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    Real Life:
    Name: Kia Macintosh

    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Birthdate: November 21, 2123
    Race: Human
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 135
    Appearance: Long, curly brown hair that touches her mid back-often times it is strung up high in a ponytail. She has dark brown eyes and sharply plucked eyebrows that rise into a slight arch atop her brow. With a creamy milk complexion, flushed cheeks, lush pink lips, and the slightly angular jaw, she can come across quite fetching once cleaned up. However, she is more of a lazy girl, and will often find herself more attuned to sweatpants than anything else and nearly abhors makeup other than a bit of eyeliner.
    Family: Maria Macintosh-Mother, Keith Macintosh-Father, Abigail Macintosh-Sister
    Friends: Willow Times, Jose Gomez, and Freddy Jr.
    Hobbies: Gaming, window shopping, people watching, photography, and drawing
    Likes: Gaming, art, going on walks, coffee, animals, and puns
    Dislikes: Wet socks, tofu, servers under maintenance, and accidentally drinking orange juice after brushing her teeth
    Pets: Chubbs- a small and highly sassy corgi mix who is not only the love of her life, but also the literal bane of her existence. It's really quite the love-hate relationship.
    Personality: Kia is just your every day girl, who just so happens to have a major obsession for video games. No joke, this girl loves anything and everything that involves gaming. From magazines, to interviews, to blogs, Kia will read and follow everything to stay informed on the latest and greatest in video game news. Some would call her addicted, but honestly, it's just like any other sport or hobby. Except for, you know, not having to go outside to do it. Which really is actually a good thing, right? Who needs all that awful sun rays all the time anyway? And let's not forget about all the allergies from pollen. Forget about it. Okay, sure, going out for a little walk with Chubbs is nice and all, but it certainly doesn't beat smacking a few monsters around with her twin blades in-game. That's a thrill right there.
    Despite her small bouts of anti-social tendencies, Kia can be quite a socialite when she wants to be, which definitely carries over into her online character. It's not uncommon for her to chat up some old lady on the metro or a few student a university just to pass the time. Likewise, when in-game, Kia would be one to randomly walk up to someone, (if they weren't busy) just to ask about their stats or opinion on rare items.
    She can also have quite the fiery tone, when speaking about something she is passionate about and won't hesitate to speak her mind. She is always ready to defend herself, but is also open-minded enough to have her view changed if the logic is sound enough.
    Overall, Kia is quite the kind individual who can be a bit humorous and mischievous when given the chance.

    The Realm Online Character:
    Username: Rouge

    Race: Human
    Class: Duel Wield; specilizing in speed, hit rate, and critical attack
    Level: 21
    Weapons: Her favored weapon is the Twin Fangs, a set of dual-wield golden knives, which she uses to attack with blinding speed
    Height: 5'3
    Weight: 130, 140 with armor guards and gauntlets
    Appearance: Rouge is a short, red haired, twin blade-duel wielder. She wears a decorated battle outfit consisting of ranged colors in red, black, orange, yellow, and white, which is accented by a large fan upon her back.
    Likes: Leveling up, killing bosses, killing PKers, and of course LOOT
    Dislikes: PKers, rude venders, over priced items, broken equipment.
    Pets: None, unfortunately. Rouge hardly ever has enough gold to buy one from the emporium, no matter how hard she tries to save.
    Basic Character Stats:
    Strength: 22 +0
    Agility: 26 +1
    Speed: 34 +4
    Wisdom: 16 +0
    Spirit: 23 +1
    Armor: 123
    Power: 72
    Critical Chance: 81.2%
    Hit Rate: 67.2%
    Expertise: 34
    Rouge is a high speed, quick attack character that uses speed and multiplier hits to rack up damage over a small amount of time. Though the hits are not overly strong by any means, they are repetitive and rushed and can usually get four or more stabs in within a few seconds of attack. Kia has more of an assassin build, along with abilities and loves to use sneak-like attacks from behind for massive damage with her high critical chance rate.

