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The realm of Imaginaria

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by RockettStarr, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. The realm of Imaginaria


    Little children speak of this land, parents dream that it exists, a world so perfect, so sublime so innocent. What the parents and children do not know, is that this "perfect world" is not so perfect after all. It's the year 2574, scientists have discovered that another realm exists beyond there's, there only question is, how do you get there. About 500 years ago a child at about the age of 5 went there, but she never returned. Police thought her missing, and nothing more, but what she was really doing was creating a world, building it, in her mind, in her eye's. Her parents were cruel, always beating her and ignoring her, she found a portal too this world, but when she got there this world was blank, it had not had yet a creator, so she took the Job. The realm grew, plentiful and beautifully, forests grew, anything from towns to meadows, to oceans began to spring up, all by the hands of a 5 year old girl. Some call this girl the goddess of wonder, others and angel, but yet she is neither. After the girl had finished her creation of land and sea, she started with species, she created many, man, woman, child. anything a child would dream of in a fairy tale was in this land. Whence she finished she was proud, she stood back too look at her creation. "Perfect!" She said. "All it needs is a ruler." The species of this land, seeing as how she created all of them, she should rule. So she did just that, The realm was in perfect condition for what seemed like a lifetime, but this girl did age, as did her imagination, she went through fazes. Dark,mysterious, barren lands started to appear in this realm, more species grew as she did. Her imagination stopped at 17, and she stayed impure evil, witchy. Her species that had started this land were now nothing, they still lived, but not happily, they had become low-class, in today's society, useless, and ugly. The Queen as she had began too call herself grew a hatred for these that she created at 5. Her new creations were her love, her life. Evil, yes, but they loved her and she loved them. Her new creations vowed too stand by her side, no matter what, they would listen too her every command conquer what ever direction she pointed in. This is exactly what they did, the realm began to fight within itself, Species against species, it was a terrible battle, her older creations, had no one to fight beside them, no one too guide them, no way too defend themselves. They lost, in a matter of months, the land was destroyed every land. The queen had no choice too rebuild, but she rebuilt in a new eye, no more of this childish, meadows and perfect lands. The Queen began to rebuild, but a sense of her goodness peaked out and she created magnificent cities, beautiful oceans and meadows once again grew form the ashes of the once destroyed land. This is what she changed, her followers, whoever they choose to be, were to guard every land, every city, they were everywhere, even the oceans had guards. She was watching everything, and everyone, very few followed the queen, but some did submit too her. She valued those that did and they lived wealthy in her beautiful city. Some of those that do not follow also live wealthy in her city, but they had to work for it, hard and long. The creations that do not follow still wish too defeat her and bring her back to her once young and loving state. They wish to if nessicary demote her from being queen, they look for a new creator, a new Queen a new King. They wish to start over, whether they all be destroyed form this battle or they come too an agreement, as long as the realm goes back too it's once happy state, The realm's livings will be at peace.

    So to sum this up in a shorter way, The species that were created by this girl at the age of 5, wish to bring the woman back to were she once was, happy and loving of all.

  2. Lands
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    The meadows of Patari- These meadows were create dafter the war, they are very plentiful and have many small town that are in here. This Land in the realm is not very big, so many of the ones that reside here are all connected in some way, whether it be by marriage, family, or family friends. The only species that live here are ones that can survive on land for extended amounts of time.

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    Imagitopalis-This is the Queens city, it is very flourishing and beautiful, only the wealthy live here, it is full of big buildings, bright lights,money, and of course the Queen. It has a part in the city were the wealthy water living species lives, it is more like a Atlantic city in that part. any species can live here. There are poorer parts of the city that the "Middle-class" live in, but a majority of it is, a beautiful city.

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    Festaria- This is the forest part of the land, many of the wildlife lives in the part, but there is a small village that resides with it, The village is far up in the trees, many can not see the village if they do not know of it's whereabouts. There is a swamp here as well, but only those that can survive in it's harsh conditions can live in it.

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    Barentafilis-This is the Baren part of the realm, the ones that reside here don't care for the Queen either but they don't want to fight her, they are more loners than anything, they choose to live here. This land is still covered in has from the war, and still has no wildlife, or ways for survival so those that live here is a wonder how they survive, most have to go to different parts of the realm for food or for anything they need. There are "homes" here but they must be built by the ones that lives in them.

