The Road

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Another experimental roleplay idea...

The Road

The lives of several people become entangled during a roadtrip.

Known Personality: (what do your fellow travellers know of you, if anything?)
Possessions: (Personal items. Plus, you must choose ONE of the following, which is stored in the trunk of the car: a Weapon, an Urn with Ashes, a Bag of Money, a Video Tape, a Collection of Photographs, a Formal Suit/Dress or a Wrapped Present)
Why are you travelling?: (Be brief. Tell me where you are trying to get to, why you have chosen to share the car, and why you have the possession you have chosen). Please try to be different from other characters, and please give us something interesting that we can talk about and work with during the game. Do NOT give me your whole boring life-story. Save this for the roleplay)


1. Your character must be able to drive, and must take turns driving.

2. This is the car:

3. YOU MAY NOT LEAVE THE CAR. No getting out, no car crashes. You can decide where the car goes whilst you are driving. And we can stop for gas/motel nights/toilet-breaks/engine troubles as long as everyone agrees.

4. Anyone who joins after the initial sign-up will be a hitchhiker and will have to convince the original cast to give them a ride.

5. There is no genre or plot. This will be determined by who joins and what happens. So if you want to carry a gun, go ahead. If you want to be a killer, go ahead. If you want to fall in love, go ahead. If you want the car to get lost in the wilderness, go ahead.

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Name: Connor Lacey

Appearance: Mid 20s, dark hair, average build, stubble. He wears jeans and a brown jacket and has the look of an artist.

Known Personality: Connor is known as a freelance copywriter, who produces adverts and corporate brochures for businesses. He is friendly and thoughtful, with a genuine interest in people which sometimes causes him to pry too much. You can sometimes sense that he is trying to get something out of you.

Possessions: Connor has a backpack with pens, blank notebooks, laptop, and a few changes of clothes. In his jacket he has a wallet with a large wad of cash and a single business card that he takes special care of. In the trunk, he has a wrapped present for the girl.

Why are you travelling?: Connor met a girl during a writer's seminar. He is now travelling to the other side of the country to find her, hoping the romantic gesture will impress her. He knows very little about this girl, but he has to try... he has to dream...
Name: Khalid Al Fulani
Appearance: Olive complexion, black goatee, usually wears a white thobe and
Keffiyehsee below for face. (and yes, he does wear the aviators)

Known Personality:other than the fact that Al Fulani was born in Saudi Arabia and that he was involved in the six days war and the Iraw-Iran war, very little is known,

Keffiyeh, thobe, aviators, Wallet with cards, IDs and around $25.50 in cash, several packs of cigars, two packs of matches and a ciggerete lighter are what Khalid carries on his person, in the boot of the car he has a back with several changes of clothes, and his item in the trunk is a videotape
Why are you travelling?: Khalid is not a wanted man, but because of his refusal to stop wearing his
Keffiyeh he sometimes feels like he is one.

he moves from town to town,s tate to state frequently.
this time he just cant decide if he wants to stop.
Only because you asked all cute like. .___.

Name: Susan Jenkins

Appearance: Looking to be about early early 20s. Hazel green eyes, wavy black hair just past the shoulders. About 5'1" and her figure is "ambiguous". It's currently hidden under a layer of a baggy tshirt and large button up over shirt. She's wearing a washed out pair of old jeans, and a very fashionable pair of boots with faux fur on the cuffs.

Known Personality: A little nervous when approaching civilization, but otherwise Susan is friendly enough. She enjoys talking, but not about herself or recent events. She'll dodge questions or change the subject. A few nervous habits of twirling her hair around her fingers, or clicking her fingernails together if she can't keep her hands busy.

Possessions: One very big duffel bag containing; hastily shoved in clothes, cosmetics, an extra pair of shoes, two books, medications, a wallet with cash, credit cards n' I.D., and a suspicious bag of money.

Why are you traveling?: Susan thought her life was pretty good. She had a decent job in Customer Service for some random company and a cool boyfriend. Only... she just recently found out her cool boyfriend had been selling drugs and guns for some very NOT COOL people. One the same day she found out she was pregnant. Overhearing a scary sounding conversation, she decided no baby of hers was gonna be raised by a drug dealer! She threw her stuff in a bag and left. She's just trying to get ANYwhere at the moment and start a new life.

...she has NO idea there's a bigass bag of drug money in there too.

