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    Eilira was a patient woman.
    Sure, there are things that upset her here and there - and yes, perhaps she was a bit 'O.C.D' as the guards would call her - but she never once thought she was...unreasonable; the moon elf simply liked things being tidy, that's all.
    The fact that she had alphabetized her bookstore three times in the past two days and made all the books in order by color is completely irrelevant!
    Yet, she couldn't help but perk her eyebrows as the light, airy bell jingled, the sudden gust splaying bits of dust off some of the books by the front door as it had creaked open. A customer? Oh how lovely!

    "Tidings, hiril vuin! How can I help you today?" the elf perked up, sliding her glasses back up her pert nose as she gave a gentle smile.
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  2. A shrouded figure wrapped in a tattered,blood and dirt cloak. Red eyes gleaming from the shadows of his wrap. He took his stride in a rhythm that was almost melodic. His breath invoked the heart of winter itself. Rays of light scattered around the bookstore exposing bits and pieces of his face. It was almost human but then again not quite, almost elvish in origin. He stopped at the desk and his deep raspy voice cracked the silence of the library. I've been ordered to pick up a book should have arrived a day or two ago and wrapped in drake skin and bound in runed chain's.
  3. Eilira scrunched her little nose, pursing her lips in thought as she tilted her head at the hooded figure. ""
    The blue-hued woman began twirling her fingers in the air, scanning book shelves as she began to think. A drake skinned book? Oh my. How important and mysterious. Quite peculiar.
    Yet, she kept these thoughts to herself as she got up, her gray irises fully looking at the stranger rather suspiciously, the white flecks within her pupils giving the illusion of stars within them.

    Scratching her ear, and of course - pulling back a stray silvery hair away from her heart-shaped face and back into her neat little bun, she began to rifle through papers upon her desk. Grunting rather unhappily.

    "Here to pick up a book? My I don't remember receiving an order. I bet it was my idiot assistant. He's always taking orders and requests and never writing them down so that I can know! Ugh. I don't know what to do with him. It makes me rather unorganized - and then I get the situation that I have before me. A person like yourself looking for something I know nothing about! How hard is it to jaunt a name down, truly!"

    The moon elf kept rambling as she rifled through, before pointing to the man with a raspy voice. "What is your name, anyway hiril vuin?"
  4. My name......The mans words echoed. Allistar the broken. I've come for the book I've traveled far and have had no rest and cannot rest until that book is returned to the client. I'm awfully fatigued and before I can rest I must. There are many things people to do to redeem themselves and this is one of them. If I die then so be it that would have paid my debt. Allistar feet start shaking and buckling from his weight. Please I need that damned book. He slid his sickly hand onto the counter and left a few coins, this is all I have I just need that book. Allistar blacks out from the fatigue. Hitting his head on the edge of the desk, gashing his forehead and revealing his face and his physique. Jet Black hair down to shoulder length that seemed a snow sprite had blown threw it, unkempt stubble, Crimson eyes that could pull a dragons fire into them. His body consisted of many scars and all he was wearing was linen pants and a cloak, his skin was almost flawless but seemed pale from mal-nourishment. His ribs jutted from his chest and his hips were barely holding up his pants which were ridden with holes and tears, his feet bare and dirty as if he had been walking this earth for centuries.
  5. "Mmmhmm... Al- now is that with two 'L's'? or one? I would hate to get it wro-OH BY THE GODS!" Eilira waved her arms around in a flurry, catching the last bit as she began to frantically leaf through many pamphlets and paper backs, calling to her assistant frantically.

    "Harkor! Harkor get down he-OOMPH."

    By accident, she tripped over Allistair, squealing loudly as she crawled away. If there was one thing that she hated more than the vast list she had of things she hated, was dirt. Which, by the looks of it, his feet were covered.


    A portly goblin was waddling down the stairs, grumbling with his odd, gnarly voice. "Yes yes woman, what do you need?"

    He didn't look at the damage of what was going on, and merely stared in confusion of his boss huddling in a book shelf corner - holding her knees as she glared at him.

    "Waaat?" he asked, before looking down. "Waat did you do?"

    "Damn it you imp! Where's this gentleman's book!" Eilira hollered, pointing at the man who had blacked out of consciousness. "It has drake skin, runes on it-"

    The goblin began to pick his nose in thought, snorking. "Ah...Runes...hmm...I- Ohhhh." he snorted, "You mean the one that it's your desk drawer."

    "Desk drawer?"

    Slowly getting up, the moon elf tip-toed to her desk, not taking her eyes off of Allistair as she ever so gently, opened the drawer to reveal a beautiful hard back.
    Smiling, she began to walk up to Allistair slowly, holding the book down to him in a crouch.

    "I believe this is it...isn't it?" she questioned softly, holding it with two fingers. She did not want to get dirty.
  6. Allistar firmly coddled in his mind from hitting the desk. Words Twirled in his mind and only a few Escaped his cracked lips.

    "Bring back the book bring about the....." his words fade off into incomprehensible babbling.

    Allistar is as unconscious as a band of Goblins after they have raided a grog shop.

    A pure blue Gem can be seem sparkling on his neck tied with a chain of unbinding will.
  7. Eilira paused a moment, before flinging the book at the body, watching the published work cover his face as she tilted her head. Harkor chortled at this, waddling over and sniffing him.

    "Think he's dead?" the creature asked, lifting an arm and letting go - watching it plop to the floor.

    "I-I don't know....." the book keeper whispered, still watching silently as a few silver strands covered her face.

    Eying the amulet clasped at the man's throat - the goblin grabbed it, examining it closely. "Eilira, what do you s'pose this is?" he question, his cragly voice lowering with greed.
    The moon elf waved at him as if asking him to drop it.

