The Relativity of Reality

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  1. Nivansrywyllian. Figment, apparition, angel. He and his human had been dancing around precisely what he was ever since she'd been six, and he was having a grand time of it. He looked like a man, tall and lean. He had a narrow face, and ginger hair the shade of leaves in autumn. His eyes were a blue-green, that seemed to change and shift dependent on the lighting at hand.

    What he wore changed to suit his fancy, but he seemed most fond of a black, leather jacket that looked both thick and expensive. Despite the warmth of the apartment Miyu had begun moving into, he didn't show so much as a hint of perspiration. Boots, were laced up tightly, and they appeared to be much more seasonal. His jeans were tight about the hips, although they were boot-cut to fit over the tops of his footwear.

    He didn't bother to take them off as he entered the apartment, not terribly willing to risk passing through one of the poor movers while they were shuffling about with a load of Miyu's belongings. A mischievous smile tugged one corner of his mouth upwards, as his hands stuffed themselves into his pockets. "Hard working gentlemen," He observed of the movers, once they'd gone. "I worked up a sweat just thinking about how they were going to get your couch in here..." He trailed off, meandering over to the object that had resulted in so many muttered curses on the way through the door. He leaned his hips on the arm of the couch.

    "What's going where? And what are we doing for dinner? I'm anxious to break in that new kitchenette." He grinned toothily at the woman who's imagination he was a figment of.
  2. Miyu would never say a word that Nivansrywyllian was there when others existed in the current time. Thus, she was relieved when the movers finished their general work, leaving her 'alone' in a bland yet vibrant apartment. As sighed with relief and closed the door behind them, though not before paying and giving a farewell greeting, her deep green eyes took a gander at the man at the couch. "You and me both, Van. I've never seen a couch that fit easily through a door, but I've seen some that fit far easier than this one."

    As she spoke, she wandered over to the couch from the front door, leaning on the back of it rather than the arm, her own arms folded on the top as she stretched her back, her butt lightly pushing behind her while her legs looked to stretch the opposite direction. Standing straight once more, her pink hair curled and waved naturally into her face, only to force her to blow some out of the way before she accidentally ate some. "Though you can be such a liar. Since when do you sweat? You haven't sweat once since we were kids. And you told me that was a magic trick." Then again, Miyu would have believed anything at that time. The relief of a companion and the curiosity of his sudden existence was plenty for her to be kept busy. She hadn't consciously imagined him, but she could remember as if it were yesterday the first time she attempted to show him to her parents, back when she lived with them in Russia as a child. The look on their faces as they tried to find the boy she had said she wanted to sleep over, as she looked back, was nearly priceless. Shaking the memory, she added, "It's embarrassing when I'm the only one sensitive to heat...Then again, I'm just sensitive to temperature, I think."

    "I have no idea what we should eat for dinner. What do you want? If you want, I can make some stew to celebrate our new move." Yes, to Miyu, stew was a 'celebrational' food- but that was just because it was basically the only thing she could be trusted to cook without setting the house- or apartment- on fire. "Where should this stuff go? That's a good question..." She sighed, placing her small hands on her rather lean waist. Her brown skirt was slightly pulled up by her earlier stretches, which she only then noticed and quickly fixed out of embarrassment. Even after over fifteen years together, it wasn't exactly her cup of tea to be seen untidy by him. She looked downward, thinking on that note, at her simple white blouse, which was luckily left alone by the move. She was strangely not overheated at the moment- but there was a clear sign she'd been sweating before, as her hair was starting to stick on her back.

    "While we decide on dinner, I'll make some tea. That much I can at least do. Maybe it'll make sense of all this." She used a hand gesture to refer to the mess of furniture and boxes scattered in the room by the movers. "Any kind you'd fancy?"
  3. Nivan's grin was toothy and sly. "I make a point of never sweating where anybody can see me. Which was much easier back before I knew you, I should point out." He rolled his eyes expressively. He remembered of course, the girl having tried to introduce him to her parents. They hadn't seen him of course. They couldn't see him. "Stew sounds nice enough, I suppose. And I only lie when I'm not being honest." He arched a brow, his tone wry.

    Pushing himself off of the couch, he meandered through Miyu's assorted belongings towards the kitchenette. "It's a nice, warm day. I'd say mint tea would fit well. A refreshing thing, good for hot days." He bent to inspect the oven. "It looks like a clean enough place for now, I suppose. Though I imagine that it'll get that lived-in feel to it right quick." Back to his human, he turned. "We could have a hot dish, but that's rather... Hot." He walked the length of the kitchenette, trailing his fingers along stovetop, counter and refrigerator face all in turn. "You could make tuna salad, I suppose. Or some sort of pasta. Or you could let me cook." He teased.

