The Promise

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  1. Jun sat up in bed as a shrill alarm went off beside him. With a yawn he turned off the clock and got out of bed, walking over to the window. Opening the window he leaned out and tapped on the building next to him. He knew for a fact that the walls were thin and that the owner of the room heard him." Don't be late to school on the first day sleepy head!" With that finished he closed the window and went downstairs to get himself breakfast. His mom sat at the kitchen table, smiling at something on the television." Good morning dear, sleep well last night?" Jun nodded and opened the fridge searching for a quick meal. Finding nothing he turned to his mom," You'll need to go grocery shopping today, we are out of food." His mom nodded and pointed to the counter, where an egg sandwich lay still warm." Eat that then." He nodded and grabbed the sandwich eating quickly. He put the plate in the sink and went upstairs to change. Finished with that he grabbed his bag and walked back downstairs taking a seat on the couch to watch the news until it was time to leave.
  2. Misha heard the tapping and slowly woke up.

    "I hate mondays...and mornings...and the two combined." She muttered. Lifting the covers a thunk resonated in her room and she noticed that her phone was knocked off her bed. Picking it up, she walked over to the bathroom and got ready. Her uniform was slightly shorter than last year's since she grew slightly taller. "Maybe now I'll be tall as I'm still pretty short." Lifting her bag and putting on her shoes, she drank the last smoothie in her fridge and knocked at his door.

    "Let's so and get this day over with," She shouted through the door.
  3. Jun laughed and stood," Well mom it looks like we won't be late on the first day of school after all." His mother nodded amused and hugged him as he walked by." Have a good day dear." He smiled and walked to the door, opening it to see his childhood friend Misha." Yes yes, though I thought you were looking forward to high school." He closed the door behind and him and began to walk." Just be lucky we live this close to school."
  4. Misha nodded and yawned.

    "Yeah whatever, I hate school. I don't know why I'm going there today. Plus, I'm thinking that since it's Monday--something bad is going to happen. I don't know what or when, just something bad."

    Misha shouldered her bag and started walking down the street. Already, the cars were rushing by and Misha sighed. The light turned green and she started walking. Halfway across, she could hear Jun shouting something...but she couldn't hear with the loud car horn coming straight at her...
  5. Jun laughed at Misha," Yes I know, you're going today because it's the first day of school. I sincerely hope nothing bad happens Misha, though now that you said that..." He laughed again. They reached the walkway and the light turned green. Jun stayed back, his attention caught by something speeding in the distance. To his horror he saw the object was a car, driving far to fast toward the light. He looked over to see Misha already walking and he started to yell," Misha! Get out of the road! Hurry!" As though everything around him slowed down he saw the car hit her and the world suddenly sped up again. The car screeched to a halt and the driver, a woman talking on her cellphone, stepped out. She looked in shock and Jun ran over to Misha. He fished out his phone and dialed 9-1-1, doing everything his mother, a doctor, told him to do when someone was severely injured.