    Personality: Very much mirroring her RL self, Rouge is quite the personality. She can be quick-witted, sharp tongued, and highly playful, but resolute in what she believes in and honest to a fault. She is always ready to defend her pride, and doesn't take insults from anybody. She especially dislikes PKers, seeing them as cowardly for attacking in groups, or characters low in strength. Because of this is is somewhat of a hobbyist PKK when she isn't on quests killing monsters or trying to find rare items.

    A Few In-game places or ideas:

    PK World- Dasr Rift; The Underbelly: Vender Sector:

    Main World-Zenith; Player Hub and Arena:

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  2. Real Life:
    Name: AI 0-23 (Chris Tyler)

    Age: 17 (real age with defrost process: 98 (if I'm wrong pardon me))

    Gender: Male

    Birthdate:Frozen Date: Febuary 28, 2056 | Defrost Date: December 21, 2140

    Race: Human / Ancient Human

    Height: 6'1"

    Weight: 145 Ib.

    Appearance: Just like your typical Eurasian guy, Chris has a spiky dark hair and wide dark brown eyes, and his skin is tan. he has a perfect v shape jaw line but not to pointy along with a perfect face without wrinkle except beside his side nose, his nose weren't to point and have a well defined nose. Chris also have an athletic body, with an almost finish six pact but worn out after the defrosting process.

    Family:(All deceased) Shiori Tyler -Mother, Bart Tyler -Father

    Friends: none currently

    Hobbies: Gaming, Observe surrounding, read books

    Likes: Gaming, Donuts, Ice lemon tea, Simple egg and ham meal.

    Dislikes: Stinky food, ugly food, government

    Personality wise Chris was your average guy except living in the past, he was a hard headed yet really wise when it's come for advice. During his past live, people would always come to his to ask for an advice and boy do he always nailed it. Chris also known as an otaku, he would know every anime and manga, he would know from each character's name up until their detail to the root, he had a room specially made for him to kept his comic since there isn't much left to put in his room.He also play game almost 24/7 a week, he never left his room except for taking a bath or grab some snacks, his character always got to rank at least 10 in each game he played. During his prime time he kind enough to give guide and help the newbie player, his obsession with game came when he was 10.

    In School, he is the womanizer of all girl, he's athletic, smart, and nice until he rejected all the girl. He's known as the cold prince by everyone, he has rejected over 100 date and never open up his heart to anyone but he does still friend with them after all the trouble and ended up rejected them for countless time. Chris also open for debate but you'll never win with him as he's so sharp when criticized a person, but later on he'll buy him/her a donut or 2. He'll can do anything beside jokes, he have a bad sense of joke and doesn't want or have the expression smile, laugh, or happy, you'll lose in a second when it comes to straight face

    The Realm Online Character:
    Username: Blizzard
    Race: Human

    Class: One handed sword

    Level: 29

    Weapons: He have all element swords but he always use a sword with 2 element Dark and Ice, a sword called Albitr.

    Height: 6'1

    Weight: 145 Ib. , 155 with armor guards and gauntlets

    Appearance: Blizzard has really have the exact similar face as his real life counterpart, Chris. He always wore black suits and a light arm guard and gauntlets, with a lille touch of leather boots.

    Likes: Leveling up, killing bosses, Helping Newbies, Rare Equipment

    Dislikes: PKers, rude venders, useless weapon, annoying people

    Basic Character Stats:
    Strength: 40 +5
    Agility: 28 +2
    Speed: 30 +0
    Wisdom: 10 +0
    Spirit: 14 +0
    Armor: 162
    Power: 120
    Critical Chance: 11.2%
    Hit Rate: 89.4%
    Expertise: 52

