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  1. Shane stood outside an old school building . He had heard rumors that a girl had once set fire to the building because of bullying. He looks up at the old building, engraved into the front was St. Agatha's Reform School. He couldn't understand why he was sent here. So what if he had committed a murder, his parents had it coming to them. It seemed to him that the adults were simply saying that he didn't know how to play nice with others. He sighs and then goes into the school. He opens one of the cold metal doors and walks in. Every thing looked like a normal school, except there were bars and parts of a chain-link fence on the all the windows. And there were tons of security cameras every where. Watching them at all times, except when they used to bath room. Shane rolled his eyes. I should have talked my parole officer into taking me to prison right about now. He thinks. He looks around, seeing some of the teachers. They were dressed really nice and looked liked of snooty. I hope these teachers aren't stuck up or they and I will have a problem He think. They were told to meet in the cafeteria which was huge. All the students could fit in it and then some. He goes in and sits down at random table.

    He noticed that a boy with brown hair was sitting a crossed from him at the same table. “The name is Shane.” He says. The boy looks at him, and his expression was just a chaotic grin He nods. “The name is Glycerin” he says. Shane looks at Glycerin curiously, “Why Glycerin?” he asks. Glycerin shrugs, “I didn't have any parents to name me, and that was the first thing that popped into my head.” He says with a crazy smirk. Shane gave him a weird look. Who in their right mind would want to be called that? He thinks and then nods. But then he studies Glycerin very closely, noticing that he was wearing gothic clothing and a gas mask. Maybe he isn't right in his mind anyway, so why else would he be hear? he thinks. More people began to come into the cafeteria. He noticed that it was a mixture of both boys and girls. They were all sitting down and waiting for someone to speak. A few large boys come up to Shane and Glycerin. Lovely my first day here and I get attacked by bullies Shane thinks. Glycerin looks at the boys who had came up to him and Shane. He had been sent her because he was considered very unstable and ned to be "molded" for society. He just studies them. Oh, goody! I might be able to have some fun and liven this place up! He thinks with a smirk.

    The boys all look at Glycerin “What are you smirkin' about?”one asks. Of course he continues to smirk, it was a crazy psychotic up to no good smirk. “I'm wondering how much fun we can have” Glycerin says with a gooffy smirk on his face. The big boys just look at him like he was nuts “What the hell does that crap mean?” One asks. Glycerin smirks again. “Well you came over here didn't you? You wanted to see if I wanted to have some fun.” He says. The big boys laugh. “This guy, has to be kidding right? He is out of his mind, he's a nut case.” Another says. Glycerin stands up and punches one in the face. Then he leans over him with a demonic look to his face “Oh I never kid around, that is one of my least favorite things to do.” He says. He then raises his hand and an object that looked like a bomb appeared. "Oh goody look at toy, that we can play with. Shall we play a game?" He asks with an evil psychotic laugh. The boys look at him and then at each other. “W-who are you?”one asks. “Glycerin,” he says. The other boys then look at each other again. "Let's get out of here! He's nuts!" One shouts and they all back up and run. A teacher had seen what was going on and called for security to break them up. Once broken up, Glycerin sits down and continues to smirk. Shane was watching the scene before him. He just shakes his head head. Okay that guy is definitely crazier than I am He thinks. But I'm glad I didn't have to deal with them, I think they even pissed themselves He thinks again with smirk. Then he looks over at Glycerin “I think you made them piss themselves.”He says. Glycerin continues to smirk. “Oh, I did...oops.” He says. Shane just looks at him and just simply nods.

