The Rose Garden

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Did the intro suck?

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  1. Welcome all, to my rose garden. Each rose is different, unique. And each rose holds an idea, a plot. Take a walk through my garden and pick what you like. Or dare to plant your own. Either way, enjoy the scent of my roses.


    *Cough* Gosh, that intro sucks. Anywho, a little about me:

    - I'm a girl who loves to roleplay. I'm online pretty much everyday.
    - I am Australian, so most likely, our time zones would be very different.
    - I can play either gender.
    - I prefer to play multiple characters.
    - I don't do libertine. At all. Ever.
    - My mind is twisted. I love gore and making people suffer.
    - I'm not a fan of romance and I hate it when romance is the plot of the story. Adventure and humour is much better.
    - I don't care how much you write. Really. So long as there is basic grammar.
    - I can come up with plots, but it's always so much fun when there's help.

    What I expect from you:

    - Don't expect me to play only the male just because I can play both. Ask first.
    - Be patient if I don't post straight away. I do have a life and I'll be in grade 12 this year.
    - Don't be afraid to add your own plot twists without telling me. It's likely that I'll be doing the same.
    - Grammar. I'm not the best myself, but please, periods and capitals are important.
    - I believe that's it... Oh! Don't be afraid to talk to me. Tell me if you think there's something wrong with my RPing.

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  2. Rose One: The Red Rose


    Set in modern day times, the earth is not how it is now. War had taken control of the world and many states/countries/towns have formed into the one kingdom. Some towns still exist outside of kingdom walls, but no one knows of their existence. As a citizen of the kingdom, you are not to read, nor write. You do not know anything about the life before the kingdom and all you know about the life beyond the walls is how dangerous it is. The government commands your every move and you work, only to pay heavy taxes.

    This Rp starts off in the kingdom of Navin. You, a citizen, know nothing of the outside world or the history. All you have been told is that the walls are there to protect you and to remain protected, you must work and pay taxes. Many have tried revolution, but none have succeeded. Will you obey, escape the kingdom or rebel against the government?

    Can be a 1x1 or group roleplay. Group preferred.
  3. Rose Two: The Yellow Rose


    In another universe called Gomal, there is a small town called Barindale. Barindale was believed to be the hometown of the famous warrior, Borin. Centuries ago, Gomal was ruled a fearsome dragon. The world was freed by Borin, the dragon slayer. From that day on, Borin was believed to be the son of their God Enilam. But even a god cannot stay forever and Borin passed on. So now, a new danger has arrived. Kallingal, the dragon of the west has come to claim the land. No one knows why, they just know he's coming. And so, a search has been made to find the worlds greatest warrior.

    1x1 RP that may need a little work. You may choose to be the warrior or the searcher. The warrior will be male, though. This universe is nothign like the modern day Earth. It is much like medieval times.
  4. Rose Three: The Blue Rose


    The pirate Mary Read escaped her hanging in 1720 due to her condition. She was pregnant. Having died in jail it is believed the baby died with her. but they were wrong. Little baby Ilaine was sent to Alinal Orphanage. She grew knowing exactly who she was and when she was only ten, managed to sneak her way onto a pirate ship. She has now become the famous Captain Black Snake of the fastest ship of the seven seas; The Plague. Will you join the crew under a female captain, or fight against her as a part of the navy?

    Possibly a 1x1, more likely to be a group RP.
  5. Rose Four: The Green Rose


    This RP is set in the 1930s New York. The mafia exists, and you're apart of it. whether you are the boss, a member's wife, or just a rookie, you are associated with them. Enjoy your life.

    Small plot, I know. However, this is a roleplay where anything can happen, be it supernatural or not. Have any of you seen the anime 'Baccano!'? This is sort of based off of that. Okay, hardly. The setting is the same. I'd like this to be a group RP, but if you think you have a way of making this into a 1x1, I'm open to your ideas.
  6. I like the green rose, and by supernatural do you mean like the mafia can be made up of Nekos?
  7. If the said Neko hid what they were, it would work.
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