The Riddle of Your Heart

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  1. It began innocently enough. She'd find her ten year old son building robots in the privacy of his bedroom. Assuming he was following the example set by his father, she thought nothing of it. Until the day her son came forward and asked, practically begging, for something he sincerely wanted more than anything else in the world.

    "I want a friend."

    Not a toy, nor artificial companion; a living human that would be his friend.

    Realizing that her son's plea was something reasonable, and simple enough to provide, she immediately approached her husband. She believed this development to be a wonderful thing, a normal stage for all children. Her husband on the other hand, had his own opinions and they weren't so favorable.

    "I won't subject him to the mediocre children of this withering society."

    "He needs to socialize with someone else outside of the staff and ourselves!"

    Unable to deny his wife anything, they reached an agreement. Their son could have a friend, but they'd be specially chosen. Someone that meets the qualifications approved by his parents. The young boy didn't care about that. All he saw was the potential for a new friend and waited impatiently on the day of their arrival.

    When the car arrived early in the morning, he raced down the flight of streets and stood eagerly at the doorway. His mother joined, placing her hand on the doorknob and opened it slowly. At first, he wasn't impressed. It was a girl. A little girl exactly the same age as him. She was ordinary, or at least appeared to be.

    "Tony?" He looked up to his mother in confusion. "This is your new friend. Her name is Zelda."

    And so it began.

    [I need someone willing to play Tony Stark.
    The role play will begin with writing through their first full day of meeting each other and then skipping ahead.
    Fast forward to the plot of the first Iron Man movie and continue from there.
    I'm really interested in this plot and would prefer someone that has creative input and dedication to their role plays.
    I plan on this being a fairly long adventure.
    I'm always open to suggestions and hope to find someone interested!]

    Her name is....

    Zelda Arcadia Kingston
    (Nicknames: Zelly, Cadia and Zee)

    Ten Yrs Old | British | Student

    Why she was selected?
    * Her parents, Roger and Anita Kingston, are old friends of Maria and Howard Stark. They attend the wedding and birth of Anthony 'Tony' Edward Stark and have always aspired to have their only daughter someday marry into the Stark legacy.

    * Zelda was relocated to America when her parents assigned guardianship of her over to the Stark's and she wasn't allowed to bring along any reminders of her previous life back in England. Roger and Anita severed all parental guidance with their daughter, in hopes that she would seek Maria and Howard's affections, thereby assimilating her into the family unit.


    Twenty-Nine | British | Cosmetologist - Interpreter - Model

    * She's currently engaged to Richard Jones, an Irish District Attorney.

    * Decided to visit Tony after seeing him announce to the media that he'd no longer be producing weapons through Stark Industries.

    * Still wears the matching ring she gave Tony on their 15th birthday.


    * * *

    The boy that would inherit a legacy....

    Anthony Edward Stark
    (Nicknames: Tony and Junior)

    Ten Yrs Old | American | Student

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  2. Anyone? Please?
  3. I know I probably shouldn't post, but this sounds like an interesting idea.

    Problem is...I hate Marvel. Sorry for wasting your time.
  4. Haha, thanks for the compliment, though!

    No time wasted! :D
  5. No problem...I would of been willing to do this, but I have never seen an Iron Man movie...and I feel like I can never get a Canon Characters personality down.
  6. No problem.

    Thanks for checking it out. ;)
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