The Scale of Propriety

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  1. The important thing is to remember where you SHOULD fall on the scale.

    1. Barbaric
    2. Putrid
    3. Rude
    4. Mean
    5. Unnecessary
    6. Acceptable
    7. Nice
    8. Likable
    9. Polite
    10. Canadian
    So where do you guys fall on the scale?

    I'd say most of the time I'm about a 9.5, but around good people I tend to be at least a 6, and around my close friends, I'm about a 3.
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  2. I, too, have a shift in personality when it comes to my friends. I like to believe that in general I fluctuate around a 6 and sometimes I have good moments where I'm a 10, and other times I am so spiteful that I drop down to a 1.

    It's called being bi-polar while suffering from major depressive disorder. It sucks. It literally has its ups and downs. It just really depends on the moment for the most part, unless we've established that I hate you. Then I'll always treat you horribly.
  3. I'm automatically a 10. Maybe I slip down to a 9 or 8 around people I'm close with. :P

    But seriously, I think I'm pretty consistently around an 8, unless I'm angry. Then its probably a 5… maybe.
  4. Canadian. Probably because I am actually Canadian. I was also just raised to be too polite for my own good! My meanest is like, a 6. Maybe. I have trouble doing anything mean or spiteful, and I don't really get angry often.
  5. *squints* This scale doesn't make sense... is it a sliding scale or a pick a number scale?

    Cause I can totally be polite and mean at the same time. >>
  6. Most of the time I try to be a 10, but there are some things that can trigger a drop to 4. Around a few of my friends I am positively a 1, to the point where it is a game for us to say things that would bring a stranger to tears and just laugh at each other for it.
  7. I guess it's kind of both. Slide a number to pick a scale. Maybe. No, that's different. Slide the scale to pick a number. Yeah.

    It's actually funny watching Canadians reply to this though, because Canadians being overly friendly is a common American stereotype.

  8. :D

    Seriously though, I come off kind of abrasive. Apparently.

    I've been reprimanded at work a few times (and not just this job) for saying apparently offensive things
    Show Spoiler
    customer: I'd like a bacon panini; do you heat it up?
    Me: Yes, we always warm them up
    (Apparently everything after 'yes' makes people feel like I'm calling then stupid or ignorant)
    Customer: I'd like one of these, one of these, two of these -
    Me: ah, sorry, I can't see where you point ; which ones did you want, again?
    (All chocolates have clear labels, and because of the way the case is built I really can't see, but apparently this makes people feel embarrassed and flustered and I should refrain from the phrase "can't see where you point") [\SPOILER]

    I'm a pretty hard person to offend, and - assuming it even occurs to me that someone might take exception to my upcoming statement - my process is to ask 'would I be offended or uncomfortable hearing this?' The answer is usually no

    I'm still not sure whether I'm an abrasive person, or people are just too damn sensitive
  9. Speaking of Canadian stereotypes, I used to think the whole bit about them saying "Eh" at the end of random sentences was just a stereotype. Like, that wasn't as common a thing as people made it sound like right? Well a family that was close friends with mine and had a son my age moved up to Canada when we were young, and I didn't see him again until we were somewhere in the middle of high school. He said "Eh" all the time. XD

    I also have trouble with strangers taking offense to things I say. Apparently something in my tone and body language comes across as sarcastic and/or arrogant, even when I'm not actually being sarcastic.
  10. Around my friend's parents, or people important like, oh I dunno… say, employers/teachers, I am of course a 10.

    Around my peers at school…. usually about a 5. It's not that I'm a mean person, I just make offensive jokes and scare the living daylights out of people with random outbursts. Since I only know 1 person out of a school of about 4000 who likes anime/fantasy and isn't a prep or jock…. I do not feel bad for my treatment of my peers. I really don't. My school is kind of awful if your favorite colors isn't pink, you don't like spray tans or superficiality.

    Around my friends…. BAHAHAHAHA

    I dunno. A one? Here's a most recent scenario… you tell me

    Me: Bails on friend because I am too lazy to go to lunch
    *phone buzzes*
    Phone: Where r u?
    Me: Go away. Let me be sedentary
    Phone: I hope you meet this guy in hell you asshole *picture of hitler in a pink speedo*
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  11. I think it all depends on which part of Canada the particular person comes from. I've lived in Alberta my whole life, and the only person I've ever heard say "Eh" is the American who moved here.
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  12. This is the funniest shit
  13. It is, and it's basically the story of all stereotypes ever. XD
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