    Nivan tended not to interact with Miyu's world. It was almost a game to him, seeing precisely how closely to the line of imagination he could play himself. Fixing a meal would be something rather outside of the norm for him. "Do you remember where you packed the mugs?" Back to the couch he meandered, to flop onto it's cushions gracelessly.
  4. Miyu chuckled lightly as she listened to her friend's words. "Yes, I suppose it was easier back then. On the other hand, you didn't complain even then when I greeted you for the first time." Smiling, she followed him into the kitchenette, moving towards a box that had been placed near the refrigerator, opening it with careful but not-so-knowing fingers. As she opened the cardboard without thought to the tape, she winced at a minor paper cut she received from the box's revenge of doing things wrong. Licking the wound without much thought for it thereafter, she went through the dishes in the box and began to put them away, taking the mugs out from the special holding area at the bottom. "You mean these mugs?"

    Putting most of the mugs away, she left two out and dug through a second box for the tea kettle. She didn't bother to put a majority of that box away just yet, instead setting up the water to heat and going to yet a third box to search through the various non-perishables that she'd packed. "Mint tea, hm? Mint does have a refreshing nature, I suppose. And with this heat, that's a good idea." She laughed slightly, a mild tone in her voice still as she found the tea she was looking for, while covering the counter with other goods from the box, leaving it empty. "Tuna salad...Now that'd be a great idea if we had mayonnaise in the house yet. The one thing I forgot to buy." She sighed, remembering how haphazard she was at the store the previous day, getting food for the household. "I guess if I make it with something other than mayonnaise? I've heard it's easy enough to make, too, though...."
  5. Nivansrywyllian's eyes were drawn like lodestones to iron when Miyu's digit got one of those pesky paper-cuts. "Careful," He chided belatedly, as Miyu went about preparing the tea. "Of course it's a good idea. I came up with it, after all." Sprawling to one side on the cushions, he kicked his booted feet up onto the arm of the chair to eye the woman as she tended the kitchen. "I'm not sure meal experimentation is such a good idea. Especially with tuna. It can turn quite bad, very quickly. Perhaps stew is the best bet after all."

    His booted feet bobbed gently to and fro, to an unheard melody in his mind. "Do you intend to pack your things away before you take to chasing me around the house, or do you intend to hurdle your dinnerware in pursuit?" It had become something of a game, if not a tradition for the woman to try and lay a hand on him. As of yet, it hadn't happened. Not for sixteen long years. A hand rose to the zipper of his leather coat, and he dragged it down to release it entirely. Beneath he wore a basic white tee, unblemished, and unemblazoned.

    "Or will you try to trick me again, wily girl that you are? No, I know. If you told me, it would hardly be a trick at all." He rolled his eyes. "You'll not get me today. I am ever vigilant, you see. Utterly prepared for any trick you've got up your sleeve."
  6. "I'm too tired to chase you," Miyu replied without a thought. Surprisingly, she'd been too focused on moving to think about their usual little game of cat and mouse, which so far, the cat always lost. "I'll get to that when we've settled in a bit more so I don't collapse and break a bone from landing on something I shouldn't." This was likely one of the smartest things she could think of at this time- after all, whenever they played their game, she always fell right at the moment she was sure she would feel his skin under her delicate hand, instead usually touching either dirt or something else entirely.

    As they spoke, the water began to whistle in the kettle, causing her to turn off the stove and begin pouring it and preparing the tea. When the two cups were done, she brought them to the table just near the couch, putting one down while holding the other as she sat on the opposite cushion. She sighed with relief as she leaned back against the soft sofa, closing her eyes lightly. "Well...First rest, then stew. We'll skip the experimentation for another time."

    Casting him a glance, she smirked a bit, recalling the last trick she'd attempted to catch him with. She was sure she'd done well, but unlike most, Nivan was not easily manipulated. In fact, if anything, he'd manipulated her, going along with her trick up until the last moment, where she utterly fell to defeat again. "I know well your vigilance by now, Van. So very, very well do I know it. Too well, even, perhaps."
  7. Van's brow arched at the news. "Too tired for the chase?" He asked, surprised. "I didn't think I'd tire you out quite so quickly, I'll admit. Why all I've done is sit myself down." He waggled his brows, but he sat up all the same as the woman came to take a place on the couch. Down his booted feet swung from the arm, and he levered himself forward to snag the mug of tea by the handle.

