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    The Promise Land is a fantasy, action, Post War/dystopian, survival, slice of life, role-play. It will be a small group role-play that I am only allowing a small number of participants for in order to keep the role-play orderly. This role-play is not for the faint of heart, for it touches sensitive themes similar to that of the holocaust. Please read the information below and if you are interested leave a comment or send me a private message. If you have any questions or do not understand something please send me a private message on the matter. Thank you.

    The world has changed drastically due to loss of resources and out break of war. The continents are no longer the same, and have lost their old titles. New countries have risen from the ashes. Monarchy's, Dictators, and Tyrants quickly rose to power. In the country of Irea, the church had gained control over the country. As the church quickly established itself into the government of Irea, an advanced sub specie of humans known as Beastia were discovered among the population. These humans were blessed with the gift of high spiritual energy, allowing them to freely great and speak with their spirit animal which are formally known as "Fera". If they follow the advice and act according to what their spirit animal demands of them, their spirit animal will reward them with certain attributes and powers. Unfortunately, with the rapid increase of Beastia, other normal humans became frightened of their existence, ultimately shunning them from society. This caused a great unrest among the Beastia, who wanted to be treated as equals. Fights broke out between the two specie of humans and in order to protect themselves the church established a executive branch to keep control over Irea. In order to protect themselves against unjust prosecution, a large number of Beastia banned together as freedom fighters. Now a civil war between the Beastia and the Church plague the entire continent.

    Setting and Locations:
    This role-play takes places in earth's future. The world has changed drastically due to loss of resources and out break of war. The continents are no longer the same, and have lost their old titles. New countries have risen from the ashes of the old ones, and two particular countries will be this role-plays main broad setting.

    Irea is the country that our story takes place in. It is much similar to the geology of the once great America, only the continent is a peninsula with water on an ocean on the left side of the land mass, a sea at the bottom, and a bay at the right of the continent. From the left side of the country to the left there is the west coast, mountains ((like the Rocky Mountains)), Great Plains or farmland, mountains ((like the Appalachian Mountains)), dense temperate forests, and then finally the west coast. There are six major cities in Irea, each with their own laws about the Beastia. Most of these cities discriminate against the Beastia, however, there are one or two neutral cities that do not participate in the genocide of the race. Irea has a total of four "containment" camps spread out across the country as well. Each city and containment camp are connected by trains or large dirt/gravel roads.​

    Barus is the only neighboring country and is north of Irea; it is said to be a very cold and barren place with harsh winters. Not much is known about the society and culture of Barus due to little contact. The Beastia used to flee into this country in order to avoid prosecution in Irea, but Irea's government quickly developed a tight border control between the two countries.
    The primary location for the beginning of the role-play will be in The City of Ezekiel, a hustle and bustle type of city, which was built on the remains of the city before it. The city is streets is paved in cobble stone, old victorian light fixtures line the streets, and buildings and houses are tenement buildings made of brick, old English houses, or apartments packed together ((The layout of the city is similar to that of the anime Full Metal Alchemist and Attack on Titan for better reference)). The powerful religious group has control over this city and is where they established their group head quarters which is designed to look like a massive cathedral. Sadly, this city is frequently plagued by sudden street battles between the Beastia freedom fighters and the zealous religious sect.

    Key Points and Examples:
    • Characters can be aligned with either the church, the freedom fighters, or neutral
    • The world is post war and takes place many years into the future, everything that is modern is gone.
    1. Cities look like that from Full Metal Alchemist or Attack on Titan, roughly late 18th century to early 19th century style cities. 20th century technology.
    2. There is no modern technology; Flat Screen TVS, video gaming systems ((including hand held)), computers, cell phones, ect.
    3. They have electricity, modern plumbing, rotary phones, jukeboxes, and radios, and old portable games like tetras or solitare, ect.
    4. Most literature and important archives/libraries were destroyed during the war.
    5. Trains, horse drawn carriages, bicycling, and walking are the primary use of transportation. ((If you are lucky you might be able to salvage a motorized bike or moped.))
    • There is an equal balance of Beastia and Normal Humans
    • Beastia are very spiritually inclined allowing them to speak to their spirit animals
    • The spirit animals are known as "Fera"
    • Fera are wise creatures that generally manifest in the dreams of Beastia.
    • Not all Fera are the same personality wise or provide the same advice.
    • If a Beastia follows the advice of their Fera then they are gifted with special attributes
    Example: A boy's Fera is a cat, the Fera advises the boy to listen to others. The boy listens to others when it is desperately needed, such as orders from a commanding officer, and as a result the Fera will gift the boy with cat ears. These cat ears provide the boy with a heightened sense of hearing.
    • The police, which belong under the executive branch, and emergency hot lines are ran by church employees and soldiers.
    • There are "containment" camps established to imprison Beastia. Beastia die at these horrid places daily.
    • Other
    • Able to handle to tragic themes and sensitive topics
    • Good grammar and spelling; quality posts, legible ((mistakes every now and then are fine))
    • Able to cooperate and collaborate with others
    • Able to handle more than one character
    • Able to handle a wide range of settings and locations ((this is a an entire country after all))
    • Readily available
    • Other
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  2. I like it o w o
  3. Count me in. One question, however. Do character have to be Beastia?
  4. No, you can have a normal human character if that is what you wish, but if I don't get anymore interested then you might just end up with more than one character anyways. If you don't mind that. ^-^;
  5. Not at all, I usually run 2 at a time.
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