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  1. Name: Sophia Walker
    Title: The Creator of the Virtual World
    Age: 34
    Status: Divorced
    Appearance: (open)
    Sophia was an a bit above-average, but never the less she was an attractive young woman. She prefered long hair, and personally she had black hair. She had light brown eyes, and a slim but slightly toned figure. Most people failed to realize she was a geek or nerd. But she could be considered a genius, and a true genius at that as she was completing college by the time she was 18, not high school. At her older teen years, and early twenties she was quite a looker. So it was no surprise that she managed to steal a guy, and make them her husband. Still, she did not truly smile in her early life till she was holding baby Sara. Then she could always be found smiling. She was truly happy, and she did not care if her daughter was not perfect. Her daughter, was her baby, and nothing would change that fact.

    It is why in the game world she did not create her avatar till her daughter picked her own. If her daughter liked slime-girls then Sophia would happy make her avatar a slime. She choice purple as her main slime-color, and gave her avatar beautiful ocean-blue eyes to go with the purple. Since Sophia liked long hair she choice to make her avatar have it down to her knee-caps past her butt. She would have her hair that long in real life, but she knew realistically it would be a nightmare to keep up with, and take care of it. She did make her hair a darker purple so it wont just look like the rest of her body. Beyond that, no one needed to know that she turned her small C cups in real life into small D cups in the game. She felt they were a great size in real life with not being too big or small, and yet still quite eye-catching. But in the game she wanted them to be a bit more eye-catching than normal. As she was the creator of the game, and it may be a bit self-center...but did not want to just be a 'pretty face' in her world, but THE pretty face in the world. So she wanted to make herself look even better in the game. A least going by models, and such she seen on tv.

    She knew that tended to be by surgery, or such. But she still would like a few players in the game to admire her avatar, and not just compare her to other players. Most of all, Sophia loved her daughter, and was not ashamed about her. So she made her avatar a non-virgin, and even added the fact she had a 'daughter' into the lore of her character. And yes, since she made the game where everyone had nearly unlimited customization options other players can also design such beautiful avatars, but most people wont put the effort into it. It also meant she could had a few other details to her avatar such as making it where her avatar had cute yet unique sensitive ears. Or that her entire slime tasted like milk with a comment in the 'lore' that she fed her daughter milk by letting her daughter suck her finger. She had to be careful with what exactly she put in the lore since other players could read it, and some may not be mature enough to be reading things about topics like nipples, or such.

    Even the 'non-virgin' part she had to word it so that it was suggested, but not out right stated. She would add some other details like a sensitive spot being above her butt at her lower back, or making her 'tongue' a bit more unique. If anyone caught that part they would understand easily enough once they catch the part that her avatar was design to be a pure lesbian. But in real life Sophia was Bi-sexual. This was also why she wrote that her avatar was unable to get pregnant by any male, and that only another slime-girl could get her pregnant even among the females of the other races. Sophia did have to agree with her daughter that baby slimes were quite cute. And she personally found it amusing that most games consider slimes some of the weakest creatures yet the creator, and the creator's daughter were making it their race. Still, Sophia wished she really was in her avatar body as one of the benefits was she did not have to worry about removing any hair like she did in real life.
    Bio: (open)
    Sophia grew up proving she was a genius. Skipping grades, making her teachers look stupid, winning rewards, and mastering anything she spent time on, but she found she had a love for technology. So she worked till she became the top programmer in the world. She even meet the love of her life, Dan. Dan went to college to become at IT security specialist, and that meant he helped her work on securing her work. They really hit it off while spending time together, and Sophia was so happy when she gave birth to her daughter. They were not sure what happen, if something went wrong with the pregnancy, or if something happen when Sophia went into labor. But their daughter was quite sick, and appeared to be in a coma-related state. Sophia was horrified of course, but she still loved her daughter. Sophia however was shocked when her husband consider their daughter a mistake, and suggest they 'try again'. He said a few other things that she hoped her daughter never learned about.