    Soon a tall man comes up to a podium. He clears his throat. “Good morning, you are all here, because you have either done some really bad crimes or just don't know how to get along in society, so you were sent here to learn how to.”He says. “Now if you go over to the table next to my right, you will get your schedule, dorm room number, locker number and locker combination.” He says. “Please remember that violence is not tolerated, and you will be either sent to The Detention Hall immediately or sent to my office, the principal.” He says. The others began to talk among themselves. Glycerin rolls his eyes, Lovely, I'm at some crackpot school trying to make me play nice He thinks as he rolls his eyes again. Shane rolls his eyes. Seriously? Feh, this is gonna be annoying He thinks. They both get up and go over to where the man had instructed them to go. I'll play nice for now Glycerin thinks as he gets in line. Shane again rolls his eyes. I guess I can be obedient for now he thinks as he gets in line behind Glycerin
  2. Kristie couldn't decide if she had really lucked out or not with that stupid overly sympathetic police officer. She had thought she might be lucky enough to get off with some stupid wimpy punishment if she played up the 'oh woe is me' aspect but looking around the prison-like school she wasn't entirely sure that things had gone to plan. In fact, judging by the bars on the windows and the rather tall walls, she wasn't entirely sure what the difference between this place and jail was. So they got to take boring classes instead of doing boring jail chores? Oh yes, that sounded soooo much better. She huffed silently to herself before looking around with a grim smirk. Of course...she should be able to get out of here fairly easily anyway. In fact... She half turned, a slight shift in posture the only indication she was getting ready to run, rather than talk to the person behind her. "Ah Ah Ah" The stern looking woman cop behind her said warningly, a little too familiar with Kristie's behavior at this point. "The cafeteria is that way."

    Kristie growled at her, resisting the urge to hiss and spit like a feral cat. If her ears were out they would be flattened against her head. She only briefly considered making a run for it anyway, but the woman had proven that she was fully capable of dealing with Kristie's shenanigans. Kristie felt her temper near flaring out of check and took a few deep breathes like everyone and their mother insisted she did at this times. It helped. A little. She took one final deep breath and turned back towards the school, hunching her shoulders as she moved forward into the courtyard with a bunch of people she wouldn't have walked down the other side of the street from in normal circumstances. She did her best to avoid notice and followed in the wake of the crowd to the cafeteria. Once she was in the doors, the woman cop stopped. "And this is where I leave you Ms. 'Weber'." Kristie hissed and flinched. "Do try to not add to your list of convictions." Kristie watched the woman walk off with a hostile glare before taking exactly two steps inside the doors before slinking into the shadows in the back of the room, watching everyone like a hawk.

    She watched the confrontation among a few boys with mild interest, making notes of people to avoid even more stringently than she would the average thug in this place. Particularly that Glycerin boy. She pegged him as some sort of demon spawn for sure. She didn't really listen to the boring whatever speech the head honcho made. She was so deep in planning how to get the heck out she only realized it was over when everyone got up and started moving towards a certain table. She waited until the crowd had mostly cleared and eased her way over, spotting some paper with her name on it and snatching it up in the blink of an eye. She may also have snatched at a ring on someones finger in the process. She couldn't help it sometimes.

    Damien looked around warily as he stepped out of his parents limousine. He hadn't liked the sound of this school when his parents had set him up for it and now that he saw the crowd waiting for him...well he was feeling his own mortality. "Seriously? What the hell were they thinking?" He shivered and waved at the driver to take his stuff up to his dorm room. He wasn't sure the limo was going to survive his absence but Damien honestly didn't care since it was his parent's fault he was in this mad joint. He slipped into the gate and spotted the well dressed teacher's with relief. Perhaps he could hang with them and perhaps survive this place. He moved over and hovered near them hopefully, though they seemed intent on ignoring students for the moment. He followed them into the cafeteria and sat down near the front, again close to most of the teachers. He was thus one of the first kids to reach the table and head out, feeling ridiculously conspicuous in his obviously very expensive clothes.

    "Hey pretty boy!" Damien winced and turned his head slightly to see the group of three sleazy looking guys behind him. He made some quick calculations in his head and didn't like his odds against one of these guys, let alone all of them. His bad feeling about this place suddenly coalesced into a very real certainly that his good looks and slight frame had doomed him to a prison-like whore position. He wondered if he could sue his parents for trauma after he got out of here.