    Blizzard can be the tanker of the group as well as the power house, his incredible strength make him have a high HP as well as his power, he's attack speed could be moderate but he always making it precise and make every slash worth, Blizzard overall stat was intended for a lone wolf or for a guardian build but Chris has taken it to the next level, Chris able to make Blizzard to be a tanker and can counter attack with enormous damage despite the lowly price equipment, although the lack of speed are the downside he can still move faster than a normal tanker. Blizzard also always ope hand for newbie, he love to help newbie and always kill PK-ers until his name were labelled red as he always PK a PK-ers when they want to PK someone but it pay a high price, Blizzard were gained a title of King of PK and he almost reached the maximum level which is level 30. Blizzard also friendly when people came to talk with him unlike his real life, he can express more of his expression and he's the infamous leader of Guardia, a guild that only ever win a guild war with only 7 people but sadly they were disband awhile ago.​
  3. "Come on, come on, open!" Kia let out a long exasperated sigh, eyes widening in visible anger as she harshly swiped the silver key card up and down with impatience. The sensors on her apartment door were pretty lousy to begin with, but after three tries her patience was getting very close to it's limit. Especially considering she could be playing TRO that very moment.

    Why did her stupid door have to act up now? Why couldn't it ever give her a break for once?

    "Stupid, horrible, little-"

    "Door acting up again, Macintosh?" A elderly rasp of a voice pulled Kai's rapt concentration away from the infuriating technology. Her dark brown eyes shifted to the left where an amused old man stood. No more than 4'3, the balding, and oddly plump, white haired man was hunched over on a short brown cane. His round, slanted eyes were partially closed, but sparked with a fatherly warmth that could put even the wariest at ease.

    Kai felt her cheeks flush with embarrassment as a small gasp escaped her lips. "Mr. Yin! I didn't see you there." Her words pitched as she felt herself stand a bit straighter in his presence.

    She had a huge amount of respect for the old guy. Mr. Yin did not just look after her, but the entire floor. When anyone needed something they went to him. He was kinda like the grandfather of the apartment building. Which was really nice, especially for someone like her who had just seven months ago moved out of her parent's house.

    "I suppose with my height I am hard to miss." Mr. Yin chuckled lightly as he slowly shuffled over. "Let me help."

    Kai handed over her key without complaint, taking a small step back in the process. She watched with a slight pout as the old man swiftly swiped the key card passed the sensor, opening the door within the first try.

    "Remember, it's all in the wrist." Mr. Yin grinned as he handed her back the key card. "You'll get it one day."

    Kai cracked a small grin as she quickly thanked him, "Thanks, Mr. Y. You're a real life-saver."

    The old man waved his hand dismissively, his thin legs shaking in strain. He would no doubt be returning back to his room before long. He could only really walk around a few minutes at a time anymore. "Think nothing of it, Miss. Macintosh. Just remember we have a floor meeting this Saturday. Mrs. Moonely is making her famous casserole so be sure to come on by and grab a plate. I know how you college students are tight on money these days."

    Kai practically drooled right on the spot. Mrs. Moonely cooking was literally to die for. There was no way she was going to miss out on that, especially considering the only thing she could afford lately was packaged noodles. "I wouldn't miss it for the world!"

    She watched from her open door as he smiled happily, wished her a good evening, and began to slowly hobble back to his apartment next door. Just having a neighbor like him made living in her rundown apartment a bit more better.

    Softly closing the door, Kia walked into her living-room, dumping her backpack to the floor in the process. Now, it was time to get to business, and by business, she of course meant video games.

    "Hello, my sweet." She whispered picking up the simulator device and hooking it in. Sliding the holo-visor over her eyes, she casually laid on her couch and let out a content sigh. This was her unwinding time. This right here. She missed this all day.

    Logging in, she waited in suspense as she loaded into the world. First came the sounds, then before long, the young woman was seeing through the impishly mischievous eyes of her beloved character, Rouge.

    "Woohoo, I'm back baby!" She exclaimed, fist pumping the air in excitement and accidentally scaring a few players who hadn't noticed her warp in. Both were lower level players, one a level nine and the other a level eight. They were nearly identical in appearance with stark blue hair, and vivid green eyes. They even wore the same clothes, a pair of white and blue robes, fitting of their class. The only difference between the two players was their gender. The girl twin muttered soft curses in Rouge's direction as the boy next to her merely frowned in disapproval.