    Nevertheless, that was one less marriage in the world. She only grew angry when she thought about the last thing her husband said to her. So she did not regret the divorce, but she did not regret the marriage either simply because she got Sara out of it. And would never trade her daughter for anything. Sophia was a real genius, and could get anything she wanted in life. So money, jewelry, other objects, etc. None of that matter to Sophia. If she wanted it, she would get it. There was no 'dreaming' about it. Some people say a person does not treasure something till they lost it, and Sophia could agree with it. She did not really care about all the shit she could get. So no, she would not trade her daughter even for the entire world. As the one thing Sophia could not get is family. A least not a real family. She may had grew up a genius, but she was a orphan, and never knew her parents. So her daughter was really the most important part of her life now. As a genius she was able to create a machine that would let her access her daughter's conscious. It was the first successful use of a real virtual program. Her daughter may not be able to interact with the real world, but that would not stop Sophia from teaching her daughter mentally about the world. She had to hire some doctors, and researchers, and do some research herself, but she mainly focus on the technology side of things.

    Money was not really a issue considering as a genius, and the world's best programmer she could do some high-paying jobs easily enough. So she would hire a research group to look into possibly bringing her daughter out of her coma, and curing her of any other issues. But Sophia was not going to put all her eggs in one basket, and so she was working on improving her virtual software. She was going to create the most complicated game in the history of mankind. A actual virtual world. Not a virtual box, but an actual world. Something on the size of their actual planet, but a game world. It took a few years, and the most money ever spent on a game due to mainly paying for enough workers to get this done in a timely fashion, but she succeeded. It was suggested that she not create full senses to avoid anyone forgetting which is the real world, but since this was Sophia backup plan if no cure could be made to free her daughter. Well, she wanted her daughter to experience the world even if it is one Sophia creates. The day she hooked her daughter up, and could let Sara experience a world beyond them, or the doctors. Well, it made Sophia feel better about not having a cure for her daughter yet.

    Nothing was worse than knowing her daughter needed help, and not being able to give it. She knew some people question her choice. Why not focus her genius on curing her daughter instead of creating a virtual world game? The answer was she had focus on technology over the years, and so what sounded better? Waiting a few years to enjoy a virtual world? Or waiting 50 years to enjoy the real world, but realizing you already lost half your lifespan, and so only had so many years to enjoy the world? Personally, Sophia felt even if the virtual world was fake. That it was better for her daughter to enjoy nearly an entire lifespan of a fake world than half her life in a hospital, and the rest in the real world. And that 'second' option was only a choice if you assume her daughter would live the entire 100 years humans can live on average. But considering that was with no medical complications, and her daughter was already in a coma....even with the advances of technology Sophia doubted her daughter would live long enough to enjoy a cure. As simply put the cure may be easier than creating a virtual world, but only if Sophia had not already spent her entire childhood and teen years focusing on technology. As it would take her some years to become the leading doctor in the world. To push for the breakthrough she needed for her daughter.

    Yes, Sophia did have to study the mind. But if she focus on the cure she would need to learn not just the mind, but the rest of the body, and so forth. And since it's not an area she had any real experience in it would take years to catch up. Then learn further things so that she was better than the current doctors. In the end, Sophia limited the sense, but she made sure her daughter could experience all sense to a least a small level. As some people wanted Sophia to block off a entire sense such as smell. Not to mention the complication of giving smell, texture, a entire world. So in the end, Sophia focus on the main things that would matter to her daughter. Such as enjoying the air against her skin, the taste of various foods, the touch of her mother, and so forth. Although, since Sophia did teach her daughter using the prototype of the virtual program...well her daughter did get to experience some things already. But not on the level of this world. There was a big difference after all considering other children around her daughter's age also enter the game. So her daughter could actually make freinds! She could be seen as any other person in the game as no one needed to know how status in the real world.

    It was a great breakthrough also as this meant Sophia could get other sick people in the game to enjoy some life despite being stuck in the hospital. As for the actual game. Sophia had talked with her daughter about it, and so she made it where her daughter 'final' race would be the Queen of Slimes with hidden additions of her daughter entering goddess territory. To make this 'fair' she put out more expensive packages for players to buy that would come with a custom-made race design by the company that no one else could have. It be truly unique. It was a bit unfair since this meant the rich people would get the professionally made custom-made unique races. But Sophia felt the designers did deserve to get paid more for a unique race considering all that work gone into it. And the poorer players could make their own cool race if they knew programming, and even then the pre-built customization allowed for hundreds of options so everyone had to try really hard to make a copy of another players race. She also added 'world-class items' that could give even a weak player a chance against the strongest.

