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  1. The F.E.A.R group(First Encounter And responce) are a group of individuals who
    are tasked with dealing with unexplained phenomenons and to catch,apprehend,or kill people who pose a threat to F.E.A.R,themselves,and the
    populace.a string of bizarre murders point to a possible F.E.A.R have been sent in to "dispose"the threat.

    Must be a modern character or act like one.superpowers like quick reflexes and seeing the dead are permitted,but only minor powers.not superspeed(which is different from quick reflexes),indestructible,etc. And power that is impossible will not be allowed,while superpowers that can be real are can also have your own agenda.

    UNKNOWN murderer
    F.E.A.R. Police officer
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  2. Dr.flint waits in his office watching surveillance footage of the recent murder that has happened,while waiting for a new recruits to enter the office and inform them of their promotion and new job assignment.
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