The Prince that can't kill the Princess and vice versa

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  1. Light opened her eyes, it was already afternoon when she awoke, she fell down a small hill as she was fighting the leader of the other army, she just barely managed to knock him down, but it seems she fell down herself and loser her consciousness. "Ugh..." she moaned as she looked around, she neither heard the armies nor anything else, it was a close battle and considering the silence one side most likely was victorious, but she couldn't worry about that right now. Light got up and her eyes slowly got used to the environment as she now saw someone in the distance, she decided to grab her sword and make her way there, still clumsy as she had some remaining from the fall. She was about to call out as she saw the body moving.
  2. Dark had stood up, clutching his aching head. He had been under a hallow log. He stumbled around, looking for his mask and sword, putting the mask on and strapping the weapon to the his side. He looked around for the armies- they were completely gone. He couldn't believe it- what happened? Even human bodies had been taken away. He searched for signs of any life or undead, but merely found a girl in the distance.

    Wait a minute.

    "You!" He called, subconsciously unsheathing his unholy silver sword. "What did you do?!"
  3. As Light realized who it was she grabbed her sword tightly, she knew she couldn't beat him straight up no matter what, but she would try either way.
    "What I did?, I didn't do anything, you are the one with the unholy powers! Besides! Keep your distance monster!" She yelled at him holding her sword up, she wasn't weak, but surely not as strong as a man that learned to fight his whole life.
  4. "I am no monster! Unholiness has nothing to do with this!" He objected, pointing a finger. "What has happened to my army?!"
  5. She grinned at him "I obviously beat your army, you lost!" Light was sure he had no clue so she could possibly intimidate him. "You should hurry back home now! Or I will kill you next." She spoke confidently as she was a great actor. "You may not call yourself a monster, but for me you are no human either!
  6. Honestly, he wan't sure what race he was. Human with bat wings, whatever that was. He feared that the girl had demolished his army, but then he looked around. "I beg your pardon?" He called, a questioning look on his face. "What army?"
  7. "I obviously let them leave the place, I wanted to kill you alone!" She smirked at him pointing her sword at him. "So just run so I don't hurt you pretty boy!" Lught kept her act up as good as she could, but it slowly showed that it was no more than an act.
  8. "Pretty boy?!" He gasped, clenching his teeth. He stomped his foot, as a small explosion blew up the ground next to the girl, spreading around dirt, using the magic as a warning. "Yeah, pretty deadly boy! Now you surrender or I'll have you head!"
  9. Her wings spread openmaking her jump up, she couldn't actually fly with them as she never practiced that, but jump at least a little and so she did to avoid the explosion. "Are you that mad already? You want to fight me? The princess that was beating your army?"
    Light now walked towards him light headed, expecting to be able to beat him by now.
  10. "Yeah right! You can't even kill my army!" He laughed, pointing a sword at the girl. With is keen vision, he noticed Light having a bit of trouble, and smirked. "And y'know, if I were you, I'd wait to wake up before I fought someone stronger than me."
  11. Light giggled "You doubt I can beat you? Aren't you overestimating yourself pretty boy?" She landed as she lowered her sword. "Let me guess you don't even know how to get to your pretty little castle" she bound up her hair and kept the same distance as before but leaned against a tree. Light was getting scared, but she had to keep her act up.
  12. He was getting angry. Before, he had noticed the strange facts that they didn't see their warriors, this was not where they had been battling before. Now, he just wanted to slice the little #!@$% to pieces. Gritting his teeth, he spun the sword around it's axis, as it sparked in a few places, and prongs poked out the blade, making it less of a stabbing tool and more of shredding tool. He began to stomp his way over, ready to attack.

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    Like this, but longer. how-to-draw-meta-knights-sword-step-5_1_000000011006_5.jpg
  13. Light smiled at him gently, "Oh come on, you aren't actually going to use that...right?" now she actually did get a little worried about her surviving as it would be a tough fight and this sword sure didn't look very appealing to her. She grabbed her sword and took a step back holding it tightly again, prepared to fight him now, if it would come to it.
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