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    Dominique had been sitting at the lake, reading another letter about her mother raving on and on about how Victoire was doing. Victoire was getting married to Teddy Lupin and her mother was estatic. No one was ever as good as her darling eldest. She doubt her mother even noticed the path the Ravenclaw had taken. The beautiful blonde was hidden with dark clothes and make up, anything not to be considered close to her big sister. She hated it. Every last bit.
    The blonde took her wand out and caught fire to the letter before pulling out a bottle of Jack she had hidden away at her favorite place by the lake. She wasn't tipsy yet but she wanted to be there. She was starting to wish she didn't have to go home in a couple weeks. Admittedly, for a Ravenclaw she was an idiot to be out in the snow drinking a liquid that slowed down your blood pulsing through your body, but frankly the blonde did not give a D.A.M.N.
    On top of all of her family shit, she had to find a new boy toy. Her last one left her because she laughed when he said he loved her. She didn't believe anyone could love her and the only one she loved wasn't someone she was going to try with. He'd end up leaving her, he has to deal with enough problems from her.

    Unlike her Housemate Harly was at the tables in the Great Hall doing her homework while trying to eat lunch. It was more studying then lunch. The MuggleBorn excelled in most classes and she wanted to continue to excel in it. She looked up to take a bite of her sandwich before looking around to see if anyone in her next class has already left. Her eyes glanced over to a blonde boy in her next class. Scorpius Malfoy. She gave a small wave over to him, though, she doubt he paid a lick of attention to her.

    "Who you waving at Harly?" Her friend stated, looking up before looking behind her to the Slytherin table. She chuckled, "Isn't Scorpius dating Rose?"
    "Bailey, I am just waving not asking him out." She pouted, making Bailey laugh at her.

  2. E L L I O T
    Elliot's life seemed to be a never-ending cycle of the same three tasks; find Dominique, take away Dominique's liquor and put Dominique to bed. Repeat. He didn't mind, but sometimes he craved a little bit of reprieve from her antics. Her mother was too vain to even notice what was happening with her youngest daughter. Someone had to take care of her.

    "Dominique," Elliot sighed as he found her near the lake. He reached down and confiscated her bottle of liquor, twisting the lid on it and vanishing it with his wand. "It's freezing cold, and you're drinking Jack." He shook his head as he gathered a small pile of wood before her. "I thought you were a Ravenclaw."

    Elliot reached into his pocket and handed her the wrapped-up potatoes and chicken he had stolen from the lunch table, along with a flask of pumpkin juice. He ignited the pile of wood so a small, crackling flame spread its little warmth to the two seventh-years. Elliot sat beside his best friend, wrapping his arms around his knees.

    "Please stop," he said quietly. "You're my best friend. I care about you, a lot. Please stop."
    S C O R P I U S
    Scorpius waved back at Harly as he walked out of the Great Hall and to Potions. Despite his father's dark history Scorpius was pretty popular and everyone in his year knew him. Even the children of his father's enemies liked him.

    Rose joined him as he walked to Potions, which he shared with Harly, of course. Everyone on the planet were convinced that Rose and Scorpius were dating, but that simply was not true. He considered their relationship more 'friends with benefits'. Sometimes, when they were really drunk ... but he had no feelings for her.

    In Potions, the professor announced that for this particular lesson they would all be working in pairs that she had already assigned. The class groaned in unison. Scorpius was paired with Harly, so he gathered his equipment and moved to sit beside her.

    "What parts do you want to do?" he asked her absent-mindedly, staring at the blackboard and reading the instructions.
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    Dominique looked at Elliot, she hated when he asked her to do that. She sighed, pushing her blonde strands away from her face.
    "Elliot, I have to go home in two weeks to my perfect family. I need to be numb." She wrapped her arms around her, watching the fire. She was use to him taking her drinks so she didn't bother fighting it. When she was handed food she sniffed it before taking a bite.
    If she didn't eat she knew how he would react. He was like a mother hen but the only thing positive and constant in her life. She leaned her head against his shoulder. "We can go in."


    She got up to head for Potions after her last bite. She gathered up her work and placed it in her bag. She hadn't expected him to wave back so it made her happy.
    Once in potions she waited in her seat taking notes until she heard her teams. Her blue eyes went wide hearing she went to Scorpius. She looked over watching him concentrating. "Oh, cut that up I'll go get the other supplies." She got up and gathered up everything and brought it over.
  4. E L L I O T
    "What you need," said Elliot, "is to listen to me."

    They were missing their classes but he did not really care in that moment. He would catch up on the work later. Right now, he needed to help Dominique and that would always come before his schoolwork, a surprise to many people. He leaned his head on hers when she put hers on his shoulder. At least they also lived in the same town; he could help her if he needed to. He probably would need to.

    "Just ... " He paused, not knowing how to frame this sentence. "Just please be careful," he practically begged her.
    S C O R P I U S
    Scorpius did as he was told, cutting up the ingredients and depositing them into the cauldron they were using. "So how's life in Ravenclaw?" he asked out of the sake of small talk, and he could not bear sitting silently through this lesson. Plus, he barely knew Harly and he was not opposed to making new friends.
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    Dominique glanced up at him and sighed, "Okay, I'll be careful." She moved to get up, only staggering a little. "Come on Ellie," she said with a smile. "Let's go inside before we freeze." She put her hand down.
    She always had Elliot no matter how stupid she was. He was always there. Many reasons she loved him. He didn't have to put up with her but he did.

    Harlyn looked up as she missed what she was suppose to, watching the potion turn purplish. "Oh, pretty good. How are you?" She asked with a light blush. She could hear Bailey behind her snickering. ​
  6. E L L I O T
    Elliot stood up and put his hand on the small of Dominique's back to guide her back into the castle. "Are you too drunk to go to class?" he asked her, fully willing to sneak into the Ravenclaw common room or the Room of Requirement if she needed to sleep. He would even slip her into the Slytherin common room if he needed to. He doubted she could handle Transfiguration in her current state.
    S C O R P I U S
    "Pretty tired, actually." Scorpius was fretting going back home for the Christmas holidays, because he did not want to have to listen to Draco's rants about staying away from 'that Weasley girl'. But his mother wanted him back home for the holidays, so he had to go. "Do you have any plans with your family for Christmas?" he asked.
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    "No, I just have a headache." She admitted. "I'll probably just go to bed." She stated, pulling her hair up away from her face. She wasn't feeling so well. "I could use the fire." She chuckled,walking towards the castle.

    "Nothing," she looked down, working on the potion. "I don't go home during the holidays." She sighed, changing the potion to a bright blue color before it went the pink it was meant to be. "You?" She asked, her slight Irish accent showing.
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