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In 1982 Darius Finch was seventeen years old. He lived in Millennium City with his father and mother. He had two best friends, Victor McCor, and Laine Parkman. They were normal kids, going through the motions of everyday teenage life, and trying to find their place in the world.

Darius began dating Laine in senior year, much to Victor's chagrin. But being a kind and humble boy, even back then, he was supportive despite wishing it had gone another way. It was a pleasant high school romance and no one imagined it would go for as long as it did. But nothing tied these three highschoolers together more than realizing they had unearthly abilities, an experience that they could only share in their tight-knit circle.

Victor and Laine sought to understand their abilities, but Darius knew they could do better than just understand. He had always had a strong desire to help others and knew that this opportunity hadn't fallen into their lap for no reason. He was beyond his years, but Victor and Laine were afraid. And they had every right to be.

Since the discovery of their powers, they had been watched, monitored, followed. And though they had no proof all three of them could feel the unease in the air when they walked home, feel a pair of eyes out the window. Their new gifts were now a curse, and despite all of Darius's efforts, Laine and Victor vowed to never use their powers.

After this vow life became as normal as it could. Darius and Laine continued to date, and he eventually popped the question. He got an office job and Laine went to nursing school and they were.. they were just people. After Laine finished her degree, it was a pleasant surprise to find that she was pregnant. He forgot about his dreams to save the world and Darius looked forward to raising a child. Victor moved on and garnered a high position in a corporate company. They drank beer on Saturdays.

They were just people until Darius found a blue-haired girl on the street. She was no older than eight, clothed in a raggedy hospital gown and covered in wounds, shivering and emaciated. He was on his way home from work when he saw her and didn't even hesitate. She spoke nothing to him, but when he asked if he could help her, she nodded wordlessly.

So Darius took her home and found no trace of identity on her, no bracelet or nametag or anything. Her eyes were an unearthly teal, and her gaze spoke of horrors well beyond her years. But upon stepping into his house, holding the young girl’s hand tightly, Darius realized something was not right. Their possessions were scattered about the floor, things broken and the whole place a mess. Laine cowered behind the kitchen counter, among the scene of a grizzly fight. There was blood. It wasn’t hers.

“The scientists.” The little girl had murmured, without a glimmer of doubt.

Victor disposed of the body.

After that, the child revealed herself to be Sapphire. Or at least, that was what they had called her in the labs. She didn’t recognize the man Laine had killed, but she knew where he was from. An organization known as the SPME, Darius took Sapphire in without a second thought, and Laine grew fond of her just as quickly. They moved just before the baby was born, little Percy.

And for a while, things were quiet again. They adopted Sapphire. They pretended Laine hadn’t murdered a man who had tracked her and her family. They pretended that Sapphire was a normal girl who had fallen into their arms by pure luck. But this was fate at work.

Darius put hours into researching the SPME. He found next to nothing, and he knew that it wasn’t just going to go away. Laine insisted he let it go, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t do it when his family was in danger, his daughter, and his just two-month-old son. He couldn’t let it go, but in the end, it didn’t even matter.

Darius could hear Percy’s wails as he pulled up in the driveway and rushed inside, to find a man in a lab coat with his son in his arms. Another had a hold on Sapphire’s wrist and was dragging her kicking and screaming.

Darius fought and he won. He fought for his children and his best friend and his wife, who he discovered dead in the bedroom, her eyes lifeless and hands cold. Laine had struggled against the men who had followed her since the first spark of power in her fingertips but ignored it all in hopes of giving her children a normal life. And she paid the ultimate price.

He fell upon Victor’s doorstep, Percy in one hand and Sapphire clinging to his other. There was nowhere safe for them... Nowhere that existed then, at least. So Victor created it. Webs of underground bases, homes, a web of secrets. Darius had no choice but to raise Percy and Sapphire hidden.

But with their imprisonment came a new hope. Darius did not let the idle time go to waste. He created the Protectors. At first, it was just him... But he realized there were others in a similar predicament, with nowhere left to run. He offered them shelter, and he offered them purpose. Those that joined Darius were not just a part of a team. They became a part of his family.

The Protectors did many great things. They pioneered the emergence of the superhero era. But all things come to an end, and in 2019 the Protectors met an untimely death. Wiped out by a serial killer, the Protectors became a memory in a matter of moments. A spare few made it out alive, and the world still remembers their influence.
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