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  1. The Random Sentence Finisher Game
    (i didn't put the whole name in the title because i felt like it was too long)​
    This is a game that most of you might know but if you don't know what it is then basically i give you a sentence with random blanks and you must fill them in with whatever you wish, for example: I _____ donuts!
    You might put ''love'' or ''hate'' or something weird and random like ''throw'' or ''finger'' its all up to you, so here we go, fill in the blanks with anything you want and feel free to copy and paste then delete the underline and replace it with your words, have fun and heres the sentence:

    '' I would ____ This restaurant if i could only ____ this huge ____ but i wouldn't ____ whatever that was over there near the ____, however if i saw ____ near the ____ then i just might _____. ''
  2. O___O ... I think you intend for this to be a bored game. You should probably ask for this to be moved over there.
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  3. i dont know how to do that.. and even tho ive been here since last year of october i have no clue what im doing in the other sections besides the RP section xD just trying to socialize
  4. I understand you're trying to socialize. I'm not against it at all. That's why you ask questions. The help desk is always available, the 'request a thread moderation' at the bottom of the screen is something quick and easy to go to if you need and/or want a thread moved or, if need be, deleted. You can also ask the administrators or staff members to move the thread for you. O___O
  5. ok thanks but what's with the face? xD