    "Uh...Hi?" He put on a nervous smile and edged backwards, finding himself against a wall. "Er...I really can't talk right now. W-we supposed to be finding our r-rooms and such..." He cringed as the leader of the group leaned forward and put an arm slightly above his head. Damn my short stature!

    "No need to be a killjoy pretty boy." The leader grinned down at him. "We're just trying to get to know one of our fellow students." Damien was doing his best to look not-pants-pissing terrified, but he really didn't see how he was going to get out of this situation.
  3. Echo
    aka Ani Dragonista

    Echo yawned, lifting her arms above her head in a stretch. As she scratched her colored hair she looking out into the crowd of students, the sight of so many low life individuals annoyed her. So many of them wandered around looking and the ones that walked with an “I’m a bad ass” air around them seem to annoy her the most. “All of them are so weak.” she said to herself. Even though all the students here were supposed to be unfit for regular society, many of them looked to be gang members. Proof of this was about to present itself in the form of a group of short skirted and high heeled females. Echo watched as the leader of the females who wore way to much lip gloss bumped into another bleached blond female who stumbled. The leader of the group smirked and walked awake with so much attitude in her steps she might as well had worn a pair of sweat pants with “Bitch” written on the bum.

    She noticed some students were being escorted into the school grounds either by guardians or law enforcement. She had walked in by herself, but she would have been a fool to think of attempting to run out of the open front gates of the academy. She looked over her shoulder and focused her sight pass the academy’s walls and a few meters out. The sun rays reflected off the lens of a weapon that she knew was aimed at her. Narrowing her eyes in anger and balling her hands into fists letting her nails bite into her flesh she screamed out loud in the direction of the reflecting light. “SCREW YOU BASTARDS!” She picked up a rock and threw it over the wall where it simply landed on the floor. “Who do you damn people think you are!? Making me come to this pig water hole! I will get you, I swear when I get out I will come after you!” she yelled out and held out her middle finger. She must have looked mad yelling out into the air, but she didn’t care. She knew that the ones off in the distance could hear her and that’s all she cared about.

    Echo’s anger left her as fast as it came to her. But she felt good, her body felt lighter and her cheeks even showed a hint of rosy pink in her happiness. Her stomach growled loudly being that the last time she ate was yesterday afternoon. “Hungry….” she quietly said with a smile on her face. Wondering over to the main building she pushed opened the door “Hey! Ugly clown hold that door open for me.” The lip gloss leader of the female group yelled out to her. Echo ducked her head down making her hair fall over her face, her shoulders hunched down making her look sad. “This door?” her voice held a tremble in them. “Yes you dumb ass!.” the lip gloss leader said as she made a move to step through the door. At that moment Echo’s head snapped up and using all of her body weight she slammed the door shut on the female’s face. Echo leaned against the door as she listened to the lip gloss leader scream in pain. Standing up Echo looked at the glass window that was in the middle of the door, all she could see was a perfect lip gloss imprint of a pair of lips mixed with blood. "Oh! What a klutz.” Echo giggled and smiled as she turned her back to the door and walked down the hall.
  4. Drucilla's old master asked to personally drop her off at the academy. "You know you had this coming right?" He sat next her in the back of his black Lincoln. The chauffeur was obviously minding his own business as usual. Maybe I should have set him on fire she thought sarcastically. John, her master, subtly he reached for her hand, "You know you don't have to go to the institute. You could stay with me." John raised his other hand to caress her check. Drucilla smiled "Of course I don't want to go to the institute." John smiled, "Then stay with me. Become my girl." The hand holding her hand moved to her leg "I'll take very good care of you." Drucilla leaned towards John still smiling sweetly. Then suddenly she head-butted him, "Like I would want to be your girl!" she shouted. John covered his bleeding nose with one hand and grabbed her wrist with the other as he began to curse at her "How dare you lay a finger on me! I offered you a life!" Drucilla laughed "What kind of life? A life a slavery?" She began to scratch him with her free hand. Immediately he threw her against the opposite side of the car. "Fine then know this he held up a silver cross with his bloodied hand. His own blood began to drip from the cross. Instantly Drucilla shied away from it. "What is this?" Why does that small thing hurt me?" John laughed, "Because you are the spawn of a vampire, my dear. Your own mother wanted to kill you. Your father doesn't even know about you. He thought he killed your mother when he threw her away like the garbage that she was." It was John's turn to laugh "I was trying to make something out of you. But now I know you're nothing but trash yourself."

