The Recipe for Happiness

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    The skies created a gloom over the friendly town of people. While not an impressively big area to live in, it made up for it with independent restaurants that served delicious, television popular meals. Had it not been for that fame, and the known fact that the populace was full of kind folks, the people would have had to abandon the town altogether. For there was a resident who single handedly earned their proud home the negative a couple of negative titles.

    Beyond the shops and neighborhoods was a seemingly abandoned home that was once owned by a wealthy family, The Floyds. There was one inhabitant, though. One of the sons owned the home, and was seldom seen by anyone. The most recent time somebody saw the boy was when he was thirteen. Lucifer Floyd was labeled a recluse, therefore. People knew he still existed, because they'd witness delivery vehicles dropping off groceries, packages, and household supplies. He'd never leave to shop on his own.

    The house wasn't in too bad of condition, but it was obviously in need of many repairs. All of the windows had the curtains drawn over them, all of the time. There wasn't a car in sight that could prove anyone ever left to run errands. Rodents and bugs were a problem, too. Scattered outside and inside the creepy mansion, there were rats, mice, spiders, beetles... It seemed to be a popular hangout for stray cats, also.

    Nobody dared approach the property, though. Rumors stated that people who knocked at the door and managed to get inside never returned to their families. Women, especially. There had been several reports of missing females between the ages of seventeen and thirty. Most of them, by now, have been assumed dead.

    The police were no help. Their every attempt to find evidence at the residence turned into failure. Lucifer knew better than to allow himself to be caught so easily. The whereabouts of his victims couldn't be found because they, and his laboratory, were hidden within a part of his house that only he could access. Secret passages weren't seen only in movies, after all.

    Suspicions still did not drop, however. Some of the parents of the missing women swore to expose him for what he truly was. There was no other explanation that made more sense to them.

    As the day turned later, a drizzle began to fall. It made the setting of the creepy mansion all the more ominous, making everyone look away immediately so their nightmares wouldn't be influenced.

    Everyone in town had terrors in their dreams with their interpretation of Lucifer Floyd and what he did to his victims. Could nobody put an end to this? Could nobody make them feel safe anymore?