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  1. Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
    Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—
    While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
    As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
    “’Tis some visitor,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door—
    Only this and nothing more.”

    -Edgar Allan Poe

    In the small town of Red Cliff, CO, life remains constant. With a total population slightly less than 275, the most excitement they ever have is tourists stopping through to see the somewhat infamous Red Cliff Bridge. Otherwise, life is simple in this mountain town. With a grand total of three police officers, crime is practically nonexistent save the occasional shoplifting kid who rarely gets more than a slap on the wrist and a couple hours in the cell.

    Change is not a welcome factor in this small town.


    June 21, 2010
    Tragedy strikes as a family of three is found dead in their own home in Red Cliff, CO. The town, unaccustomed and rather unprepared for the prospect of murder, is thrown into a small chaos. The sheriff, with his two deputies, called in assistance from the police department in Beaver Creek. There was no nefarious explanation, as the department quickly deduced that an animal had found its way into the home and attacked the family. The town quickly returned to a normal way of life.

    June 21, 2012
    Tragedy strikes once again as a single man is found dead at his own doorstep in Red Cliff, CO. The man's injuries, both fatal and nonfatal, are obviously the work of the same animal that struck exactly two years ago. The sheriff decided that assistance was not necessary. The incident, while strangely on the same day as the previous attack, was the obvious work of an animal. He cautioned the citizens to make sure their houses are secure at night.

    June 21, 2014
    Suspicions rise when a single mother and her three children are found dead, maimed by the same animal as before. The sheriff, realizing that this was too coincidental, called in the department from Beaver Creek. They came to the same conclusion as before; an animal had attacked. They left believing the case to be closed. The quiet little town of Red Cliff, CO, has quickly been strained with tension by this mysterious animal.

    June 21, 2015
    A single woman is rushed to Beaver Creek Hospital, having been found maimed and close to death. The woman initially survived thanks to emergency surgeries. After being questioned by police, the sheriff's suspicions are proven correct. The woman, while unable to describe what or who attacked her, made it clear that there had been something or someone knocking on her door. The last she remembered was answering it. Three days later, the woman passed away from internal bleeding missed by the doctors.

    December 21, 2015
    Four days before Christmas, the sheriff receives a damning letter. The letter, written in nearly illegible handwriting, gave a bone-chilling warning.
    One of you will die each week. Good luck trying to find me.
    The letter was signed "The Raven," likely after Edgar Allan Poe's famous poem.
    The sheriff attempted to call in the Beaver Creek police department, but he found that all the phones--cellular or otherwise--were without service. Sending one of his deputies to get help, it wasn't long before he found the poor man dead inside their only police vehicle that had crashed into a tree.
    Leaving the town was quickly deduced to be impossible. Contact with the outside world equally so, as there weren't even tourists passing through now.
    The quiet citizens have been trapped ever since, and food is slowly dwindling.


    This is the concept I have going. I'll be filling in details if we get to an OOC. Our characters will all be citizens, and one of you lucky people will be chosen to be The Raven.
    Characters will die.
    This is an adept to advanced roleplay.
    Please post in this thread if you are interested.

  2. So, what would be the objective of the RP? To catch the Raven/find who it is? I think it's a great idea and setting, but like all murder mystery RPs, it could be very difficult to carry out if the Raven's player is describing murdering people... I mean, we'll instantly know who the murderer is and it'll be really hard to RP catching them without meta-ing.
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  3. @Karakui I'll be posting it to keep it anonymous, if that makes sense. They'll send me their post, and I'll post it in-thread. Technically speaking, one of my characters could be the murderer as well.
  4. Oh, I see. That could work, except for writing style. Some people do have very unique styles, so I'd recommend writing them out in your own style first.
  5. Sounds fun. Count me in
  6. This actually sounds really interesting, and I am definitely interested in this.
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  7. I'm interested as well.
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  8. I am pretty interested as well. I enjoy me some murder mysteries.
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  9. I think with five showing interest, I can start up the OOC! I shall have it up by Saturday, though it will very likely be sooner than that. I just want to give myself a buffer just in case.
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