    The chauffeur parked the car, got out, and opened the door for John and Drucilla. He handed a handkerchief to John who took it and held it against his nose. "Come Drucilla, lets not doddle. You shouldn't be late for your orientation meeting." With his free hand he grabbed her wrist and pulled her out of the car with him. It didn't take long for Drucilla to be checked in. She acted so sweet to all the ladies who helped her with her paperwork that they mumbled to each other about why she would be here. She was too sweet to be involved in anything heinous like all the other children were. John didn't stay long after Drucilla finished her paperwork. In fact he left right after with only a whisper that he would always keep an eye on her. Drucilla hated him and vowed to kill him one day. She would change the attempted murder charge to an actual murder when she got done with him. With a smile she waved goodbye to him. She was lucky enough to get to watch two boys fight. Maybe she'll get to cause her own trouble eventually. Now that she knew she was a half-vampire she wanted to see if she had any special abilities like other vampires. She knew that the sun didn't really bother her, however she couldn't stay too long under a bright sun or she would burn easily. She had always thought that it was because she was just unusually pail, but now she knew the truth. She also knew that crosses can hurt her, but will it kill her. Will a stake to the heart kill her? I guess I will find out eventually she thought.

    The speech was incredibly boring, but there was nothing she could do about it. Yet. After the orientation she picked up her schedule and headed to the dorms. Suddenly she came across a small boy being bullied by a group of much larger bullies. She rolled her eyes Stupid idiot and she was about to pass them by. Or maybe I could try out what super powers I might have! So she turned around headed straight to the boys. Without a word she kicked one boy in the butt. "Maybe you should pick on someone your own size." She said with a gleeful look in her eyes. "Make it quick before they stop us." She glanced at the oncoming guards heading their way.
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  5. Lilian sat quietly in the back of a dirty, steel van. The material just as strong as the same vehicles used by SWAT members, maybe stronger. Her arms kept folded over each other and quite secure from the beige and black strait jacket. Large, heavy chains were wrapped around the strait jacket and secured with two heavy padlocks. Attached to the chains was a leash they used to guide her around. This was in case she tried to run away from them. Around her light pink, plump lips was a silver and black muzzle, held securely with yet another padlock. She was very known for trying to bite off fingers if pointed at her. Her eyes held a dead gaze in front of her as the two warrant officers and her parole officer drove her to this academy that was made especially to straighten out criminals and juvenile delinquents. In an area like this, robbery would only be child's play.

    The van soon came to an abrupt halt in front of a rather large academy. Although the old building looked like a prestigious and heavenly academy from the outside, Lilian knew she was about to walk into any child's Hell once she passed through the doors. She gave a grim chuckle at the thought. How many students were there? One hundred? One thousand? What kind of crimes did they commit? Burglary? Assault? Murder? How many loving husbands and fathers did they take away from their beautiful wives and children just by giving them a premature end? She gave another grim chuckle as the two large doors from the back of the steel van swung open. The silhouettes of the two warrant officers motioned for her to get out. She obeyed their commands and got up from where she sat. She hopped out of the van, one warrant officer quick to grab the leash.

    "Ooh~ Are you scared of little ol' me~?" She mockingly told the two warrant officers, who grimaced at the cruel woman before them.