    "Stop touching him! Look he's filthy!" she whined, getting up and biting a nail nervously. "I do hope he's not dead.....Oh fetch him some water you wretched thing!"
  8. The Gem glows Brightly. Whispers can be heard coming from the Gem. "Hello" "Can anybody Hear me?" "Yes" "No" "Well that book is Pure Freaking Evil you keep that crap you die" " And my friend here is Terribly mislead to be wanting to get that fro someone" "He's trying to save someone cant blame him" "But" "Nevertheless" "Get rid of the Damned thing" "It will bring you only pain and suffering" "If you don't believe me keep it around see what happens"
  9. Eilira furrowed her brow, looking at Harkor as he re entered the room with a glass of water. "Did you hear that?" she questioned the goblin, looking at him for any form of confirmation. The creature blinked once. Twice. Three times - before sticking a finger in his ear, digging in to clear out a passage before trying to listen again.

    "Naw, can't say I do..."

    Eilira hummed, looking at the book with curiosity as she gently picked it up. "Nevermind...Must be the wind... Harkor, give him the water please."

    With a shit-eating grin, the goblin instantly dumped the water on the body's face, standing with his feet apart as if he was a hero.

    "Not like that you idiot!" Eilira shrieked, holding the book away so that water wouldn't touch any of the pages.
  10. Allistar concioucness was unflinching. His Body looked liked a cadaver washed up upon a shore after one of the gods was angry with one of the seas for swallowing one of their favorite attractions. But alas he was still breathing with his skin sticking to his rib cage as a piece of dried sap would stick to a tree. He was still alive but for how long? How long would a un-nourished body go on living in the condition its in? Minutes, hours, Days, Seconds?
  11. Eilira bit her lip, unsure of what to do until she finally stood straight, tucking the book under her arm and snapping her fingers at Harkor.

    "Hark, help this gentleman up the stairs to my chambers. Maybe some food will do him good."

    She started the trek up the curvy steps herself, her kimonoesque gown flowing down in waves of silk as she held the railing, pondering over something.

    "But you don't eat foo-" the goblin started, grunting as he was completely ignored once she made her way up. grabbing the body, he attempted to sling it over his back with difficulty, only truly being able to grab Allistair by the head and shoulders, and dragging his legs behind as he too made it up the stairs. The man's feet made a sickly 'thump' at every step - though the goblin seemed uncaring until he finally flopped it over the plush floor mattress in Eilira's room with a groan.

    "My back...."

    "Oh hush."

    Eilira walked within her confined little chamber, holding a tea set that had a pile of what looked like stuffed biscuits filled with cheese and garlic herbs, causing the goblin to burst into a hissy fit.

    "Those are my biscuits!"

    Eilira slapped Harkor's hand that was trying to grab the plate, grunting. "Well then, you'll have to share! It's not like I know if he enjoys nourishment like I do!"

    With the stern look the book keeper was giving the goblin, she made it clear that was the end of the discussion, causing the creature to moan in agony before flopping on the floor dramatically. Paying him no heed, she placed the tea set next to her on the floor, before tucking the book under Allistair's arm.

    "There now..Maybe that will help."

    Peering at her sheets, and Allistair's feet that were upon then, she grimaced.

    "I'll just burn those later...."
  12. The smell of fresh food perked up Allistar's nose. He slowly awoke. Wondering why he was drenched in water or why he was laying in a Strangers bed. My I must have passed out. His stomach rumbled as if a cave had just fallen in on itself. He quickly found the source of food in the room and started eating away with no other instinct but to scarf down what he smelled. It felt like that time he hadn't eaten after he had been put a pit with a bunch of orc's and goblins when asked at a church in the middle of a forest "Where's the booze" cut a story short he was there for 2 months without any sort of food. He quickly scarfed down the food that was in front of and then thought for a second and realized that the food could have very well not been his own and his ears lowrd back as if a cat would if threatnd. Feeling bad and wondering where he was and why he was knocked out in the first place. Was it booze, Had he been captured, was he dead, was he under a spell?
  13. Lifting an empty tea cup from her set, Eilira smiled, pulling out a elongated glass bottle filled with something inside and pouring it into her fine china.

    "Ah, you're awake! Quite good. For a second I thought I had to call the grave diggers to come and pick you up!"

    Taking a dainty sip while crossing her legs on the ottoman she sat upon, she watched him closely, examining his eating habits. After a while of watching, she pulled out her notebook, and began to scribble little notes down as she continued to watch him, continuing to murmur little phrases.

    "It's good that you like Harkor's cooking! I would have no idea how it tastes but, indeed that is a very good sign!"
  14. It's lot harder to kill than that. Sorry to eat so rudely and fast I just have'nt eaten in well I forgot how long really. What is your name.....Allistar quickly scans his surroundings and the Woman's attire Miss Librarian, and by that mana coursing through your veins maybe Mage. Allistar sniffs the air around him and why is there one of the small green shit stains of the world here with you all they do is leech of others. Sorry for my ill attirement I had to sell the cloths off my back to get here. I hate being barefoot and Dirty speaking of which do you have a wash around here?
  15. Eilira fanned herself gently, laughing at the comment of Harkor.

    "Oh they're dead useful once you make them swear loyalty to you!" taking another sip from her cup, she continued. "Ah yes, I s'pose I could be considered a mage. I mainly dabble - more of a scholar of sorts. Tis the moon elf way, you know. As for a place to wash, I have a bathroom just out of the screen there - turn right. There's a little wood tub if you so need a bath."

    She was still quite calm, Allistair with cool, gleaming grey eyes. "No worries about the mess, I - uh...Take care of it later."
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