The Renegade of the Reborn

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    It has been over two-hundred years since World War III erupted across Earth's surface. The two main competitors, USA and Russia, cannot seem to settle their differences and only frighten the other countries to death. The Japanese people (and all others living in Japan at the time) fled to Canada and left their land empty and baron. After a hundred years China officially declares Japan land theirs and then sinks back into the darkness. Great Britain keeps to themselves, only communicating with Australia. Eventually, Russia changes and tries to look after their people a bit more-- failing to finish the battle with USA. USA takes finally settles down as well and the American people come out of hiding to figure out what they should do now.

    The year 2220 is the start of this role-play. You are a one of many survivors of The Rebirth. You either travel across the land finding Factions, selling Drugs, or scavenging to stay alive. The American people have become smarter and more creative over the last fifty years (when the battle fizzled out) and have fabricated the largest Drug Enhancement Era in all of history. Some people have also produced very high-end technological suits and weaponry to aid those that could afford it. Eventually, the technology and Drugs were practically given away.

    Your goal is to survive the hurdles that life and other characters throw your way. There will be many plot-candies and sub-plots to test your character. Will you be able to survive?

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