    He let the steam curl around his face, warming his flesh pleasantly. He loved the scent of mint tea, almost as much as he loved drinking it. For a moment, he let his mind fall back to the day of their meeting. "Come now, you were close that last time." He teased, raising the tea to his lips to sip at the liquid. The heat of the liquid paired with the cooling sensation of mint was a pleasant contrast that made up one of his favorite flavors in all the world.

    "So," He went on. "It's been nearly a year since the explosion." The explosion he was talking about of course, was the explosion of supernatural entities hitting the world at large. It was something he brought up now and again, as if anxious. "Have you ever thought about moving up north? I hear there have been plenty of jobs for brainiacs along the Border." The Border was -of course- the line where the sudden incursion of fantasy creatures seemed to have stopped their advance.
  8. "You never tire me. Moving, however, is another story." She laughed easily as she rested her back a bit further, sipping lightly at the mug of tea in her hands. The gentle flavor balanced enough for her to enjoy, and as always, she believed his choice had been spot on. It was a mix of relaxing and revitalizing. "Though after this cup, I might have enough energy back."

    As she recalled the time he noted, she tried rather hard not to laugh at the joke. She could remember so many tricks she'd used in attempts to catch him, yet all of them failed in an instant. "If they're looking for braniacs, you're the top of the line, are't you?" She mused, smiling to him. But she knew well it wouldn't work that way. She was the only one who could see him, for whatever reason there was. "If you could interact with them, that is. You'd be a much bigger catch than I."

    She put her mug down for a moment, ignoring the fact that she'd yet to find the coasters. Staring at the cieling for a moment before closing her eyes to fully mull over the thoughts in her head, she turned to look at him. "I got a job offer in the mail up there before we moved here...Just before the move. I'll admit, it's a temptress, that idea...But I'm not sure I'm ready yet." With all the psychology knowledge and other information she possessed, Miyu did not yet feel she was at a stage where she'd be helpful at the Border, nor did she feel she was ready for such a unique task. Her mind was still clouded in terms of the idea of the explosion, and while she had constant curiosity related to it, she didn't want to go solely for curiosity- that wouldn't help anyone or anything. "Why? Do you think I should take one of them one of these days?"
  9. Nivan grinned toothily, before the expression disappeared into the mug of tea once again. As it came away, he leaned to set it on the nearby table once again. "Revitalizing tea? I've given you the secret to my downfall. I'll go on running forever." He rolled his eyes. The man settled his elbows on his knees, steepling his fingers in front of his foxlike features. "I'm the smart one, am I? While I can admit to being dashing, heroic, talented, and humble, I don't know if I can boast the ability to wade through hours of droll paperwork. Neither can I hang one of those nifty little degrees up on my wall."

    He snorted in amusement. "How you ever managed to get through college is a mystery to me. It's just so... <i>boring</i>!" Nivansrywyllian grinned over his shoulder at his human. "And maybe I could interact with them. Maybe I'm just a very crafty sort of faerie."

    Of course the news of the job offer wasn't a terribly shocking revelation. Miyu was brilliant in her own right. "I think that you won't be able to resist your curiosity." Admitted the fellow. "And I think that I'd like to get in a snowball fight with you. Which isn't going to happen down here any time soon." He winked. "What are they asking you to do up there, anyhow? Psychological warfare? Brain-cannons meant to splatter your foes before the might of your sheer psychic prestige? Bend spoons by staring at them?" He paused. "Are you psychic?" He asked, his tone one of mock-outrage at not being clued in.
  10. "There's a difference between being intelligent and being patient," Miyu responded quite simply. "I'll admit, I do tend to have slightly more patience than you do. Except, perhaps, with you." She giggled idly, leaning forward so that her hands touched her toes, still sitting carefully. Her shirt was slightly lifted by the stretch, showing part of her lower back, but fell soon after when she returned to her normal sitting posture.

    "I personally enjoyed school. Some of the teachers did drone on, but when the subject is good, it doesn't always matter." She smiled at him easily before kicking her shoes off finally, twisting sideways so that she had her feet placed between them, close to her butt, as she laid her head on the armrest on her side of the couch. Soon after, she listened to his false temper tantrum, laughing almost hysterically at it. "I was sure I felt you breathing down my neck in anticipation when I opened it, but I suppose it was my imagination." She smiled to him, curling up slightly further on her back. "Nothing as interesting as splatting brains and spoon bending. And no, I"m certainly not psychic. If I were, I'd have read your mind to figure out why you won't let me hug you."

