The Realm of Rathgaria (A one x one adaptation)

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  1. So, due to the fact I am doing this from a PS Vita, I can't really make a link. But fortunately, Rathgaria is a very unquie name. At least on here. So the OOC thread should be easy to find.
  2. :) Okay, I read it
  3. All right. So I'm gonna have my cjharacter change to a Demon male. (Cant really post a full cs from a vita :p)
  4. Okay, I can do a female angel or a normal hero depending on what you want
  5. OMG sorry I haven't been on. My vita died then I got tied up with stuff irl.

    Umm... Whatever you want. Angel, hero,anything is fine by me.
  6. xD It is all good, I was asleep when you posted sorry, I think I will do a hero :3
  7. Ok. So what race do you think you'll be?
  8. I think a wood elf would be cool.
  9. All right, what spirit animal do you think?
  10. I would like it to be an eagle :)
  11. All right, last couple of things for us both to figure out.
    1. Do fight on the same or opposite sides? (Or does that ever change?)
    2. What weapons/ syle of fighting do we use?
    3. Do our characters know eachother before this, or do they meet eachother?

    I already got my weapon,a viscious looking whip covered in thorns and summoning magic.
  12. I think a Wood Elf on the side of the Angels would work best don't you think?

    My character will use two clawed weapons that go on her hands

    I don't really know the answer to that, but I think it would be cool if they did
  13. All right, so, tell me if you like this idea.
    We start off on opposite sides. You on Angel,me on Demon. We fight in a neutral territory because you see me and..well. I'm a demon. (if you wanna know what I look like, loom up TERA Castanic Male) But after fighting a bit, we realize the war is pointless because (insert reason here) and we try to stop whichever side is lyng just so they can keep the war going.
  14. Hmmm....That sounds good to me.
  15. All right...I think thats everything for the most part. Shall we start?
  16. Mhhh That sounds good Should I start? Or you?
  17. Either way.
  18. I kind of suck at laying the foundation, so you can go ahead
  19. All right.
  20. Veran (my characters name) Sat on a bench in a bar within the capital of the forests. He was drinking a cocktail. As he sat there, he looked around. There were many different people here. Forest Naga sat at a table with a Wood Elf waitress serving them meals. At another, a dwarf sat with a pair of Humans next to him. He could almost feel them staring hate gazes at him. He contiued looking. A rare Ocean Naga female sat only two seats from him. While a Forest Naga spoke to her. Veran returned to his drink, downing it and then asking for another.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.