    For herself, and a play on her daughter's choice. She choice to make her final race the Slime-Goddess with a hidden additional evolution. She thought it was fitting since she was Sara's mother, and the creator of the game. There was 9 categories for stats, and once Sophia worked her avatar to her final evolution, and reached the max-level of 100. She had her stats arrange as: 40 (10 cheats, 50) HP, 75 (25 cheats, 100) MP, 70 (10 cheats, 80) P.Attack, !100! P.Defense, 45 (5 cheats, 50) Agility, 100 Magic Attack, 70 Magic Defense, 100 Resistance, and 100 special ability. For a total of 700 points plus 50 cheat points. This meant Sophia was slower, but hard to damage, yet capable of using physical or long-range magic attacks. She did not need a lot of HP either if she was hard to damage, and this did mean if she was damage that focusing slightly more on magic attack than physical would be the best choice. This way she wont be to hurt by lacking some magical defense against other mages. She figure the best way to relate those points was 70 Magic Defense meant her magic defense was what is expected of a level 70 player. Yet her Agility really only compared to a level 50 player. Or more accurately a level 50 monster.

    That however was just her stat points. As a Slime-Goddess her main ability is to turn half of any physical damage into HP, and 1/3 of any Magical damage into a equal amount of HP and MP. It was something she put in place to amuse her when someone starts 'gloating' about damaging her only to realize physical damage was basically useless, and defeating her with magic was possible but was going to be a long and difficult battle due to it not damaging her as much and making her stronger at the same time. That is assuming they get through her high-defense in the first place. That, and a small sadist part of her made it where her slime was acid to anyone that tried to touch her unless they were a female slime. Since obviously she wants a hot slime to be touching her.... So not only someone would not damage her with physical attacks, but they end up hurting their self. 10% of their entire HP sounded like a good number to Sophia. As for her actual race. It looked like something up these lines:

    Stats with Bonus:
    50 HP, 100 MP, 80 P.Attack, Exceeded 100 P.Defense, 50 Agility, Exceeded 100 Magic Attack, 70 Magic Defense, 100 Resistance, and 100 Special.

    A Holy Slime: (15)
    A Heavenly Slime: (10)
    A Celestial Slime (5)
    A Slime Goddess: (10)
    Ascended Deity of Earth: (5)

    *Total of 45 in Race*

    Warlock: (10/10) *Each point is worth 10 levels. So a basic level 100 Wizard*

    Elementalist (Ground): (10/10)
    The New Gaea: (5/5) *Pushes Physical defense over limit. Each point is worth 20 levels. A level 100 Gaea*

    Sorcerer: (10/10)
    Illusionist: (5/5)

    Warlord: (5/10 with 5 cheats, 10/10) *Level 100 Warlord*
    Commander: (0/10 plus 5 cheats, 5/10) *Level 50 Commander*

    Monk: (0/10 with 10 cheats, 10/10)
    Martial Lord: (0/10 with 10 cheats, 10/10)
    Ki Master (Physical/Spiritual): (0/20 with 20 cheats, 20/20)

    Noble Goddess: (10/10)

    *Total of 55 points in Job. Plus 50 cheat. For a final total of 105 points in Jobs*

    The truth was as a Slime goddess further enhanced by her unique 'Ascended Deity of Earth' race status: She was basically consider two different goddesses. The Goddess of Slimes, and the Goddess of the Earth. This means despite her Warlock job, and thus being able to do a variety of magic. She however specialized in earth magic. 300 spells is the max limit for spells unless someone gets a special ability or item to expand the limit. In her case 'New Gaea' job class did let her use any earth related magic without using up one of her 300 slots. The first half was 150 spells that focus on healing, holy, light, buffs, debuffs, curses, etc. This meant she had about 150 'other' spells for scrying, teleportation, communication, illusions, wards, etc. Most of her 300 spells were for support, field, or party-spells. It was important to know the 'holy' part came because she made her avatar a 'good' goddess with a Karma rating of 300 with 500 being 'an angel' and -500 being the devil. She would had made it 500, but...well she may be good, but she had a limit such as if someone dared try to harm her daughter.

