The Rule of Blood (Urban Fantasy)

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  1. This is an interest check for a RP I've been itching to roll out for a while now.

    Originally, I wanted to use a tabletop system like Savage Worlds or FATE Core, but its easily adapted to the forum.

    Its a story we've seen before. Set in the modern world, the story of The Rule of Blood brings the characters into the secret world of magic and monsters that lurk behind the mundane real world.

    The one who hunts them uses a power called "The Rule of Blood," seemingly capable of controlling any creature or person with a look. His motives in pursuing the heroes and how to counter his strange power will define the adventure.

    The setting: Chicago, present day
    Number of Players: 1-3
    Genre: Urban Fantasy

    I would like to plot out major events in collaboration with the players in order to keep the story's pacing moving smoothly. In additon, player input in the setting will be useful as well.

    As an experiment in keeping the story moving and preventing the RP from dying out, I'd like to try to run the story in terms of EVENTS. An EVENT (typically a mission/objective/minor plot event) drives the writing and dialogue of the players for a section of the greater storyline and once it is finished we move on to the next Event as a group. Collaboration between players in the OOC board will be necessary to make this idea work.

    Any takers, reply below.
  2. I'm interested!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.