Name: Rufus Alexander Belmont
Appearance: Mid Twenties, athletic build, Short blonde hair, clean shaven, thick black rimmed eye glasses, Expensive looking watch, Black t-shirt, khaki pants, brown zip-up hoody and black Chuck Taylors.
Known Personality: Quiet but not unpleasant. A cheerful man of few words, though his eyes speak a more somber tune. Moves and speaks very carefully and business like. Obviously no stranger to traveling and does not allude to any friends or family.
Possessions: Cell phone, Wallet, Keyring, Pocket LED Flashlight, Blue Bic ball-point stick Pen, Overnight bag and a Formal Suit.
Why are you traveling?: Business. Rufus is on his way to meet a client and chose to rideshare because he thought it'd be fun. His line of work requires a formal business attire, hence the suit.
Sergio Anderson Lopez



Known Personality:
Sergio comes from San Jose and is the proud son of a former major league baseball-player. He enjoys talking so much that'll he'll take on any conversation and keep it going no matter how ridiciolous it may get. He's energic, often moving his whole body while talking.

Cell phone, wallet, diary, a deck of cards and a bag which carries an Urn with Ashes.

Why are you travelling?:

Sergio was born in Puebla, Mexico. Growing up in a rough neighbourhood, he witnessed his little sister, only five years at the time murdered by a gun-shot.

Now Sergio is an alien in the USA after he was smuggled over the border, trying to start a new life, hopefully in some small town. Only carrying his sisters ashes with him, Sergio is looking for someone that can make him a nice new ID.
You know what? You've inspired me to make a character and everything. Good for you, eh?

Also, thanks, Torsty. Revising now. *sigh*

Name: Marion Turner.
Appearance: Marion is in her late thirties, and has signs of wrinkling around her blue eyes and in her cheeks. She's dressed comfortably for travel in a slightly loose white T-shirt and black slacks, and commonly wears a pair of sunglasses, except when it's her turn to be in the back seat.

Known Personality: Easygoing. Has a tendency to laugh at things other people might not consider funny. Likes to flick leftover junk like candy wrappers out of the window when she thinks nobody's looking.

Possessions: About half a dozen assorted romance novels, a pack of cigarettes, a lighter, a travel bag full of soaps, brushes, and changes of clothing, and a shotgun.

Why are you traveling?: Marion wants to travel to California, the state where her husband fled to following a rather heated discussion that culminated in the exchange of blows with tack hammers. She believes that it's her husband's responsibility as family breadwinner to stay in the house and support her through her old age, and she'll be supporting her persuasive argument with force of arms if the need arises. All she's told the rest of the group is that she's going to be returning the shotgun to a friend of hers.
Name: Simon Banks

Appearance: In his early twenties, Simon has a handsomely sculpted face with strong cheek and chin bones. Bright blue eyes and shoulder length black hair seem to define him as a person as he mostly wears concealing black clothing otherwise...a habit from his 'studio days' or so he says.

Known Personality: Simon is an outspoken, somewhat annoying fellow who enjoys sarcastic humor and never tires of using it. Despite this, he rarely speaks unless addressed or unless a question is directed at him. He seems to shift in personality from this state to a 'drifter' persona at odd moments, always apologizing after he comes out of it...but never sorry enough to stop once he begins.

Possessions: A duffel bag full of black clothes, a script without a title page, two tickets to a premiere, keys to a small apartment, and a photo album

Why are you traveling?: Simon, a recent graduate of Columbia Theater college, is traveling to meet up with his brother in Hollywood to attend the premiere of his latest action movie. He intends to bring an album of his various roles and headshots he had from as early as highschool in order to try to get work during or after the show. Admittedly this trip is his desperate gamble for fame as no theater in Chicago would hire him. What awaits him at the end of this road is success or failure in the most complete of senses.
Okay, nobody fart.
Too much freedom for ya?

I can bring in plot events if you want.

It just means you lose your one chance to NOT have your every move manipulated.
Heaven forbid someone ask a question to provoke someone to post! XD
Sorry for the delay. Been busy with work. Put in some extra hours for Black Friday...
o.o How many people are going to be comatose passengers?
Apparently everyone but Connor and Susan. >:[ You twats.
It's a hot day and we're not leaving any windows open. >:[
Oh man, do we really wanna come back to a car full of dead bodies?
It will be a delightful comedy subplot!

We get one body each to dispose off.
Well seeing as Marion never posted you could say she disapeared at a Motel you all stayed in.... like one on a old desert highway thats not on the maps anymore...
We haven't been on the road for more then an hour...we haven't gotten to a motel yet.

By the way...SIMON is interacting. >: l