The 'quiet' guy of the class

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  1. I'm roleplaying as Zethes (you can check my character) just so there's no misunderstanding.

    You live alone and you just got kicked out by your Landlord. You remeber that your parents have close friends and you decide to ask to stay there for a while. You find out that the son of your parent's friends is your classmate Zethes. What happens next...?
  2. "And you know our son don't you Cassandra?" The flawless face of the girl looked up and her long blond hair sweeped across her back. Making eye-catchingcontact with the round faced and rosy cheeked woman who looked steadily at her, the girl displayed a confused look "Zethes? He's in your class isn't he?" The woman asked. Cassandra's eyes widened. Zethes was the quiet boy who sat behind her in almost every lesson. He hardly ever said anything but it always felt as if his eyes were drilling holes in the back of her head. Cassandra quickly realised that she was going to have to live with him. And that she would never live it down at school.
    The front door opened. She swallowed and kept herself from turning around and seeing who was there. Maybe she was mistaken. Maybe there was another boy named Zethes in her class. Cassandra took a breath and turned around to see just what I'd been hoping not to.
    Her name was Cassandra Smith. She was the top of her class for everything, athletic, popular, admired and there was no way she was staying in a house with... Zethes.
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  3. Zethes opened the door, his hair in a mess. He just woke up and he had a very bad night, being yelled at his parents so much.

    "Mom" he said with a lazy voice "Where's the Nutella -" he stopped as he saw Cassandra

    He eyed his mom then back at his classmate "Smith?!" He said all of a sudden all awake "Mom... What the hell is she doing here?!"

    "Zues, inside voices." His mom said patiently


    "This is Cassandra, I'm sure you know her. She's the daughter of my very close friends"

    "Yeah, okay whatever my point what is she doing here.."

    "She's going to be living with us" she said with a bright smile "isn't that great?!"

    Zethes imidiately slammed the front Dior and ran back up the stairs saying "Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope!!!"

    His mother sighed "well I guess you have to get used to that attitude... "

    (( yeah idk if you came to the front door alone or with his mom so if I got something wrong sowwy))
  4. It was the most unexpected thing that could have happened. Cassandra had only ever heard him reply to his name in registration extremely quietly before. So hearing him shout aloud and storm around was a slight shock. He seemed like a different person than he was at school.
    Plastering on her award-winning smile, Cassandra turned to Zethes mother. "Honestly, if I'm going to be a bother, I can..." but she was interrupted but the loud tutting of the round woman "I told your parents that you can live here and that's just what you'll do." She said, bustling Cassandra into the kitchen "Now get some breakfast or you'll be late for school."
    Cassandra stood alone in the kitchen, she picked up a slice of toast from a plate and took a bite, then placed it back down. She heard a muffled argument between mother and son and then a shout through the door- "Zethes is going to walk you to school"
    Cassandra sighed. She was not only going to have to walk next to the guy who apparently has multiple personalities, but she was going to be seen with him too. My friends will make so much fun of me, she thought. Slinging her pink backpack over her shoulder she prepared for the day ahead.
    Stepping out into the hallway she noticed Zethes and flashed her smile again. "You don't have to call me Smith, silly. How about you call me Cass? All my friends do." She hoped her simpering grin and tone would put him off spending any time with her. If she was lucky he might walk slightly ahead or behind, so it could look like she wasn't with him. And so the two stepped out the door and into the outside world.