    "Sorry..." The dual wielder sent the irate players a small apologetic shrug before bolting towards the main area of the Player hub and more importantly the Quest Board. It was high time she tried getting some gold in her pocket. For a level 21, the poor twin blader had less gold than a level 10, which was almost embarrassing. Sometimes she didn't even know where all the money went. Oh wait, yeah she did. It was always gobbled up by her greedy weapons which were an absolute pain to maintain. Don't even get her started on broken arm guards. The blacksmith NPCs nickle and dime for everything.

    Luckily, Rouge was pretty good at getting quests done in rather quick time, so there was a plus. It also helped she was seriously faster than the wind. Well, okay, maybe not exactly the wind, but Rouge was pretty darn fast even among other dual wield types.

    'Maybe I can save enough gold this time to get one of those pets from the emporium?' Now there was a thought. Most pets, even those sold from other players, were 1000 gold each! It would take her months to save enough for one of the common ones.

    Yet, that didn't stop her from dreaming.

    "Alrighty." Rouge whispered, sliding her way in front of the quest board with a grin. There were so many choices, though none of them recommended a player doing it solo.

    Shrugging almost playfully, the red-haired girl ripped off the most dangerous and highest paying bounty from the board. What had her mother always said? The greater the risk, the mightier reward? She could do this, no problem.

    Cockily, her eyes drifted down to the paper and almost immediately squirmed at the words. "Kill Agru the Betrayer?!" She spoke out loud, eyes widening ever so slightly at the name. Oh, boy did that name ring a bell. He was a PKer and one of the Deadly Seven. Practically infamous for his kill count of new players.

    Rouge immediately hated the guy, but she was also smart enough to know she wasn't even in the same league as a player like this, no matter how despicable. He'd have half her health points down after four hits and that was being generous. Maybe she had him at speed, and could dodge him, but his strength was off the charts and it would only be a matter of time before he got his lucky hits in.

    There was no way she could beat someone like this by herself and it wasn't like she could put the bounty back. Rouge had no gold to pay off the cancellation. She would have to find some way to kill the guy.

    "Well..." She tucked the quest scroll into her back pocket, a dry chuckle escaping her lips. "I'm screwed."
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  4. I wonder how I been frosting in this block of ice? 10 years, 20? I lost count... I saw the evolution of the world, from the apocalypse into the rebuilding of the world... My name is Chris and this is where I live now, Venturia 6P-03, the new earth. I was defrost by the government 2 years ago and was adopted by a wealthy couple, more less treated him as an exquisite object. The only reason they like him is because he resembles their past son who left them into another world. I don't know if I should be happy or not, I'm happy to be back but this aren't where I suppose to be... it's because of that freaking metal tube that make stuck in their for years, now I'm stuck in this futuristic world, even now my shirt are made out of spandex. It's a catastrophe living in this world until I found.. Realm online, a virtual MMORPG game which give us the freedom to explore like we're inside, it scan every nerve and thought of our body and digitalized it into coding.

    It was dark and breezy night filled the atmosphere of Chris' room, Chris was just typing with his finger started to going numb before he rest for awhile. Chris was a moderator of a forum, he always work more than 12 hour per day. Chris usually help newbie and always telling guides or faq to people, his faq usually reached over 400 likes, he's also named as the moderator of the year, this year. Chris wasn't proud at the achievement rather the facts that he helped people is what makes him smile. Chris was sitting down in a floating chair similar to sofa but it's an imitation of wool and cotton texture, beside him lies a tall man approximately a 6'5", dark skin more to dark elf and there's a horn in his head. Chris talk softly to the 6'5" dark skinned man, "Alfred would you please hand in my coffee" Alfred is the long service butler in the house, he was an alien that was hired into this house 60 years ago. He was a talented and have an intimidate aura coming from him, everyone afraid of him apart from the family and Chris. Chris was nice to him and treat him softly although sometimes he's bossy. Alfred was impacted by Chris behaviors, he was an arrogant butler until he met Chris, Chris always gave a broad smile to him and doesn't treat him like his real master, Mr. Seymour Kaladze.

