The Reincarnate Travelers

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  1. The mansion was isolated yet awkwardly full, but that was what one expected in the unique home of the species that had lived for millenia, alongside and against humankind. The species that humans feared, that seemed to detest them equally, had long lived in this unique mansion. Seeming to have appeared out of nowhere, the human-like Mellerkine were viewed as a constant threat, and thus the manse was often their only refuge. They had lived through it plenty, dying and being reborn, many remembering the trials and tribulations of dealing with humans time and time again. This young man wasn't any different.

    Appearing to be in his early adult years, Eccle was one of the many Mellerkine in the mansion. He was well known for being introverted and keeping to himself, which was easy due to his shadow element. Even on a good day, he spent most of his time moving through the shadows, keeping from being noticed by too many others. He much preferred the quiet, as it helped him to plot- to plot against the evil humans that continuously aimed at destroying his species for so long, he'd lost count to even the historical data.

    Just like his element, Eccle had a bit of a dark appearance. Often seen dressed in black and near-black colors, the rest of him seemed to match his generally unruly and difficult to approach aura. Jet black hair curled awkwardly around his head, framing his gentlemanly face well, yet emphasizing his cold, dark gray eyes. His stature was generally simple- he was average height with long limbs that seemed to reach farther than average, likely to show the shadow's nature of extension and manipulation. His muscle tone was a bit mild, but seemed to match him anyway. But the thing that always caught people was the way his brows were always furrowed. That day, too, they were furrowed- furrowed the way a wolf's would be before pouncing it's pray. Danger was clearly afoot. At least, as long as Eccle was involved.