    Created at the age of 5-15

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    Mertarians - they were created too live in the oceans, to make it perfect. They were not her first creation, in fact they were her last, They were created on her 15th birthday. She wanted friends to join her in the water, so she created them. they are friendly, but tricky. The are very beautiful and can blend in with their surroundings. They fought in the war too try and keep the ocean clean and there. They lived but not very many.

    Their abilities consist of seeing underwater, swimming in deep waters, breathing is deep waters. They can breath above land but only for a short amount of time.

    Their Appearance can consist of being either scaly or very latexy and slimy. Their eye's are bright and hair is bright and ussualy shiny. They have tails like fish, their fingers are webbed and their ears look like fins. They have fish like teeth, not so much shark, more of like a modern day bass.

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    Wood Elves -They live in the Forest's of course, they are very agile and very tall ussualy They were created when the queen was 13, she wanted someone to keep the woods alive and green, and too care for the animals that live in the forest. The can hide in the trees and ussualy stay in the trees. The only come out to find food or if they have matters too tend too elsewhere in the realm. Most of the Wood elves survived in the war, only because they reside in the trees and most of the Queens Guards cannot climb trees

    Their abilities consist of speaking with the animals, ability to maneuver in tress, easily. Very good with a bow and arrow. ability to "Speak" With trees. This is more of a Avatar type thing, the trees don't really talk. Can see in the dark.

    Their appearance is ussualy a dark skin, pointy ears. The rest of their features are very human, Their eye's are usually more of cat eye's. They ussualy have long hair, dark colors.

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    Farsi- The Farsi's were created when the queen was 6 she created them too be her little friends. They live anywhere in the realm except Barentafilis, it is too dark for them. The only major role they play is that they help with the vegetation and smaller animals. They ussualy live in small homes in trees or in any place you would see a small animal living.

    Their abilities consist of very basic magic, they can work with the four elements and communicate with small animals.
    Their appearance is ussualy very small, bright sparkly wings, they are very pretty, ussualy in some form of a dress.

    (All of the above Races can also be dark and then whatever the race is, but it has too be a more evil side, so you won't be able to be dark, but still be nice, if you are Dark, you work with queen, or are a "Loner")

    After the age of 17

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    Filion's- This race is what you ussualy see guarding the queen, they are more animal like then anything else. they were created for exactly what they do, to serve and guard the Queen. They are mean and ussualy do whatever they want. The only one they ever answer too is the Queen. They were the first thing that The Queen created when she changed the world. They live anywhere and everywhere, except in the oceans, and swamp areas.

    Their abilities are whatever that animal that they are have normally and brute strength.
    Their appearance is very animal like.

    (If you choose to play as this race you must be anatomically correct when typing, Tails, claws, etc. If you do not understand this then Pm me and I will explain it)

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    Filitooth- These are the Swamp residing race, they are very mean and ruthless, they are very tricky and love to make bargains. Some live in the oceans, but not very many. They were created to just be mean and purely that, the Queen really had no real goal for them.

    Their abilities are ussualy consisting of ability too see underwater and to swim very well. They can breathe above water but only for about an hour or so.

    Their appearance ussualy consists of dark skin and fins for ears, they have claws and dark eye's their hands and feet are webbed. They are somewhat tall. Their hair is ussualy dark.

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    Vampric- These are very evil, they are blood drinkers and ussualy only come out at nigh, they do come out during they day but they are ussualy wearing some sort of cloak to hide their face. Some are considered fallen angels because they have wings and a lesser urge of blood. They were the final thing created and only created to help in the war. They are ussualy very seductive

    Their abilities consist of swiftness, ability too see in the dark. Some use of dark magic, for fallen angels the ability too fly.

    Their appearance consist of dark or pale skin, their eye's are cat like or very dark. They are tall and very thin.

    (All of these races can also be good, or in the Queens eye's rebels)

    Other: You can also play a human child, that some how finds this realm and wants too help, however if you do this, you must, in you character sheet for other put how you you found the realm. You may have children if you wish, I do not recommend it, but it is allowed.

    SPECAIL: For those interested, you may submit a character sheet to me through Pm if you want too play as the Queen, no this won;t make you the per-say God of the role play, but I like to give the opportunity, other wise I will be playing the Queen.

    No God-modding
    No Gary or Mary sue
    All Iwaku rules Apply
    No controlling other character beside your own
    No sex scenes, if it happens either fade to black or use a spoiler alert

    You may die of assassination or of other reasons so I would make more than one character.

