The Rock.......part 1

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Tetsuri Tokai

Original poster
It all started on my walk home. It was a day like any other day, ninja attacks, zombie slaying, and dog chasing (dog chasing? Really...really Tetsuri? -_-) Anyway, I was walking home, carrying my grocies with a kitty smile on my face. Little did I know that there was a dangerous enemy far beyond any ninja or zombie I have ever faced.....a rock. But, this was no ordinary was was lumpy...and it was just plain out...well...lumpy...BUT THATS NOT THE POINT!!!

I continued my stroll, holding my grocieries, smiling happily. This rock....this thing of pure strenght and speed no bigger than my hand rolls out of NOWHERE! I the ground I went Grocieries spilling everywhere, dogs barking, cats crying like a baby. BAM! I hit the ground with a thud.

I blackout....

~!10minutes later!~

I opened my eyes to find myself strapped to a chair by my arms and legs, Before me was a GINORMOUS LASER!! A LASER ARE YOU KIDDING ME WHAT IS THIS SOME 007 MOVIE!?!?! ANYWAY! Thats not the point.....I Struggle to get away but is stumped by the cheesy laughter of this....this.....rock.... and I do mean cheesy i can smell the cheeesy bread sticks the rock had ate 10 minutes ago....wait cheesy breadsticks.... i remeber I ordered breadstick....awww that jerk...he didnt... But thats not the point!

The rock stood before me now standing on what appeared to be rock like feet...this story just gets weirder and wierder the further in i Tell it BUT THATS NOT THE POINT!!

He laughs HAHAHA I have finally captured you phantom moldy socks! Phantom moldy socks really? Really dude? -_- but thats not the point

the point is....this story will be contiued in part 2! O_O Wait there's a part two to my own story and I knew nothing about this....really should really tell yourself these things V_V.......

Fel of the Eternal Forest

Original poster
And all I can think of is the Rock. As in Dwayne the Rock Johnson.

Tetsuri Tokai

Original poster


Can I transfer you to my manager?
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Adventure stories! They can be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, all kinds! Give me some good world travel stories and I'm all over it! I also enjoy romance stories and even though I tend to play females I love playing gay men.
I didn't know rocks could cook O_O


Nope, it's just sittin' there minding it's own business...

Tetsuri Tokai

Original poster
thats a huge rock and that rock that captured me is mean V.V