    At first Alfred were complaining a lot about his assignment but then again he still kept serving Chris, it start with curiosity of Alfred to Chris, as Chris is an ancient human. Although Alfred was treating him like a lowly graded servant he then finally realized that Chris was a good guy and rare to find such a person in today's life. "Thank you Alfred" Chris smiled to him warmly and took the coffee from the tray. "Master.. you shouldn't take that! let me serve you!" like always Chris wouldn't let his butler to do all the things themselves. "Easy Alfred, I'll not die because of taking the cup right?" he giggled for awhile and drink a sip of the coffee from the acrylic cup with futuristic design. "Alfred do you want to play with me again? I mean onlinely?" Chris stood up and take Alfred's tray away to the bed and make Alfred sat down into the floating chair. "Master excuse me but what if Lor...." Alfred wanted to but Seymour mad at him, and also it's inappropriate for him to be in level with Chris. "Yeah.. yeah Seymour will mad at you but don't worry, I'll protect you from that old man," Chris sat beside him and began to help Alfred wore the nerve gear before putting himself the nerve gear.

    As they dived in, Chris' character began to appear as a strong well built man with the same face as his real life character, and a dark elf with younger face of Alfred. They both are in Guardia but Alfred just recently played and only level 10, Chris' nick is Blizzard while Alfred' nick is Heat. Blizzard hold the laughter which ended up laugh horribly at heat, "Alfred I can't never stop laughing looking your younger looks!" Blizzard points finger at heat while Heat was embarrassed, "Master!" Heat was standing with a stiff expression. Blizzard then chuckled, "well drop the formality, and besides we're in games so we're equal in here." said the legendary clan master. "But why all of the people watching us?" Alfred wasn't know that Chris is the legendary leader of Guardia and the master of PKK. "Let's just say I'm popular in here, now let's find a quest for you," Blizzard and Heat went to the quest board that's filled with people but the all ran away as they look at Blizzard.

    "It's BLIZZARD!" "WHAT?! WE NEED TO GET OUT!" "THAT RED NICK!" everyone was in chaos as soon as saw Blizzard's name. "Master shall I kill them from the real world?I can track their IP and sent some reinforcement..." Alfred was mad that everyone seems to hate Blizzard. "Slow down Alfred, it's my fault anyway, I'm the villain here so let it be..." Blizzard look down as he give a weak smile. Then a furry character appears, it's a healer/priest that have a very rare weapon on her hands, she smiled and said to Heat, "Blizzard is a nice man, so be lucky that you're with him now," she stood beside Blizzard and look at the quest post. Blizzard smiled to her, "Luna Escurde meet me in the Azure Forest, level 1, and dream to be a priest, leave at level 20 to pursue next dream, to get the legendary staff?" Blizzard go into detail and remember when hey first met up until their last day together. Luna gave a slight chuckle to Blizzard and whisper to him, "that's why I love you" Luna then ran and gave Blizzard a chill down to his spine, Heat was curious and asked Blizzard," what did she said?" Blizzard directly take boss job and said to Heat, "Nothing! just a simple talk" Blizzard accidentally take a B rank job which the job recommended for level 17+ player.