    They knew exactly what she had done in Juvenile Hall, and she made sure they didn't forget who was the one who ended the lives of many good men and women. They tugged on the leash rather harshly, making her move forward through the gates and approaching the tall doors of the academy. Upon entrance many words passed through her mind.

    'Filthy. Scary. Hell. Perfect~' The words blended so beautifully together for the cruel woman. Those very three words were like total bliss to her, making a small smirk form on the face of the woman who officers referred to as "The She Devil".

    She received many looks, but they paid little attention to the three officers guiding her to the cafeteria. They were more paying attention to the strait jacket, chains, and muzzle. The officers they appeared to be used to, but a student arriving in a strait jacket alone was something note worthy. It was soon that they arrived to what appeared to be the cafeteria. Of course, more looks came her way. The officers sat her down at an empty table and brought out an assortment of keys for each individual padlock they had placed on her. One for the muzzle, two for the chain padlocks, and three for the locks on her strait jacket. They received some attention from nearby students because of the amount of keys presented on the table. All three officers going to work at unlocking everything. The bluish black haired girl's dead gaze reappeared as they carefully removed the muzzle from her mouth.

    "Remember," the female parole officer began,"The head of this school knows exactly what to do with you if you act up."

    "I will do to them what I did to Eric Rizo," one of the officers clenched their teeth in anger,"Rizo died crying like a little girl."

    Ah, if only the glare the angry officer actually had an effect.

    The chains and strait jacket finally came off, the officers collecting the keys and everything required for the teen's restraints. They were quick to leave, leaving Lilian to sit alone and fend for herself. Her dead gaze roamed around the cafeteria, idly looking around at the moment.
  6. Riley didn't want to go in to the school, she couldn't get herself to move from outside the black car. Her blue eyes stared out the dark tinted windows, she could see out and nobody could see in. Her former foster home adviser sat in the back seat with Riley. She knew better then to try to force Riley into doing something to soon, she knew she should wait a minute and let her warm up.

    Riley had the maps, the directions, all the teacher's credentials, lunch ladies backgrounds, and every other document in a small black back pack. Her paranoia made her do as much research as possible on everything about this school. She wanted to be prepared for anything, everyone, and every situation that could possibly happen to her. "I didn't kill anyone or harm anyone." Riley barely said in a whisper to her adviser, while still looking out the window.

    "No, but you're harming yourself. Every day. And you can't stay put in one place, you always run. It's time you learned commitment and trust." Her adviser was stern and strict with her. But in her voice was a hint of worry, because she knew she was sending Riley into a place with violent people and she had no way to defend herself. Riley had never fought with anyone, never threw a punch, or kicked even a puppy. She was innocent of violence. Riley could run though, she could run fast on her good days. It all depended on her energy levels, before she went anorexic she could run for hours.

    "It's funny. You aren't putting me in here for all the things I've stolen." Riley was dead serious, her small voice gradually grew louder though. The only reason the foster system gave up on her was because she ran away from a girl's home. She didn't even steal a car this time, like she had in her previous home. She just ran down the street and broke into an old home that nobody resided in. Riley guessed that it was the final straw, a stupid final straw, but still it landed her here.

    "Riley. You are a nice girl, you just have some problems. Maybe being here will put everything into perspective for you." And with that her car door opened, that must have been the sign. That final line was the clue to make Riley get out and go inside. Riley sighed as she swung her thin legs outside the car door, her small black shoes hit the pavement. She breathed a few times, trying to settle her paranoia and anxiety. She then swung her small black pack over her shoulder and got out of the car. Without another word to her adviser she walked to the school doors. She couldn't run, to many people, to many guards. If she tried to make a break for it she wouldn't make it far, she would definitely have to think about a better plan and wait for the right time.

    Riley quickly made her way to the cafeteria, not looking anyone in the eyes. Don't let them see you. If they don't see you they can't hurt you. Don't make eye contact, if you do they will be forced to acknowledge your existence. Wait to talk to people until you get to know the school and hear rumors. The people you hear the least rumors about are probably the good people. Then after a week maybe you can approach those people. Riley always thought to herself, going over plans it reassured her. If everything was analyzed correctly then that would mean less things could go wrong.

