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The Riders of New

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Jyazzebella, May 5, 2014.

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    The sun began to approach its zenith as the world moved forward in the mundane way it always did. A shadow passed over the sun, and on further inspection, an expanse of purple wings were spread out across the sky.

    Soaring thousands of feet in the air, Volos and Linwe relaxed. The elf leaned back on her dragon, a slight smile plastered on her face. Volos, is there anything better than this? Here, together, with nobody else to interrupt our thoughts. She said through their mental link. She watched him with adoration, he truly was a magnificent creature. The way the sun caught the light purple membrane of his wings, and glinted off the darker purple if his scales. Love welled up inside of her for him, and awe at he fact that he had chosen her as his rider, of all the possible choices.

    Volos hummed gently at her comment, No, little one, I can not. He responded. He tilted his body, angling with the currents of the wind. Pleasure filled him as he felt the love flow from Linwe. He slowly began a decline towards the land, folding in his wings, he went into a dive, his huge body's pirating through the air at a seemingly impossible rate. A hundred feet before they touched down on the ground, he spread out his wings catching the draft as it lifted them up again. He let out a roar of delight. A puff of smoke exited his nostrils as he chuckled at Linwe's whoops of laughter.

    Linwe fell forward on Volos, her arms wrapping around his neck, though her hands never reached around completely. She enjoyed this more than anything. Just being with him made her happy and complete. Especially sine they flew in times of peace, without fear or worry of evil that used to reign on the continent of Alagaesia. She smiled, closing her eyes as Volos glided through the air with the ease and expertise that only a dragon could have.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.