    Her Ascended Deity of Earth race status gave a boost to her physical defense pushing her over the limit, and an affinity with all living creatures or animals. Not enough to control the animals or creatures, but enough that she is consider 'friendly' unless she attacks them first. The reason this was considered a perk on top of the boost to physical defense was because this included all living creatures including supernatural ones like dragons. She had to have Ascended Deity of Earth before she could unlock the spells that came with the New Gaea job class. Keeping in mind that none of this includes any magical items she uses, and she can at the very least match any other top-players in the game. Her personal NPC was, Layla, a sexy fox-girl. She was level 100 but with 0 points in race. She then put 10 in the Monk job, 10 more points in Martial Lord job, and 20 to max out Ki-Master job. 10 more went to Wizard, and a extra 10 went into Summoning. That left 40 plus 40 cheat points for more jobs. Layla was a professional (10 points) at general, cooking, cleaning, farmer, blacksmith, armor smith, weapon-smith, and craftsman. Fighting ability? She was made to focus on hand to hand attacks with speed, and high defenses. But little magic beyond summoning, and the magic that may come from one of her jobs. Nor a lot of specials. Her stats look like with using 60 Cheat points: 60 HP, 80 (50+30 cheats) MP, 100 P.Attack, 100 P.Defense, 100 (95 + 5 cheats) Agility, 50 (45 plus 5 cheat points) Magic Attack, 100 Magic Defense, 100 Resistance, and 70 (50 + 20 cheats) Special.

    Overall, Sophia was quite proud of her avatar, her world, her npc, and most of all her daughter. She knew her daughter considered the real world to be the fake world do to everything that happens in the game world. Not that Sophia blamed the girl as even if Sara did get cured she would have to deal with a world that she basically had to work to survive, and comparing that to a world where she was a Queen, powerful, rich, and as sexy as she wishes to be....well the real world simply sucked, or a least was very boring in comparison. Not to mention even if Sara was cured she would have to spend probably a few years to recover from being in the hospital for her entire life to that point...and this is not considering the worse-case situation of something happening to Sophia. A bit depressing thinking, but true nevertheless. Not to mention no one in the real world would let a 13 year old control a navy of over 500 ships. Or 45,000 people....Sophia was glad that part of her studies was about the mind as that helped her improve the AI program of the game. She spent the most time on Aria, and Layla's AI though.

    Now that she gots the game going. She could help her daughter improve the guild, give some updates to the overall game, and focus on her 'final' project. As Sophia watched anime to get ideas for her game, and there were a few animes or shows about people being trapped in a game, or a game becoming real. It got Sophia thinking...she was not really a goddess so creating a universe was impossible. But people have theories about other dimensions, and if she could figure out how to locate one made out of data....similar to the digimon world...then she could 'send' their conscious or souls, and general data into this world...and it basically be granting them their avatar bodies, and abilities...since she can manipulate data. They have worked on sending data through space so there was an area to start with sending data through such long-range. was something Sophia felt she could pull off. And the rewards would be a lot better than focusing on a cure. She already created a digital world of her own if she wanted to get technical about it...

    However if she was going to pull it off she needed to think this through fully. First, she needed to make sure there was nothing in their lore, or the guild they would regret becoming real. Sophia had to consider becoming a slime-girl after all, and the possible consequences. Secondly, if they take the guild with them then that was going to be over 40,000 mouths to feed...maybe stock up in the game with food, and then go from there in the new world? As the creator of the game she could even cheat, and add stuff to her supplies as an Admin. She already gave them both a extra 50 points to stats, and jobs so that give them a edge even if they run into other players. Thirdly, she had to consider corrupt data, evil beings, and other threats in the new world. If their 'lore' became reality....then she could add a few things without messing with the data of the game. Such as saying royal or deity level slimes were immune to mind-related effects even by world-class items, illusions, and seals. Maybe something about how they're the type of slimes that require little food, sleep, etc. Maybe a few other benefits such as stating they were immortal due to being goddess, and would only resurrect if someone did manage to kill them. If someone actually manage to kill her daughter even tempoeary...well she make it where her daughter will come back with a permanent boost.

