The River Finn and the Vampires

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  1. As few know, many living things, such as trees, plants, and gems all have spirits, but there is one thing that isn't nessicarilly considered living, that also has a spirit. That is rivers, and in this specific case, we are talking about the River Finn in Ireland. A wonderful river she is, winding ever so slightly, and decently long she has many cities along her sides. Though not all cities treat her well, for the dump their trach in her, and sometimes even their dead. It's made the river's spirit who's name is also Finn, annoyed and sick.

    One day Finn was traveling her river, trying to find the source of the annoying feeling today. This cloudy day's air was musty with the scent of rain and pleased her, but someone down her river was ruining it for her. Making her feel ill, whether they knew this or not didn't matter. She wanted it to stop. She was part of the water its self, moving swiftly to where the disturbance was. She hissed at herself when she found what creature it was doing this horrible thing to her.

    A vampire, she practically cursed outloud, was throwing their trash out right into her, and though she did a pretty good job of clensing herself, it was getting harder and harder, even with all the rain she gets. She sighed and swam over to him, and then stood and made herself visible. Finn looked like a young woman, no older then 20, long flowing, water hair and almost see-through though you could tell the difference between her body parts.

    "Why do you harm me so?" her voice like a million whispers gathered into one voice, a look a sadness and tiredness upon her face. She walked within a foot of the vampire and pondered over him. wondering what his reaction would be.
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    he river. Natures dump as most called it. This wonderful flowing little liquid substance did a great job of disposing of any and all unwanted waste. It would carry it long down and into the ocean below, it would decompose it and handle its toxicity. Not to mention the sheer convinces The river was right there, shortly close to the boards of the Vampuric city, it’s crystal waters was a massive invite to dump all things before it. Not only that but it was the vampuric right, not some silly privilege, to dump in the river. They owned it, its bounds were theirs, its waters were theirs, its very existence was theirs. Any Nymph, spirit, or product of the waters was also theirs! They were the superior race, they were the overlords, they controlled the world!

    The vampire that was dumping in the River was doing so because of the orders he was given. Dispose of the waste, that was his function his job. As he dumped the waste in and relaxed he felt good about himself, he was doing his part to further Vampuric society. To enhance the Over Race down the path of the purist whole. Vampires did not need water, humans did, with humans unable to drink from the waters they’d get weaker and easier for Vampires to feed, soon they’d be able to enslave them and control them and keep just enough of them alive as needed. This was, after all, the governments desire. So when this water Nymph came before him asking why he did what he did he only laughed in her face and stated boldly. “For the good of all vampuric kind, for the Crown!” And seemed to approach her as ot strike her, putting her back in her place. “Lower species too stupid to realize they aren’t quite as good.” He chuckled to himself as he drew his hand back to strike the water sprite.

    Now little did either party suspect but off in the distance, watching and waiting, was a Vampuric Philosopher named Vincent Le Moore. He had recently theorized about nature ‘fighting back’ and was himself laughed at and mocked. As he saw this lady come from the river Finn and as he watched what was to come he only looked on in fascination. Taking notes and seeing all that he could, drawing a quick sketch of what she looked like and embracing her fullness in his mind. He wouldn’t allow this opportunity to pass him. All he ahd to do was work up the Courage to approach her, but first he wanted to see how this Lady dealt with this man striking her.

  3. Finn was not surprised when the vampire slapped her, in fact she didn't really feel it. His hand went right through her face and she sighed. Claiming to be the higher race, when you are stupid enough to slap a water nymph.. Riiiiiight. She flicked her wrist, and the water with the waste he'd just dumped into her flew at him and covered him. She humphed and walked up the bank and around him.

    "It's a good thing I'm lower then you huh? Now that you smell more then me I guess you really do have a higher rank." She mocked and laughed. "Now run home to your leader and whine about the river nymph, like the stupid biggot you are." She walk right into him, drenching him a second time as she disipated into her river and then reappeared on the other side.

    She sat gracefully on a large rock and waited for the other creature to leave. She wanted to make sure he wasn't going to linger. So she watched him intently, glaring at him, hating his kind with all her heart. Why couldn't they realize how beautiful she was, and how essential she was to their living. Even vampires had need for clean water. She just wished she could talk to someone, anyone, without being told otherwise.