The Resistance (OneXOne)

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  1. In an alternative universe where both Anthros andbHumans live in peace but, not in the way you think. Humans in this world, are slaves to the Anthros...many are mistreated, and abused.

    Others are treated like companions and loved by their owners. The government is very strict on this law, Every Anthro must have a human, no exceptions whatsoever.

    However, a handful of Anthros along with their humans started a resistance to help save humans from their abusive lives, but once the government finds out about the numerous missing humans they are starting to get on the cast of the underground much longer can the resistance hide from the govrnment??
  2. (Sorry this is late)

    Moon walked down the street, as her long black tail swayed behind her.
    Her bright green eyes scanned the street for any government agents. To be questioned was the last thing she needed. She made her way to a street that turned off, leading to an old dry lake bed.
    There was a large drainage tunnel that was no longer used. This was one of the few entrances to the underground Resistance.

    The leader of the resistance had sent her to spy on some government agents, which the leader had thought, knew about the base.
    Luckily they were clueless about their location.
    She walked into the tunnel, following the twists and turns, until she came to a large, steel door. "Here we are..." She mumbled to her self.
  3. [​IMG] Eva was walking around the base until she saw Moon walk in, she approached her. "Were you followed?" Was the first thing Eva asked. She knew that the government was onto them, and that's the worst thing to have happen.
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  4. (I'll post moons picture soon. >~<)

    Moon stopped as Eva approached her and asked if she was followed. "Ha, of course not. I kept my eyes peeled, there were no Agents even out." She pulled her hoodie off, revealing her black Tank Top. And hanging the hoodie on a nearby hook. "Also, they really are clueless on where we are located."

    Moon was always very careless, a bit too full of her self. But then again she was pretty young, being 16 and all. She believed she had the right to be full of her self.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.