all I'm just the sky
Who am I?

I do not decide
If the sun becomes the moons bride
Brushed aside
As I blacken, I've died inside
(Now I know a lot of you on here aren't religious but this is me)

You're My Ecstasy

Verse 1
I can't get her out of my dreams
As if she's sewn into the sheets
What does all of this mean?
Or is she just stuck in the seams? (so it seems)

She's as awkward as bumbling bee
but that doesn't mean she doesn't have the knees
She the most wonderful being
You'll ever meet

So come dance with me under the autumn leaves
So come sing with me harmonious melodies
Why can't you see I'm so in love with thee?
Oh Oh
Cause you're my ecstasy (x2)

Verse 2

When I stare into her eyes I get lost for hours
But it's not like I mind I'd like to stay lost for days
How do you define her beautiful smile
And how it shapes the milky way

She was born from butterflies always wrapped in mystery
Such a gorgeous disguise my curiosity is piqued
Her radiance shines just like the sunrise
And I'm often tongue-tied

But as it turns out her heart belongs to greater man
He walks on water and holds us in His hands
A match made in heaven and has written her love letters
And that's just the beginning of His Word

He said he had to leave but that He's coming back
She's a bride to be and I promise you that's a fact
She'll wait patiently for His return
And until then I'm going to have to learn

That the only way to get to her heart
Is that chasing after God is the best place to start

Last Chorus
So come dance with me under His angels wings
So come sing with me worship songs to the King
Now I see I'm to chase God to get to thee
Oh Oh
Cause you're my ecstasy (x2)
I'm to chase after the King to get to thee