    The short introduction of the school seemed forever for Riley, as her mind kept going over things she wanted to remember. She wanted to look around and see other people, see what their actions were. But she couldn't bring herself to look up from her lap, she didn't want to be seen. Her worst fear right now was her dorm room, would she have a roommate? If so, she would have to research them. Figure out boundaries. That was more added to her plate. It took her a minute to process that the principal had stopped talking, but once she did she quickly went and her schedule, locker, and dorm.
  7. Kristie fingered the ring in her pocket with a sigh. She hadn’t even really wanted the ring but oh well it’s hardly like she was going to be giving it back now. Perhaps she would sneak out and sell it later. She scooted around the various groups of kids, very much not interested in interacting with any of them. It was only when she finished eluding all the crowds and opened the door to her room that she realized there was one challenge to her life here she had completely forgotten about. A roommate. A roommate standing right there and giving her an equally petrified look. Well this was going to go great.

    She glanced behind herself before reluctantly slipping inside and shutting the door. She made a point to hug the wall as she edged warily to what looked like the unclaimed side of the room. Inwardly, she was cursing up a storm. Having someone else about to watch her movements was going to be beyond inconvenient. She would have to stay in her human form all of the time and find even more unusual places to stash her loot and so many other things! And what if she got put in a room with one of those psycho killers!? She narrowed her eyes at the other girl. “So, my name’s Kristie. Who’re you then?” Her tone was just two shades off from being hostile. “Just so you know I won’t stand any poking around in my business!”

    Damien had closed his eyes tight and was hoping that all of this unpleasantness was going to be over quickly, since he could think of no other way out of this. He couldn’t quite believe his ears when he heard a thud and a curse from one of the thugs followed by a feminine voice challenging them. His eyes snapped open and he stared at the girl in hopeful shock. Surely she wouldn’t try to take them all on if she couldn’t handle it right?

    The three thugs turned around to stare incredulously at the little slip of a girl that was challenging them. “You want to join the party too?” The leader thug raised an eyebrow and grinned. “Alright then, you boys can have her.”

    Damien did not miss that omission on the leaders part and made a run for it the second he had his back turned. Unfortunately he didn’t get very far. He yelped in pain as the leader reached out and grabbed a fistful of his hair, trying to ignore the watering in his eyes. That hurt. “Not so fast pretty boy, the party hasn’t even started!” Damien bit his lip. He was not much of a fighter and this guy was way bigger than him but since his lackeys were a bit distracted perhaps he could manage something at least. He raised his hands to try and ease the fiery pain the base of his skull and desperately kicked back, landing a glancing blow on the leader’s stomach. “Oho. Well look who suddenly has some spunk!”

