The Princess and her protector

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  1. A man in body armour walked through the castle hallways nodding to other vampire guards as he walked past them he had been brought in to the castle training since a young man to one day become the guardian of the princess to give his life if need be in the name of the princess and his king.

    He walked to the princess's chambers knocking on the door he looked at the door. "Princess are you ready? your father has summond us.
  2. "Leave me alone" she called out from under her covers and hiting something that crashes to the ground.

    Chi was just one to three princesses the youngest infact. when her sisters look their father with the black hair and blue eyes Chi looked just like their mother with the red hair and green eyes. her sisters now are traviling to meet some princes to meet with. she dose not understand why does the princes just come to them.

    she silently waited under her covers for him to come into her room sword at readly.
  3. Hears the crashing sound and busts in the doors a small sword in his right hand a dagger in his left he looked around the room seeing a broken vase he sighs putting away his weapons shaking his head " Come on princess your father is expecting us."
  4. but i dont want to" she said under the covers. "tell father ill be there in 5 years" she smirked her eyes close. "yeah that sounds nice" she added and cuddled closer to herself. "night night" ((sorry im a loser i forgot to watch the stupid thing sorr))