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  1. I'm searching for someone to do a boy x boy with a very cruel demon. I'll give you the plot line and what it's like but I really want a cruel demon. I really want to see how it will work with an evil demon. Please someone over 18

    The demons are the ones that control this world. Humans used to control the earth before the demons came out. The demons found a way to get all demons to earth and now is totally controlling the planet. There are only a few places the Demons don't usually go... One is the Odd Ball Forest. This place is where The creatures other than demon's themselves reside. The demons don't usually like this place. It has Werewolves, witches, Some humans, elves and some more. Vampires are with the demons but demons don't even like vampires. When the day came and the Demons came to earth everyone was pushed away. No one was really aloud to do anything without the Demons knowing. The Fallen angels were the ones also stuck on earth. The fallen angels were the rebellious. The Fallen angels did whatever they wanted. The fallen didn't want the demons to take over but they couldn't do anything about it. After the first few years of the demons control the fallen were disappearing one by one. No one knows who is doing it and where they are. A lot of the other mythical creatures believe it is the demons that is making the Fallen disappear. There are now not as many Fallen in the world. there may be 20 of them in the world but no one knows for sure. When the Fallen were disappearing the demons figured out a way to capture a Fallen and keep it like a pet. You can use a metal called the Honin. It is a blue-silver color metal that restrains and make sure the fallen cant use its powers. The demons are now trying to find and capture all fallen and enslave them so they can be like one of the ones that have the now rare creatures.

    I would like if someone put a profile on with this info.

    Race:(for you what kind of demon)
    Personality:(I want to know what kind of person the demons gonna be)

    If I like it we will start a new thread and we can start.
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