The savages

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  1. So, I had this one idea today. It's set in a (modern)fantasy world, with a civilization separated from most others being found by another, "more advanced" one, that attempts to peacefully enlighten them with their knowledge.

    So, yeah, I need someone who can play, preferably a few characters, attempting to make civilized people out of a savage tribe of Lizardkin, lizard people living in some deep, unexplored swamps.

    This is obviously a rather rough first draft, and I'd love to work out some details with someone!

    I hope this interests someone :3
  2. Another idea, in case this one is more interesting.

    A woman from a rather primitive tribe being married off to a rich man from a large city, which is everything by primitive, who must learn to live in a world that is very alien to her, and the man having to either accept or teach his wife-to be to be a proper lady!
  3. Hiya! I'd be interested in doing this RP with you. :) The version set in the swamps is more interesting to me, I think.

    So, one thing I'm wondering - how fantasy is this world? (For that matter, how modern?) Like, are the 'civilized' people bringing candles, fire-spells, or an electric generator? Are you picturing the civilized people as being normal humans, other lizardy sorts, fantasy races... something else entirely?

    Okay, so maybe that was closer to two or three things, but still. :) I'm interested, let me know and we can maybe work out some details!
  4. Hey, better come with the questions now, rather than in the middle of it :P

    The civilization that tries to "help" the Lizardkin can be whatever you want. Humans are rather standard for such things, of course, but I'm more than happy to let you be Frokgghos for all I care :3

    How civilized they should be is up to you. You're the modern civ, so if you come in with tempered steel weapons, muskets, or plasma weaponry is up to you :3
    Depends if you want it to be just fantasy, modern-fantasy, or sci-fi, with aliens for all I care X3

    Though when I came up with it, I imagined it to be muskets and stuff, but its up to you, since you're invading/civilizing!
  5. Oh, there'll probably be questions in the middle, too. :) That, or just making it up as I go along, but it's nice to have at least a vague starting point in common.

    But, if you're going to turn it around and ask me... hmm. Humans, but there are other 'savage' races that have been encountered in the past. Probably not actually on the expeditions into the swamp, but they might show up at some point. Technology level... mm, maybe Napoleonic or so. Probably a bit post, actually, but that general level of sophistication. Yes muskets, no plasma guns. :P

    Maybe the humans have recently founded a settlement at the mouth of one of the rivers that goes through the swamp, so now they're exploring the area and encounter the lizardkin.
  6. That's an idea to start off from :3

    And since it's fantasy, we can easily overcome the language barrier with magic. Unless that is one of the uncivilized things, of course :P

    Though if you wanna start it before they've even met, get ready to have some gurilla warfare on your hands as well XD
  7. Depends on the magic, whether it's proper magic or this savage mumbo jumbo. ;) But, yeah, we can say the civilized people have magic to do translation - probably imperfectly, so things will come across weirdly sometimes, but close enough to work.

    I'm ok with starting with some fighting if that's how we want to go. Maybe the humans can capture a lizardkin during one of the battles? They could use him to tune their language spells and then convince him to be their guide as they go into the swamp...
  8. Hey, if you come to invade someone's home, you gotta expect that they stab you with a few spears :P

    But yeah, taking a captive from a battle/ambush could work well. I can already see a way for it to happen. ;3

    So, anything else you wanna discuss before we start? Or should one of us just start up the thread?
  9. Yeah, somehow, people tend to not like it when you go crashing around and taking their stuff. Who knew? XD

    Hmmm... nothing else comes to mind at the moment. Do you want to start the thread, or shall I? (Or should we just both start typing and see who gets there first? :P)
  10. You go ahead and start it. I'm heading off to bed! *Leaps into a large pile of pillows*
  11. I am probably too late, but are you in need of another partner? I'd love to oblige. (8
  12. Who says I cant have more than one rp with the same basic plot? :P

    I can have one with you too. I'd be happy if you had the second option, to keep it a little different, but if you want the first too, just gimme the details you want to use :3