    She soon moved to sit up, still in a ball but now sitting upright. She leaned her body against the back of the couch entirely. "They want me to do psychological assessments is all. Mostly on the people up there. Some people were really traumatized by the explosion, others weren't." She then returned to remembering his earlier statements. "True, I always have had a natural curiosity. But you're enough to keep it piqued for now. And a snowball fight? Like when we were kids? Only this time my parents won't get mad when I come home covered in snow."
  11. "I'm patient," Protested the ginger apparition. "Why I've kept by your side for some sixteen odd years haven't I?" He said, before unfolding himself from the couch. Hands rose above his head, and his back arched in a luxuriant stretch that brought him up on his toes. When his weight settled on his heels again, he bent to fetch his mug into hand, before meandering off to begin shoving boxes across the floor with his feet, not to be bothered with bending over for anything light enough to be shoved.

    "But we'll never get your things squared away if we laze about on the couch all day. Soon you'll start trying to talking me into hugging you, or nodding off, and then we'll be too busy to make a timely dinner. And a timely dinner is important for young women who want to keep their complexions." The last was delivered as a half-shout from within the bedroom down the hallway.

    When Nivan returned, it was with an empty mug in hand. He set it in the sink, and ran the water. "But you and I both know that my mental defenses are stalwart, and manned by the brave and powerful soldiers of... Well, I had a good start to that one, anyhow. How about you start on dinner, and I'll square away anything that doesn't look like too much work to be bothered with at the moment. That way I can make sure you don't burn the apartment to the ground."
  12. Miyu laughed. "There are different types of patience. You may be patient when it comes to me, but it takes another type of patience to do schoolwork without feeling it too tedious to deal with." Smiling to her friend, she stood from her place when he noted that they were merely lazing. "Nodding off, maybe. But I think by now I've learned asking for a hug gets me nowhere. I'd be better off waiting until you fell asleep to hug you- but I'd fall asleep far before then anyway, so that trick already wouldn't work."

    A smug smirk curled her lips as she awaited his return. "For your information, I feel my complexion is perfectly natural as it is, and I don't care much to worry for it. I'm not a little girl chasing a boy anymore. I may not be giving up on myself, but I think one day of being a bit off schedule isn't the end of the world- not for me, or my skin." Of course, looking back at the explosion, that was likely the stupidest thing she could have said. The day of the explosion, they said that cities came tumbling to the ground from the panic.

    Making her way to the kitchenette, she got the pot out of its hiding place and placed it on the stove. "Fine, fine. I'll get the stew ready. It won't take too long, so take your time with whatever you work on. Just don't work the soldiers of your mental defenses too hard- and don't you dare open the box in the bedroom that says clothes. If you do, I may have to do more than hug you." The smirk on her face turned slightly impish and almost threatening. She knew well Nivan wouldn't do something like go through her underwear on purpose (at least, she had come to trust him enough to make an assumption that were the case). However, no matter what he was, he was male- and it was best to remind him that there were certain things a girl kept private, certain clothing articles included. "Anything else is free reign though. I'll call out when the stew is ready."
  13. Nivan wrinkled his nose. "You may be as pretty as a flower, but I'm a ginger. I need all the help I can get. And my stomach agrees with me." He said, amusement painting his voice liberally. The caution for the avoidance of the woman's smallclothes brought the man around again. "Aye cap'n, I'll no' stick me pesky nose in where it dunnae belong!" Said the ginger, with a thick Scott's accent. He snapped off a smart salute, and goose-stepped his way into the bedroom to begin arranging all the articles that wouldn't leave him red in the face.

    Many things could be said of the roguish redhead, but he could get quite a bit done given the proper incentive. Most of the bedroom's furnishings got squared away, and the clothing box was tucked into the foot of the closet. (Still closed, of course) He'd picked through the other boxes to find the bedspread, and to arrange it neatly. Back out into the main of the apartment he meandered when he'd finished with the bedroom, in search of the bathroom amenities. "Bed's made," He pointed out, selecting the appropriate luggage to square away the bathroom. Most importantly perhaps, he left a fresh roll of paper on the roll.