    I will post the character sheet next XD


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  3. Character Sheet:
    Name: What do yo wish too be called
    Age: can not be older then 656
    Gender: are you male or female.
    Check one: [] with the queen
    []Against the Queen
    Occupation: Anywhere from assasin to school teacher.
    Lands you reside in: where do you live
    Race: What are you
    Appreacne: Image and small description
    Personality: What is your Charecter like
    History: tell what your charecters life has been through, wether it be the war, whatever
    Other: anything else should know about your character.

    If You have any questions Pm me and I will be glad too ansrew them for you XD​
  4. Character
    Name: Luna Fertif
    Age: 123
    Gender: Female
    Check one: [] with the queen
    [X]Against the Queen
    Occupation: Works in the meadow as a polinator
    Lands you reside in: The meadows of Patari
    Race: Farsi
    Luna is very small, about the size of a pigeon, she has a tattoo of the sun on the top of her hand and the moon on the other.
    Personality: Luna is very nice, she is willing to do anything fro someone, even if they are mean too her, she belives that you should treat people with kidness no matter what they do or have done, they all desrev respect and a kind person in their lives.
    History: Luna lived through the war, she was a close friend too the Queen, she was the first fairy to be kicked out of the Queens life, She helped in the war by, healing the wounded and the animals, keeping everyone alive and trying too make sure that everyone was okay, she helped with food, She never once hide from the battle, she was in the middle of the war at one point, another Fairy was wounded and needed to be brought back to the healing station, his name was Robert, they ended up getting married.
    Abilities/Powers: Luna can talk to small animals and heal wounded with a magical fairy dust made from various flower pollens
    Other: She can not have children
    Name: Maximum Star
    Age: 300
    Gender: Male
    Check one: [X] with the queen
    []Against the Queen
    Occupation: Guard and messenger for the Queen
    Lands you reside in: Imagatopolis
    Race: Fillion
    Appreacne: [​IMG]
    Maximum, is very tall, about 6'8. He has a scar over his left breast, from the war. Carries around a whip with him and a knife
    Personality: Maximum is very mean, he dose not take no for an answer and can be very ruthless, if he is ordered to do something, he does it, with no questions asked, he is very loyal too the Queen and will do anything to make her happy.
    History: Maximum was one of the first of his kind, he fought along side the queen in the war, making sure no one touched her and killed many, he is not very liked because of this reason, he has a girlfriend but she is not spoken of by any.
    Abilities: Brute strength, very stealthy
    Other: N/A

  5. Character Sheet:
    Name: Xeriphi (Zair-ih-fee)

    Age: 197

    Gender: male

    Check one: [] with the queen
    [x]Against the Queen

    Occupation: Assassin

    Lands you reside in: Imagitopalis

    Race: Vampiric

    Appearance: pale skin, gray eyes, short black hair, tall
    Personality: Mostly quiet and keeps to himself, has trust issues

    History: Xeriphi was born in imagitopalis. His family was a cold one, but they were neither for the queen or against her. They refused to fight in the war, so they were executed. Xeriphi was spared only because he was just a small child. He remembers what happened and hates the queen for it. He has wanted her dead ever since. To sate his thirst for blood and to get as close to the queen as possible, he became an assassin.

    Abilities: can see in the dark, amazing strength, some dark magic (i.e. can summon the dead and dark creatures)

    Other: N/A


    Name: Ialiri Rosethorn (E-uh-leer-E)

    Age: 411

    Gender: female

    Check one: [] with the queen
    [x]Against the Queen

    Occupation: Hunter
    Lands you reside in: Festaria

    Race: Wood Elf

    Appearance: purple skin, dark purple hair, skinny and tall, beautiful
    Personality: very kind but is fierce when she needs to be, loves nature and being outside, can be stubborn at times

    History: Ialiri fought in the war against the queen with her entire family. She lost many loved ones, but has stayed strong in hopes for peace again. She has stayed in Festaria ever since then, and has never left. One day she hopes to leave and see the world again, but she cannot seem to bring herself to leave behind the rest of her family. Her father tried to marry her off many times, but Ialiri refused each suitor. She just did not like any of them.

    Abilities: can talk to trees and see in the dark, uses a bow and arrow skillfully

    Other: has a pet fox named Onen that follows her everywhere

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