The Queen and Her Huntsmen: IC

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  1. The Queen and Her Huntsmen

    Princess Ionna

    The Priestesses told me I would be safe within their care, under the holy graces of the Church and the sovereignty of Mother Cersyra. This period was only for the moment, until I’d become of age to descend my deceased mother’s throne; earlier than anticipated due to the circumstances, but necessary. And although I’ve remained with them till that growing time, learning and understanding the legacy my mother, and the generations before her have left for me to maintain, I knew I would always remain safe in their care until Mother Cersyra herself called for me.

    But recently, something had changed.

    Suddenly, I was told to remain by their side, to never leave the Church grounds, to always stay within; but things were different – strange, and uncomfortable now. I just had to leave. This was my home for ten years, but now something drew me away, called to me, and requested my attention. I just had to go.

    Unfortunately, I was unaware that there were others who were waiting for me. I don’t know who they are, and I don’t know why they want me, but I can feel their auras nearby - and fear is a cause to flee. There were so many things I wasn’t told, so many secrets, dark threats, that the Church held from me, or were only expressed in cryptic songs and verses that even the High Priest could not, or would not, break. As I stepped away from the protection of my caretakers, those dark secrets came for me, spirited me away before my stand-in protectors could bat an eye to defend me.

    Where I’ve been taken? I do not know. Who has taken me? I am still unaware. All I know is that the auras I feel from the them are empty and lost. But, I cannot see them to know if they are ghost or human, or some other inhuman creature. I’ve fallen into a deep slumber for some reason; even I cannot wake myself up from it.

    Everything is dark and distant. I feel dead, but this is not death – only peaceful sleep, safe sleep. I know I’m safe because… because, I can feel her wrapped around me. Cersyra is holding me as I sleep, speaking to me, telling me things I’ve never been told. I finally learn of my story – my true story, and realize that I have a purpose…

    But, my purpose will never be fulfilled, unless I call for them…

    Cersyra showed me who they were, and from those first impressions I knew just how special she'd made them, and how much she adores them… Although, there’s so much information within me, so much I know about their significant auras, but there’s so much I’m unaware of. They come from different backgrounds, had experiences I've never had in my young life… they’re still strangers to me. Nevertheless, somehow they are to become my adoration, my protectors, my Huntsmen. But first, I must find a way to call for them…

    “But how will they find me? I’m lost from those who should know.”

    “They always know where you are, Ionna.”

    “If they know where I am, then do I know where they are?”

    “Always – When the world is ready, and you know your time has come, then call them.”

    After all this time, more than a century of waiting until they were ready, until I was ready, suddenly I knew – I just knew it was time to call for them. Desperation now deepened the auras of my kidnappers, and their mental and magical attacks against my slumbering form are becoming stronger and more threatening day by day. I'm becoming weaker... Cersyra's becoming weaker... And there's no telling what's happening to the world.

    “My honorable, Caspian! My loyal, Jericho! My affectionate, Ari! I need your help. I am lost, and only you can find me! Please, come find Huntsmen!”