The Saviors ((OCC and sign ups)

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  1. we walk through this world alone,people who don't get what and who we really are, We are a complex individuals that cannot get understood but only from people who go through the same heartbreak,tragedy, pain and suffering, When were alone no one knows and no one gets who we really are inside and out,but when were one, than we are not individuals anymore, we are misfits, even saviors of humanity.

    ~So what is this about?~
    Well good thing you asked,The story revolves around misunderstood,And complex heroes of DC/Marvel Universe
    banding together as a team to go against some of the most dangerous and deadly villains around, Even though at first they don't get along, and do not won't to be a team, They learn that their not individuals anymore, they are One.

    ~So why are they a team if they don't wanna be there?~
    The story revolves around a secret terrorist group known as The Lotus hack the main frame in time square, all the lights turn black,but 30 seconds later a man appears on the screens, his outfit black and orange, his hands black? or are they gloves, "Hello Citizens of New York City,I would like you to meet somebody" the man waves his hand, Two men dressed in black bring a man in a suit and drop him next to the man "Hello sir can you tell us your name" the man starts crying "Say your name, or i'll kill you on screen" the man looks at the camera "M-my name is Bill Crowman" "and where do you work?" the man is terrified "The NYPD" "Ah so a police officer huh, okay, well let's show everyone what it's like to help others" the man smiles under the mask and raises his bladed arm and decapitates him on camera "Tonight New York City,another Place tomorrow,I am the Black Beetle and thank you for your cooperation" the man walks off and the screen turns to black, After that announcement a man named foxtrot assembles a team to fight back against the organization The locus
    Black Beetle: Black Beetle.JPG

    ~Can i be anyone?~
    Of course! in this universe marvel and DC are one and you can be anyone that is not with a team or is misunderstood, I encourage you to make your own creations also!

    •You may use your own creations
    •Your hero Must not be in a team or is recognized
    •No controlling other peoples characters
    •Only one character for now
    •No mercenaries or villains
    •No fighting or spam
    •I control the villains (only my creations)


    Main Villain:
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  2. Would this mean everyone who has made a character should move them here as well?
  3. no it's okay,
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