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When the world was finally introduced to metahumans, an intense power laying right beneath their noses, those of high status frantically searched for a solution to the oncoming crisis. Normal humans were panicked. And now that they were freed, metahumans were going wild with power. They no longer felt the need to be hidden, having been exposed, and havoc filled the streets as those with too much power for their own good went rampant.

Thus, the registry system was born. It was encouraged that metahumans, law abiding, good citizen metahumans, would submit themselves to be registered as a metahuman, have their powers classified by danger level, and be stamped onto a database that anyone could access. If someone was admitted to a hospital, and they were discovered to be a metahuman, they would be forcefully admitted. Criminals were also tested upon incarceration.

Needless to say, this registry campaign did not take off. The discrimination was immediate, and sometimes it couldn't be helped. If an honest person had come forth and willingly registered themselves, they would never be hired. Their neighbors would no longer invite them to dinner parties. What if they're dangerous? What if they're going to hurt me? These questions would cause every normie to shut every meta out.

Unless you were a vigilante or a superhero, and a damn careful one at that, you were hidden once more. The world knew about superpowers, but they only liked it when those meta humans dashed about and fought crime for those who couldn't. They loved their idols, their saviors, but if a metahuman was their neighbor down the street, then they were not to be trusted. Cast out like a foul carton of milk. No longer a person, because the people on the television weren't either.

So for nearly a century metahumans lived in both fear and pride. A strange mix indeed. You could make a choice as a metahuman. Become some sort of public figure, or live a life pretending to be who you were not. Some people got along fine this way. They just never went to the hospital. But there were other remedies for that, other societies where they could be who they wanted to be, even if they were still in secret. (See: The Metahuman Underground)

It took time, a damn long time, but the registry system fizzled out. An increasing number of the populace were becoming meta, and no one could deny the amount of good metahumans had done for the city behind masks and capes. In 2036, the Registry system was born, and in 2103, it was officially removed. In the years leading up to the time the Registry system was finally cancelled, it hardly even mattered anymore. In 2103, 50% of the population was metahuman. The majority of governments saw no point in keeping the system up when metahumans had lived with them in peace for thousands of years, and continued too. This was a great day for metahuman kind.
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