    As soon as they arrived they were greeted warmly by the 7'5" three headed dragon more like a serpents, "The hell?! Armania? that's like a B rank! who take the quest!" Blizzard was angry the fact that he himself take the quest, Heat just stand behind him and said to Blizzard, "you.. sir.." Blizzard slapped his face with his hand and said to Heat, "watch my back and make sure you listened to what I said.." Blizzard pull a sword which has Ice element in it. He swiftly keep on changing his side and eventually chopped one of the dragon's neck. "Heat! dodge the breathe after this!" Heat dodge just as he told and attack the leg with a little damage, while Blizzard chopped the other heads and slain it, "great now, to pick up the loot." Blizzard notice an equipment drop, "Dragon Scale armor?" He gave to Heat although heat isn't qualify then He found a hide and a Scroll. "Sweet now we can make a Dragon Pad!" Blizzard became happy and decided to claim reward for the boss quest back in the town.
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  5. "Oh, what am I going to do?" Rouge slumped forward, eyes downcast. A gently wind rolled through the Hub, teasing her short hair and carrying the mouth watering aroma of spices and cooked meat from the Vendor stalls nearby. As if on cue by the smell alone, her character's stomach growled with primal need.

    'Oh man, now I'm hungry too?' She hugged her abdomen, cartoon and comical tears building up in her eyes. She probably had just enough gold to buy half a piece of bread.

    Today was suppose to be a good day, but things seemed to just be getting worse. Maybe she should just call it quits, log out, and drown her tears in a bowl of cup a noodles.

    "That doesn't sound like fun at all..." The young dual wielder was so engrossed in her own internal fit of despair, she did not immediately register the panic and screams behind her until the large group around the quest board was nearly deserted, save for a bare few.

    "It's Blizzard!"

    "No way! That red name.....!" A yell to her right drew the red-head's attention, her eyes wide in shock.

    H-Had they said Blizzard? The Blizzard?

    Before she could even register the very thought, a figure shrouded in black stepped forth, his tall visage recognizable anywhere. At the sight, Rouge's mouth practically fell open in shock as her sharp gaze slowly shifted to his side where a dark elf walked almost protectively. For a single split moment Rouge was almost sure the person at Blizzard's side was female until she got another look and felt her cheeks flush with a small amount of embarrassment.

    'That's just the thing with elf character,' Rouge thought ruefully. 'They're just so pretty, and it didn't help that the player picked a very young looking face as well!'

    As they moved closer, the level 21 audibly gulped hesitantly moving out of the way to make room for the legend. Before long a confident Furry character with a rare-looking staff took her place, eyes sparkling with mirth as she spoke to Blizzard.

    Normally, Rouge would have wandered off by this point, but for some reason the twin-blader's feet refused to move.

    "Blizzard is a nice man, so be lucky you're with him now."

    She blushed crimson with embarrassment at having caught a small tidbit of their conversation and immediately fumbled with the collar of her battle outfit in an attempt to appear busy and eventually, the trio departed leaving behind a crowd of buzzing onlookers.

    "Did you see that?"

    "Yeah, I almost can't believe. That furry priest was kinda hot though."

    "What are you kidding me?!"

    Sighing, Rouge pushed her way through the excited jumble of players and slowly began making her way up towards the teleport hall. As much as she wanted to linger around, the red-head knew she had to somehow start getting started on her quest-even if it was going to be next to impossible, and that meant getting off the home-world.

    There was only one place to go when it involved Pkers and that was The Rift. A dark, raining world that players accessed at level 20. She had only been there a few times, and honestly it was probably the most shadiest and suspicious place she had ever been to. Especially when she traveled alone. It was the literal underbelly of Realm Online; full of money grubbers, suspicious peddlers, and of course the two Guilds: Black Hand and Hall of Knifes.

    As much as she loathed the place, it was the main hive of information. If her bounty wasn't there, then she would certainly be able to find someone to point her in the right direction with a little bit of persuasion.

    That was of course, so long as she didn't get killed first. There were no safe shields on Rift like the Hub. Anyone could be pked at any time.

    'Still, maybe I could get some food there? The vendors are slime rats for sure, but for the most part it's relatively cheaper than here.' She thought, placing her hand lightly on the glowing blue access gate. In a matter of moments of her touch, the teleported glowed, engulfing her in blue light as an untraceable wind wound around her frame and ruffled her clothes and hair.

    The sensation brought a feeling of fluttery butterflies to her hungry stomach.

    'Here goes nothing.' Just as she thought that, Rouge world changed.
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