    He shook Damien roughly. “Fuck!” Damien whimpered and clawed at the hand holding him.
  8. Drucilla laughed as the boys came at her. At first she just stood there with her arms crossed over her chest. Sure they were bigger then her, but she was half-vampire after all. And she knew that vampires could be super strong. Just as one of the boys was about to punch her in the stomach she was able to catch his fist in midair. Oh, right and vampires has super speed too. This was going to be more fun then she originally thought. With the boy's fist still in her hand she bent it back till she heard a lout pop. Instantly the boy began to cry like a baby. The other boy seeing what she had done to his friend punched her in the face. She did fall back and felt blood coming out of her split lip. Obviously being a half-vampire didn't help her to not be stupid. The first boy was still on the floor holding his wrist and screaming in pain. The other boy was able to grab her throat. She in fact let him do it and she had a smile on her face the whole time. He was about to lift her off the ground when she grabbed his arm and bit him drawing a lot of blood. At first the boy looked a little shocked, but he seemed to be stronger then the boy on the ground. Blood seeped around her mouth, but the boy still did not let him go. Soon she could not breath so she figured it was time to end this. She stopped biting his arm but grabbed it with both her hands. Then she whipped her legs around the boy's waist and used his weight against him to cause him to fall down. It worked. Once he was face planted on the ground she popped his shoulder out of the socket and left him to join his friend moaning over their injuries. She then walked up to the boy who seemed to be the leader and looked up at him. "You see I just learned that I'm vampire spawn and am learning what I can do. Would you like to help me find out what else I can do? Like suck your blood maybe?"
  9. Shane sighs as he looks down at the papers he had been giving. He had already went to his locker and was now traveling to his doorm room. I hope my roommate is anyone but that Glycerin guy, it would probably be a very difficult situation to have to deal with. He thinks as he opens his dorm room door, to find out that his roommate hadn't made it yet. But he did see that all their stuff was there, the staff had already put everyone's stuff in their rooms while they were at the meeting. He lets out a sigh and flops on his bed. He pulled out a volume of a manga series he had and began to read.But Shane didn't have to worry about Glycerin being his roommate, someone else would have to deal with him. And the only reason Glycerin hadn't gone to his dorm room was that he taking a look around the school, seeing if there was a way that he could escape.

    And the only reason he would want to escape was to cause Chaos, it was in his demonic nature to do so. He just wondered around with his hands in his pockets, looking at the walls, halls and windows. He could easily break out if he wanted, but what would be the fun in that? Only if it killed people. He noticed that a lot of the boys and girls were staring at him, but he didn't care, he was used to such things. Of course wouldn't you if you saw some one wearing a gas mask? A rather big boy comes up to him. "Hey, freak what's with the gas mask? Are you trying to hide something under there?" He says as he goes to reach for Glycerin's gask maks. Glycerin grabs a hold of his arm and glares at him. "I wouldn't do that if I were you." He says in a threatening tone. The big boy laughs at him, "And what are you going to do about it?" He ask. Glycerin smirks, "oh you'll see, we're going to have some fun." He says. The big boy laughs and looks at the rest in his group. "He's nuts...he should..." Then he screams in pain as there was a rather large snapping sound and Glycerin let go of his arm and it just hung there, he had broken it in several place. Angry the boy goes to punch him again and Glycerin places his hand on his chest. A weird squid-like thing appears on the boys chest. "Now you wouldn't want me to blow you to smithereens, now would you? I suggest you hold still." He says. The boy stands there still as a statue.
  10. Riley sat on the bed watching the girl, Kristie, with a close eye. "I'm Riley. I'll try to not be to bothersome." Riley spoke with a borderline monotone voice, she didn't know this girl and if she could possibly have an smidge bit of trust for her. Part of her wanted to snoop around in her stuff and get to know her. The best way to get to know her for now was to ask a couple of questions though. Riley didn't want to break her rule of not talking to new people, get to know first and then trust was always her policy, but she decided if she had to room with her she should get to know her.

    "I'm a runaway, I steal things, and trespassing isn't uncommon for me. Now that I've shared why I'm here, I would appreciate it if you shared too." Her voice was a bit warmer, but she still stated the facts and moved on quickly. She didn't want to spend to much time on herself. Riley also made sure what she told Kristie was the basics, nothing in detail, no back story, and no anorexia. Obviously everyone was in here for a reason so why she is here shouldn't be kept a secret. At least she didn't murder anyone, like she has heard others have. Hopefully Kristie wasn't one of those murders, if she was Riley would have to plan her escape sooner.
  11. Kristie felt her non visible ears perk as her new roommate listed off her supposed crimes. It didn’t sound like she was one of the murderers that were walking around which would be much appreciated. She wasn’t too sure about sharing a room with another thief though. That could go very well or things could be absolutely disastrous. “Hmm…” Kristie forced herself to relax just a bit, she had to let go of the paranoia sometime. Or sleep on the roof. She smirked a bit at the thought.

