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I can switch back and forth between passive and aggressive play style. I used to be really aggressive, but these days I'm really tired most the time or busy. I just don't have the energy to be as aggressive these days, so I like finding partners who I can lean on for creative input when I can't provide.
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The Monster Mash Festival

It has been a long jubilant week for the realm of Nautchwald. For the past six days joyous cheers echoed through out the streets late into the night as everyone was well into the energy of the Monster Mash. The whole community was in good spirits, but were ready for the return of their daily routines. Today going to be a glorious day of closure for everyone, as it was the final day of the week long event. The end of the festivities would be starting off with a celebratory community feast, and would end with a magical light show of fireworks. A literal bang if you will. Still the day brought many things to do before such a wonderful display, and our cast finds themselves enjoying the fun.

As the sun began to peek from the horizon and bless the realm with it's warms rays, the city slowly began to spring back to live. Birds sang their morning tune, and the early rising citizens of Nautchwald began to make ready themselves for the new day. Soon enough the streets were starting to fill with people as they made their way to Yeager Hall, a large community building made to house participates of large events such as this. The hall was going to be lined with rows of tables, and providing a plethora of breakfast foods for their grand feast. At the center of the hall was a large stage for scheduled performances while people came in to eat. For the morning feast there would be live music to enjoy.

Time: 8:00 am

Weather: Partly Sunny / Cloudy, Winds of 5mph

Setting: Downtown Nautchwald, Streets are adorned with vibrant decors of banners and flowers. The streets are crowded with friends and families just having a grand time.
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Roleplay Invitations
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Both, I think, although mostly passive.
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I'm usually open to most genres so I wouldn't say I have a favourite.
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I don't think there's anything in particular that I can think of at the moment. Extreme gore and horror, perhaps, although I'm fine with them in small doses.
Interactions: Grey Witch ( TheDevil'sGame TheDevil'sGame ), Kali ( Sanguine Fox Sanguine Fox )​

Ciaran's odd-eyed gaze flicked between his mistress and the self-proclaimed Grey Rose Witch, not at all reassured by either of them. And for good reason too. While he trusted Kaliah would never do anything to harm him her tendency to get in any and all trouble available for the sake of mischief meant that there was no way she would just avoid this situation by going home to take a nap like he'd prefer. After all, they'd run into this weirdo on the way to investigate an explosion. At the best of times Kaliah was always just a little too far on the chaotic side of chaotic neutral.

As for the witch...well, Ciaran didn't really appreciate being groped. Not by complete strangers at least. Unless they were hot. Okay, no groping by unattractive strangers. He did have some standards, however low they may be. And using Kali's voice while doing it was definitely making things weirder.

"'m fine with my current gender thanks!" He snapped, further retreating behind Kaliah. Maybe next life. Wait, did he have any more of those left? He's pretty sure he used all nine before contracting with Kali, but...nah, being a familiar should count as a freebie. At any rate, he kept his distance through the rest of the witch's rambling.

When they mentioned donuts, however, he tightened his grip on the almost empty bag he still held before weighing up his options. Cons: lost a tasty snack he worked hard to get (i.e. stole). Pros: this weirdo might leave him alone for five minutes. With a huff he reluctantly held the bag out to the grey witch.

"....take 'em and leave me alone."