The pride...(Lion King Style RP) Sign ups/ OOC....Feel free to share Ideas!

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  1. Setting: The Pride those in the lion king. Complete with the Out lands and such. You all know how that looks...
    Characters: Your own lions of your choosing or whatever character, they are not the characters from the lion king though. You have to make your own up...if you find a picture of a lion from the lion king, just make it your own character and don't use the actual character. We need lions for the Out Lands as well, any other critter you can think of!
    Story line: Pretty much a lion king style role play of course, except it has it's own problems arise, own family drama, so on and so forth.
    Name: Distani
    Age Group: Younger cub
    Gender: Female
    Status: Princess Cub

    Name: Lavallia
    Age Group: Adult Lioness
    Gender: Female
    Status: Queen, Mother of Distani.
  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Veran hiƫna
    Age Group: Teen Hyena
    Gender: Male
    Status: Newly accepted to the pride lands, He was lost as a cub and was raised by a lion. He got a lucky break on that. ( if he cant be apart of the pride lands then i can change it )
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  3. Accepted, If no one creates a lion to be the "Adopted Parent." Lavallia will be.
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  4. [​IMG] Name: Chimalsi
    Age group: Young adult lion
    Gender: Male
    Status: Lives in the outlands and is the second in command

    (Might make another character later if its ok with you)
  5. imagesCAVYKE1B.jpg

    Name: Spencer
    Age group: Younger Cub
    Gender: Male
    Status: Orphan. Fending for himself pretty much and using his own tactics to make it through each day. Currently a cub in the outlands. Loyal to other cubs, outland or prideland. Feels cautious around adult lions, having been alone for the past two years.
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  6. Both accepted.
  7. You can make other characters for this as well. ^.^
  8. Also, if anyone would like to be another leader in this role play, and kind of help me run things in this, or even if you just have an idea, feel free to pm me or post it here.
  9. my hyena can try and be a leader if you want
  10. He could have a job Zazu was to the king?
  11. hmmm sure
  12. I'd like to add this one too.

    Name: Holland
    Age group: Younger cub.
    Gender: Male
    Status: Orphan. Pride land cub. Has a rough personality due to being on his own, but is very protective of the princess and of his friends.
  13. Alright, but we can't have a bunch of orphans running around people! Accepted though.
  14. Okay.
    And thanks for accepting the two of them.^^
  15. [​IMG]
    Name: Korula
    Age Group: Adult
    Gender: Female
    Status: Pride lander
    Personality: She is friendly and a bit introverted.

    Name: Tor
    Age Group: Adult
    Gender: Male
    Status: Pride lander
    Personality: Protective of his pride, and a bit sarcastic.

    Name: Ajura
    Age Group: Younger cub
    Gender: Female
    Status: Cub (daughter of Korula and Tor)
    Personality: Some would call her hyperactive, but she's very friendly.

    Oh and Tor and Korula are avialable to adopt one or two cubs. ^^
  16. I still need a king before I even think about starting the rp...(If there is no king though, I have a plan for this as well. ^^)
    And accepted!
  17. [​IMG]
    Name: Niluna
    Age: Young Lioness
    Status: Outlander, she watches over the orphan outlanders and the ones who wander to the outlands from the pridelands, while keeping her distance from them, allowing them independence. No royalty to her, just a normal outlander lioness.
  18. Okay, before anyone else takes it, I'm making a king for the pride lands. I'll have the profile up in a few minutes :I

    Name: Denali
    Age Group: Adult
    Gender: Male
    Status: King of the Pride Lands

    Name: Afia
    Age Group: Mature
    Gender: Female
    Status: Outlander
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  19. Question...Are any of your lions related to any of the other lions? I mean unstated relation?
    I know that usually lions are inbred in real life but we don't need to rp that way haha.
  20. Mine aren't related.
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