SIDE SAGA The Princess and the Blades


The older man was not as spry as he once was, and when the wave washed over them, he was shoved the ground by its weight. While he had once been a young soldier, and an older general, time in the kitchens had slackened at least the muscles in his legs, and he scrambled to sit back up. Yet, for the strangest amount of time, he thought he had smelled something in that wave.

But how can you smell something in water? Was his mind going, now with his body? He felt the discordant thrum of unease pass through him. Normally, he did not doubt his senses, nor his constitution. Rarely did he give much thought to his age, but perhaps that was his hubris, and the Good Father simply meant to remind him - He did not plan to contend with Man in perpetuity, and all fell to that foul crone called Infirmity.

His eyes did wander to try and find the river nymph. Maybe it was playing its own tricks.

He did get to his feet, though Teja seemed to be struggling with something under the water. Sese, loyal thing that she was, had already taken off after the wave had doused her, and she wandered at the water's edge.

"Zakhele! Berko! Grab Sese and do not let her wander around! Not if there are those things hanging about!" Kinya called to the two young men at the bank, pointing to the donkey that was shaking herself dry and to the crocodile Zakhele had sitting at his feet. Order given, he did make his way to Teja, grabbing the princess' arm.

"Can you stand up?" Kinya asked, unwilling to leave his vassal. He could hardly look his liege in the eye, if he let her older sister die only a few hours into her solo trip.

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