The School of the Dark & Light: First year! OOC and sign ups (Open)

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  1. This is a school of strange proportions, angels and demons now create their own children.... children of either demonic or angelic origins... they are put in human families..... only to be taken away in their teens... They are made in a human like form when they are born into this world. They are unable to achieve their true forms with out certain items. These unactivated demons and angels are taught about what they really are... shown what they are capable of doing and what they were made for. They are taught some o the same human subjects as a normal school but they learn demon and angel history. Learn of their powers, of their ways of life, and how to control their true forms.

    But there were flaws in this plan... the demons and angels were raised as HUMANS. making them more like humans then what they actually were... when people found out what they were most of them split up into the two factions. The angel faction and demon faction. They break out fights all oveer the school when they aren't in class. There was also another faction that was created by one huge flaw... it was made of the angels and demons who went insane when they were given their weapons to morph... when they changed their minds could not handle it. They went insane... on rampages... and their minds utterly twisted.

    War breaks out in the school now. Action, romance, mistery, and other things take place in this school... what will happen while you go to school here? what will happen on your path to graduating from this place?

    1: First of all this is a paragraph roleplay. at least one paragraph must be in your posts. and it must be readable and understandable.

    2: this is an rp... meaning play as someone else... don't take emotions you have towards someone into this rp. keep the arguements that you have with someone out of the OOC as well.... unless it concerns the rp itself.

    3: you can be a teacher in the rp if you want as well... send me a personal character sheet for the teachers and staff.

    4: make only one character. unless you want to make a teacher as well then you can make that one as an extra.

    5: Cursing is allowed just don't abuse it.

    6: questions or concerns about this rp is sent to me or a admin if I appoint any.

    7: This is made to be creative! Go nuts with the history, personality, you can have nick names, as long as you don't Really over power you character!

    8: respect all other characters and roleplayers, what they put in their character sheet is their decision... aslong as they don't put any perverted things in their character sheet it's fine.

    9: Don't be over perverted or anthing. you can date someone and kiss... as log as ou guys don't do something like second base it's fine.

    10: don't try ot control other peoples characters to much. and you cannot kill other peoples characters with out permission of the roleplayer.

    (Character sheet is gonna be in next post for staff and students.) When there is enough people who have joined (minimum of four) We can start. More information might also be posted I dunno yet. But notify me either through here or by pm if you would like to join I will reserve a spot for you! ^^;
  2. Staff skeleton

    Name: Alexander Leon

    Title/status: Headmaster

    Age: Unknown

    Race: Iron guard sentinel

    Gender: Male

    Weapon: A Iron like cuff around his wrist with three chain links on it.

    History: Headmaster Leon Doesn't have much of a history... He was created by the angels and demons to run the school. He is very wise, and also very decisive. He is nice outward person. Talks to many people and is very nice to the students although not many people has ever seen his transformation rumors have been spread about how it leaves people in awe. Which are actually not very close to his transformation. He was created to take upon the form of the human flesh so as to not startle any of the new comers to the school.

    Personality: Mostly all smiles, very friendly, sometimes a bit oblivious to things. Or atleast he appears to be like that. He is actually very serious. Always on the alert.


    likes: Being silly, eating, conversing with others.

    Dislikes: Having to fight, his students and or faculty getting severely injured, broccoli

    Other: His transformation's weapon is the cannon known as Ragnarok, The Bound

    I forgot to mention that teachers could be the third race, Sentinel(student character sheet in the next post)
  3. Name : Alice Lovette
    Title : Student
    Age : Unkown
    Race : Cheshire Demon
    Gender : Female
    Weapon : A shadow that acts of its own free will. Will protect Alice if it senses danger. A scythe given to her by the headmaster.
    History : Alice was found outside the school as a young demon at the supposed age of 12. According to the headmaster at the time, she was considered a castaway and must be taken care of for fear of her sanity being totally lost. The shadow guarding her was found a few feet away in a pool of blood.
    Personality : Random, Insane.
    Appearance : (will put up later)
    Transformation : none (Always in her demon form, Glamour is always active to make her appear human in the presence of humans)
    Likes : Cats
    Dislikes : Dogs, willynougers, bolucklems, and anything with the letter ephish (Demon tongue)
    Abilities : Can appear and reappear out of existence. Melt into shadows, including others shadows.
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