    Fourth, she needed to make sure there be no problems in the real world such as making their 'room' catch on fire to destroy their bodies and such after so many minutes after she does the transfer...this way if something goes wrong she can stop the destruction of their bodies, but if it works then there be less problems. Fifth, should she remove the fact only another slime girl could get her pregnant? She did not really plan on having any more children. Since she doubt she would enter another relationship after the way her marriage ended. Some of the things her husband said...well she may just make his house explode if she was going to 'die' there wont be no consequences for it. A least not for her, or her daughter. So no, she wont change that part. Sixth....she need to remove the fact Layla was lusting for her from the girls bio...maybe make Layla have a crush on Aria? That way Sophia wont have to worry about Aria making a move on her daughter. She probably should ask her daughter first...but that may be a bit awkward...did she already give the girl the 'talk' yet? Cause if she did not then she may be forced to give it now...however Sophia did not really like how Aria was getting some of those kisses her daughter been recently giving out.
  2. • Rob a Bank for the fun of it
    • Pretend to be Spiderman and jump off a building
    • Walk around in Victorian-Era Clothes
    • Stalk someone because you love their shoes
    • Eat a banana topped with maple syrup
    • Eat dessert before dinner

    I found the rest of the list shitty.
  3. Eat dessert before dinner
    Eat a banana topped with maple syrup
    Rob a Bank for the fun of it
    Walk around in Victorian-Era Clothes
    Write a book about your pet chipmunk
    Hell no for the rest... i hate tea...
    • Love at First Sight
    • Have an authentic English Tea Party (if there's authentic English girls)
    • Walk around in Victorian-Era Clothes (Jack the Ripper :D)
    • Rob a Bank for the fun of it (for research purposes)
    • Write a book about your pet chipmunk (if I get royalties for it)
    • Stalk someone because you love their shoes (also, for good research)
    • Dress up as Superman on your birthday (If I can have the pecs too)
    • Eat dessert before dinner (as long as I still get the dinner)
    • Go to a foreign country and do the chicken dance in the streets (silly)
    • Pretend to be Spiderman and jump off a building (sounds dangerous)
    • Eat a banana topped with maple syrup (don't like maple syrup)
  4. 11. Pretend to be Spiderman and jump off a building

    Yeah not happening.

    10. Eat dessert before dinner

    Well I already do that sometimes so no need to do it anymore than I already do.

    9. Rob a Bank for the fun of it

    Exciting but too much planning for me in the morning. And with the fact I can barely keep a News Crew together how am I to keep a bank robbing team together?

    8. Dress up as Superman on your birthday

    Yeah still not happening.

    7. . Go to a foreign country and do the chicken dance in the streets

    Definitely not happening unless we go to Asmoland and everybody does it in front of his house.

    6. Have an authentic English Tea Party

    Hmmmm………………so long as it involves Boston.

    5. Write a book about your pet chipmunk

    I can see this turning into something weird. Edgar Allan Poe crap heh heh.

    4. Stalk someone because you love their shoes

    I don’t love shoes but stalking someone would be fun just to scare the crap out of them.

    3. Eat a banana topped with maple syrup

    Mmmmmmm….maple syrup.

    2. Walk around in Victorian-Era Clothes

    Hells yes, let’s go and raid the world with this old clothing. And Asmo can come with as Jack the Ripper.