    “Well, it seems like they may have paired us based on similar crimes then. I am a bit of a thief myself, and enjoyed most of my time in other peoples or abandoned homes. I’m an orphan so I’ve managed to fly under the radar mostly until now.” She sighed heavily. She didn’t feel like sharing the incident where she put a man through a wall. It would probably freak out Riley, who probably had similar tics to Kristie involving trusting people and such. Paranoia was a thing when you were a thief. It kept you from getting caught and to stay alive on the streets. “So, I think we can just leave each other to our business and we’ll be fine yeah?” Maybe if they laid down the boundaries now things would be less likely to explode.

    The leader thug seemed a bit worried now, but not as much as he probably should be. In fact he rather looked like he was spoiling to fight her but eventually decided against it because the guards were making headway through the crowd and he really didn’t feel like dealing with that crap. He chuckled and suddenly dropped Damien, making him land painfully on his knees, and gave Drucilla a half salute before disappearing down the hall very quickly.

    “Owww shit bastard!” Damien furiously blinked away the tears and held his burning scalp, not even caring about his knees at the moment. He just didn’t want to look any more pathetic in front of his savior than he already did. He pushed himself unsteadily to his feet, glancing back to see the guards. “Aww hell no.” If he got written up and it got sent to his parents…no. Just no. “Come on!” Without really thinking it through he grabbed her saviors wrist and pulled her quickly away from the guards, a few of whom had stopped to tend to the idiots. One or two continued to follow them for a moment but apparently decided against it for some reason and went back to help deal with the injured.

    Damien staggered to a stop several corridors away. He had no idea where they were and didn’t really care. Instead he turned around and gave the girl a grateful smile. “Sorry about grabbing you like that, but I figured getting caught by the guards wasn’t on either of our to-do lists today.” He rubbed the back of his head bashfully, looking at the girl in front of him with awe. “Thanks so much for helping me out back there by the way. You were amazing! Did you really do all that for the first time!?”
  12. Riley nodded in agreement, "I won't touch your stuff, you don't bother me. Simple." And the Riley added, "and we now know we both won't try to kill one another in our sleep." Riley meant to be joking, she meant to come across funny like many of her foster siblings, but wasn't sure if she had captured the sarcastic tone quite right. At any rate Riley pulled out a small green notebook from her black bag and an orange mechanical pencil. She sat on her bed and quickly jotted down a few notes, like Kristie's name, crimes, and any other small observations she had noticed about her. She did all this just staring at her notebook, cross legged with her back against the base board of the bed. She didn't stare at Kristie, she didn't want to seem suspicious or give Kristie any reason to hate her. Riley had to note all the things about people though, from the big to the little quirks. If she knew a person inside and out then she could determine what kind of person they were going to be. It's also her paranoia, she doesn't want to forget any detail about a person.
  13. Glycerin looks at the boy, who was still as a statue. He noticed that guards were coming to break them up, so he makes the squid like thing disappear. And before the guards could do anything, he up and walked away. He decided that it was best that he just go to his dorm room. Even though he hated the idea that he had to share a room with someone else. He preferred to be in a room by himself. He stops at his dorm room and then opens the door. He goes inside and turns on the light. His stuff- what little stuff he had brought with him was there and then he noticed quite a few bags on the other side of the room. He looks at them and rolls his eyes. Great...I think I might be dormmates with a rich kid...he thinks. But then he shrugs and goes over to his bags and pulls everything out and scatters it all over his side of the room. That is the way he liked things. And he didn't care what his dormamte would say, they would just have to put up with it. And he certainly hoped that they weren't a neat freak, or they would have some problems.

    Shane was still reading when he heard the door open, and in came his dormmate. They just glanced at each other and said nothing. He noticed that this kid was younger than him. "My name is Greg by the way." He says to Shane and Shane nods. "The name is Shane." He says not looking up from his book. He wasn't really to interested in his room mate, he just wanted to be left alone, so that he could read and be alone by himself before classes started the next day.
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