    Seeming to have run out of motivation to do the sundry unpacking that a new home required, he swept back into the kitchen to lever himself up and onto a stretch of counter that wasn't being used by the cooking woman. "I do so love your stew. It smells done. Is it done?" There were few things the fellow liked quite so well as good food in even greater quantities. He did make an effort not to eat his host out of house and home, however.
  14. While laughing as he left, Miyu began dicing produce to put into the stew, which was already beginning to simmer. She was strangely good with the knife- normally, she'd cut herself a couple times while cooking, thus having to rush for bandages each time. This time, however, she had managed to not cut herself once. Thus, the work went much more smoothly.

    When he returned from working in the bedroom, she was stirring consistently the contents of the pot. The stew was of a mild thickness, full of hearty vegetables and a little bit of meat to give it an extra bit of things to chew. She sniffed it lightly by wafting the steam of the pot to her nose with her free hand. So far so good. She smiled lightly to him as she gave him a small thumbs up. "Can you get out a couple of bowls while I finish?"

    While waiting for the bowls, she lowered the temperature of the flame drastically, then turned it off with a click. Accidentally having touched the pot on her way back to the ladel, however, she hissed under her breath and rushed to the sink, turning the water on cold and forcing her hand under it with a wince. The cold water ran over her slightly burnt hand briskly, causing her to shudder from the cold and the slight pain. Slowly, the pain subsided. "And I was sure I was lucky today since I didn't get cut once. I really shouldn't jinx myself like that."
  15. Nivansrywyllian sighed, as he was directed to fetch the bowls. He slid down from the counter, a long-suffering look cast upon the stew pot as his stomach gave a gurgle. "I can," He admitted sullenly. The man might have been patient with Miyu, but his patience with food was nearly nonexistent. The dinnerware was in a box still, but it wasn't too difficult a task to locate. The man was midway through opening the box when he heard Miyu's distressing hiss. He half-turned, to make sure all was well.

    Flashing the woman a wry smile, he went back to digging through the box for bowls. Luckily, they were near the top. He pulled out the whole stack, and carried them over to the counter. Taking two from the stack, he deposited them next to the stove. "You really are rather clumsy when it comes to the kitchen." He mused. "How will you ever find yourself a husband?" Rolling his eyes, the man turned back to the box to fetch the plates as well. When he returned to the counter, he began filling the cabinets above the sink.

    "It's not bad, is it?" He asked, once he'd finished squaring away both bowls and plates. He meandered over to the sink to stand at the girl's elbow, eyes flicking to the stove to make sure that it was indeed off.
  16. She continued to rinse the burn. "It's a mild burn. It'll heal without help- I just have to let the water run over it for a bit so that it doesn't escalate." She explained simply. She let out a light sigh, mulling over his earlier sentiment.

    "How will I find a husband...? Well, that's a rather strange question. I already have two easy answers for it." She looked at him easily. "For one, there are many guys nowadays who like clumsy girls. Some of them prefer doing the cooking themselves, anyway. Gender roles aren't as strict as they used to be." As she toiled over her sentiment, she added the more unique and yet likely answer to her idea. "And if nothing else, I can always marry you."

    She chuckled from her own statement. For starters, her family had noted it would be hard for her to marry when she was always talking to herself- after all, they didn't understand that her 'imaginary friend' was someone she could actually see. She'd stopped speaking to him when in the midst of others many times, but the fact still remained that her family had often noted this. However, Miyu had thought it over too. Would she really be able to handle married life the way she was, and the way she seemed to thrive mostly when Nivan was involved with her? "I'll admit, the second option though not likely isn't all that bad either, at least for me."
  17. Nivansrywyllian let out a merry, and rather abrupt burst of laughter. "Me? The complications of wedding the man in your mind aren't worth the trouble. And besides, you'd have to catch me to slip a ring on my finger." He waggled his brows, much in style with the old Marx Brothers movies, before returning to the bowls he'd fetched.

    Up he took one, and he served himself a healthy portion of the stew with little care that Miyu was still attending her injury. Food called, and the burn wasn't life-threatening. He did serve up the second bowl before rooting about for the dinnerware however. "Besides," He said as he rummaged through boxes. "I doubt you'd find a priest or what-have-you, willing to marry a woman to nobody. People in the marriage business don't seem the sort to be given to flights of fancy."