    1. Love at First Sight

    Well hasn’t happened yet and why not try eh?
  5. Starting with the most likely and working my way down:
    • Love at First Sight : Really that's all I want out of life. To love and to be loved. I don't believe in love at first sight...but its a nice idea and I'm hopeless for romantic crap.
    • Walk around in Victorian-Era Clothes : Would be awesome. Period.
    • Have an authentic English Tea Party : Would mean I'm around people and/or not stranded at home.
    • Eat dessert before dinner : FOOOOOOOD!
    • Eat a banana topped with maple syrup : Yet again...foooooood!
    • Dress up as Superman on your birthday : I'd make it into a bet someohow and get money out of it. O.o
    • Go to a foreign country and do the chicken dance in the streets : "LOOK! LOOK! STRANGE FOREIGN WOMAN DANCE CRAZY LIKE....WE SHOOT HER!"
    • Stalk someone because you love their shoes : Not wild about shoes, I agree with piro..would be fun to creep someone out like this. I WANT DIANA'S SHOES...oh wait Asmo already has them...SHIT!
    • Write a book about your pet chipmunk : I had one seriously I really did.
    • Pretend to be Spiderman and jump off a building : I'm afraid of heights but I would still do this...only reason why I would do this is that I'd make sure it was a small building and that a deep body of water was below. "I BE SPIDEY MAN FOO'! AAAAAAAAAAA SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!" *splash*
    • Rob a Bank for the fun of it : would never do this, but its on the yeah.
  6. Wow ! :D

    Here's mine :)
    • Write a book about your pet chipmunk
      LOLOL :D
    • Walk around in Victorian-Era Clothes
      I used to do this as a kid. I just LOVED those clothes :D
    • Go to a foreign country and do the chicken dance in the streets
      -_- Unfortunately, I MIGHT actually do this if prompted x3
    • Have an authentic English Tea Party
      LOVE IT :) Daddy and I have these once in a while with my bluebird tea set<3
    • Eat dessert before dinner
      Who doesn't break the rules here and there ?
    • Eat a banana topped with maple syrup
      Ish okay xD Not so yummy~ too sweet
    • Rob a Bank for the fun of it
      LOL Experience ;]
    • Dress up as Superman on your birthday
    • Stalk someone because you love their shoes
      I'm not a shoe person. LOL
    • Love at First Sight
      ~Fangirls don't count, do they ? xD
    • Pretend to be Spiderman and jump off a building
      Yeah...Absolutely not. As much as it sounds like I might XD but not without a guarantee of safety :D Like a parachute or something. ^_^


    -drumroll please-

    • Lead an Orchestra
    • Go through highschool all over again
    • Deceitfully make your way up to becoming CEO of a large company
    • Take a bullet for a friend
    • Talk back to your parents/elders
    • Cheat on the SAT
    • Be lazy about committments
    • Not eat your veggies

    ***Also~ New: If you want to skip something altogether, go ahead :D
  7. Damn, JUST missed the first list.... but I'll do it anyway! XD

    1. Eat dessert before dinner
    I do this anyway, but it's that awesome.
    2.Walk around in Victorian-Era Clothes
    I would LOVE to do this if I could find the clothes! Talk about ooooold school.... ^_^
    3.Eat a banana topped with maple syrup
    I've never tried it, but it good. FOOOOOOOD!
    4.Love at First Sight
    This is rather hard to explain....So I won't explain it.
    5.Go to a foreign country and do the chicken dance in the streets
    Meh, this sounds fun, but we should just go find Asmo and moon him.
    6.Have an authentic English Tea Party
    With great (Victorian) clothes come great (Victorian) tea parties....But I hate tea.
    7.Write a book about your pet chipmunk
    I'm random-Get over it. XD
    8.Dress up as Superman on your birthday
    Again, randomness.
    9.Stalk someone because you love their shoes
    >.> Asmo made me do it.
    10. Pretend to be Spiderman and jump off a building
    Hey, it's better than hurting others.
    11.Rob a Bank for the fun of it
    No. NEVER. I don't like putting others at risk, nor do I like purely evil things.

    1.Take a bullet for a friend
    I would protect my friends with my life, and if this were the price, so be it.
    2.Talk back to your parents/elders
    OMFG, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!! So intend to do this.
    3.Go through highschool all over again
    I miss my highschool friends who I never got to talk to ever again.... T_T
    4.Lead an Orchestra
    I have stage fright. >_<
    5.Not eat your veggies
    [/i] Not all veggies are bad...but the ones that are... BLECH![/i]
    6.Be lazy about committments
    I don't like this, but it's better than the other 2. >.>
    7.Deceitfully make your way up to becoming CEO of a large company
    Seriously, this is evil....
    8. Cheat on the SAT
    Cheating to get into college, only to be HUMILIATED when you get there? Wow.