The Prophecy (A Tale of Witches and Hunters)

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  1. Once there was a little girl by the name Cortessa. She was a bright little girl that was wise beyond her years, she spent her days studying and her nights adventuring. One night, on one her many adventures, she ran into a boy named Magnus. Despite her wisdom, she played with the boy and showed him things that was forbidden by her people. The boy told her she was special and so was he. Cortessa did not understand what made him special until it was too late. Cortessa was slayed amongst the trees, her screams piercing the night and the ears of her people, angering them to the core. Vengeance rang out and war had begun. What made Cortessa so special was that of magic. Born to two witches, Cortessa was a princess to her coven and an heir to her throne. Magnus, on the other hand, was not an heir to anything, but instead a hunter of magic. His sole purpose in life was always to kill those possessing a magical spark, for to kill the spark one prevents the igniting flame of eternal fire. Since the deaths of both children, the Coven of Raven’s Peak and the Clan of Rose Valley stand on either end of long lasting war that could only be ended with the death of both sides. Years passed, lives ended, babes were born, and traditions were passed down from generation to generation. Hunters inherited their family’s weaponry, and witches inherited their family gifts. Will this war between both two strong sides come to an end? Maybe. There was once a prophecy told that eight young men and women must band together in order to stop the fore coming of an ancient evil that would decimate not only their two villages, but the entire continent.

    Okay, guys now that the plot of this story has been laid out I will go ahead and explain some things.
    1. Genders need to be even for partnering purposes.
    2. Two Females and Two males will belong to either side.
    3. Hunters have no supernatural abilities. They are just good hunters.
    4. Witches have one power, I am going to exclude powers like weather manipulation, cosmic manipulation. Simply because I have seen people over power these. I am open to some powers so let me know what you are thinking about and I will tell you its okay. Do this before making your character because I know some people relay so much on the power to create the character and when I notice the power is overly powerful and say "no go" they drop.
    5. If you have some ideas, lets hear them. A roleplay is only as good as it's roleplayers.
    6. Now, I really would like the two sides to dislike each other. It adds drama. I will allow one or two people to not really mind the other side, but try not to be like "Oh a witch, awesome," or "Or a hunter, hot." There is a war between the two, one that went on for years and consumed pretty much EVERYONE. I made this a thing for plot purposes, so feel free to pm about making your character one of the two flexible people.
    7. Oh let me add one more thing. I am flexible so don't be afraid to bring up ideas, really. I know I have said this before, but sometimes I think people forget that.
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  2. Beyond excited to finally see a good Witch & Hunter one about! ^^

    Can I reserve a Witch and PM you what I had in mind ability wise?
  3. Yeah, that be great.
  4. I just have a question regarding appearances. Do you have a certain preference? Anime? Real? Text? Also, is there a cap or are you looking for at least 2 males and females for either side?
  5. Can I play a male and a female, basically a witch and a hunter, or just one char?
  6. All I really ask is to have a picture. Normally I prefer real, but if you can't possibly find a real picture to encompass your character than anime is fine. And yes there is captains, one to represent the witches and one to represent the hunters.
    I would prefer one, for now. I want to make sure there is room in case this peaks more interest; however, if it does not gain too much interest than I am fine with a few people doubling up.
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  7. OKay, taking a Hunter then^^ for now xD
  8. Okay, totally random, but I was looking for face claims for no reason and came across him and thought of you for some reason. Anyway his name's Chris Moore (Model). Like I said, random.
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  9. He is super cute.... yes, using him. Thank You xD. Maybe because he my total style of face claims xD
  10. I am beyond torn on whether to go blonde or brunette... Oh the choices.. :D
  11. I will be making a OOC soon....
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  12. Wow looking up face claims (before seeing Autumn's sugesstion XD.... I found this pretty, pretty boy with the even pretty hair.... now I don't know XD
    Dorian Cobb is his name
  13. Nope I found my perfect guy lol, Gael Carmans

    Thanks for the suggestion though Autumn, will use him in another rp though^^
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