    Having found the dinnerware, he let out a triumphant chortle. Snatching a pair of spoons and leaving the remainder in the box, he returned to the counter. Depositing one spoon in Miyu's bowl, he snatched up the other to meander back towards the couch. Spooning some of the stuff into his mouth, he let out a strangled yelp. The food was of course still hot. Unwilling to simply spit it back in the bowl, he breathed through his teeth in an attempt to cool the scalding -yet delicious- food in his mouth. Once it was bearable, he swallowed again, and grinned in spite of himself. "Good stew,"
  18. When the burn was no longer seething with mild yet frustrating pain, Miyu turned the faucet off and flicked her fingers dry. She left the pot as it was, instead taking the bowl made for her and taking it with her to join him by the couch, sitting on the floor near it out of habit so that she could more easily eat with the bowl on the table. Taking a taste after blowing on it, she smiled. "If there's one thing I can do, it's make good stew. It's one thing mother taught me well. Unfortunately, it was the only thing she could cook as well." She laughed a bit, smiling to him. She'd admit, stew was her strong point in the kitchen. Making stew and finding sweets that were hidden from her.

    "True, no priest would allow it. Actually, I'm sure a priest would either send me for an exorcism or send me to another psychologist to get my head checked just from the question." She posed the notation without a thought. It didn't phase her that to many she would seem to be suffering psychosis. On the contrary, she didn't believe it as necessary for others to matter in this issue. Nivan was there with her, and he wasn't telling her to hurt herself- on the contrary, he showed much care for her, such as just had happened with the burn. And the fact was, he could touch things. Perhaps not Miyu, but he was able to serve the food. A normal hallucination couldn't do that. So clearly, he wasn't normal if he was one. So far, she doubted the possibility.

    "A challenge, hm? I'll catch you yet. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but I will indeed get my hands on you at some point. Though, I still don't see why you run. I'm not that scary, am I?" She laughed a bit, taking another swallow of stew, letting the thick liquid coat her throat with its warmth. "I can't complain though. It does make for a fun game. It keeps me in shape too, it seems. It's funny almost."
  19. The ginger spooned another piping mouthful of stew past his lips, swallowing almost too quickly to savor the flavor. It was still hot, and Nivan was impatient. "How sure are you that I'm even here to catch?" He mused. "You've never laid so much as a finger on me. And you're the only one who can see me. Maybe I'm just a figment of your subconscious mind. If that's the case, marrying me would probably be the greatest act of narcissism since... Narcissus." He grinned, shoving his stew around his bowl with the spoon to allow it time to cool.

    "Anyhow, what's the plan today?" He said, eyeing his bowl, his impatience for the temperature of the stuff growing by the moment. He rose abruptly, and continued speaking. "Apart from shoving boxes about, I mean." He said, on his way to the refrigerator. He stuffed the bowl into the freezer with a self-satisfied grin, and leaned against the appliance's door to wait.

    "You can't just spend your first day in a new city moping about an empty apartment all alone after all. You've got to see the sights. Taste the foods. Flirt with strange women. Or men, I suppose. If you're into that sort of thing."
  20. "If you're a figment of my imagination, then I'd like to know how the bowls you use are clearly moved to other people as well and not just me." She could remember a time when someone had asked her why there was a second bowl in the kitchen next to her when she had only carried her own. "I may be a heck of a liar at times, but I'm pretty sure I'm known to fail horribly at lying to myself about how many bowls I'm carrying...And that's what it would require for your bowl to be moved separate from mine if you're a hallucination. Though I'll admit..." She laughed, adding, "You are quite the hard one to catch. But for all I know you've just got a case of haphephobia. You do tend to step aside when others come near you as well, even if they can't see you." Haphephobia was a rare fear, she knew, but then again...A person only she could see or hear that could carry and eat her stew was quite unique as well.

    Miyu was a gentle, slow eater. She was still eating when he got up to try to cool off his food, and just sat still eating her stew in a manner that was tedious and filled with the pattern of blowing on small bits before eating them. It seemed to work well for her, since she was well through her bowl as she thought on his inquiry. "What to do today? Well, I hadn't thought on that. I figured unpacking would be the main event, since it's best to get it out of the way...If I don't, I'll never want to return to it. On the other hand...Your idea is quite interesting as well." She giggled.

    "I wouldn't be moping either way, and even if you were a hallucination, which I still don't see as likely yet...To me, I wouldn't be alone- unless you decided to look around the city yourself." She giggled, adding, "Which is fine if you absolutely must. But...I suppose looking around would be a good idea as well. After all, knowing where I'm going when I try to get around would be a good idea...So taking a day to get lost would be helpful."