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  1. Welcome to The Pride!

    It is the year 2567 and the human world is in complete ruins. The air is filled with pollution and more than half of the human race have died from the toxins in the air. Humans are forced to move underground and they all separated into tribes who fight for survival. Those that do go above ground must where gas masks to protect themselves from the radioactivity.
    There are people who live above ground but they are called scavengers and they aren't people anymore. They are creatures of the night they are the monsters of children's nightmares. They are Hell's demons. They are humans who survived the radioactivity and are usually found eating the flesh of humans that came across their territories. They are brutal creatures and even more dangerous in hoards.
    This is our life. This is human civilization now and you learn to deal with it. Kids learn how to use guns starting as young as age five. They need all the soldiers they can get. Women are there to bear children but are also trained to fight if they need to.
    This is our life. Welcome to The Pride
    P.S Im exhausted and will add things as I think of them. You guys can give me ideas if you wish.​
  2. Im interested o.o
  3. I'm interested! This sounds awesome.
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  5. I guess it could be possible
  6. I'm personally super interested.
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