The Price for Magic

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  1. Getting in shape is hard.
    Having to physically get in shape and to strengthen your healing abilities is harder.

    Your character is the leader of a group of bandits who live deep in the woods that border the edge of the royal castle grounds. Being a rare 'peasant' with exceptional healing powers that only royal family members are born with, plus something a little extra, many people in your crew rely on you for all kinds of help. You have a reputation, both good and bag, among the whole kingdom. Your crew steal from the selfish and rich and give to those who truly need the money in their struggling lives. While the royal family is known for being generous and loving people, being perfectly aware of their advantages, close allies in nearby kingdoms do not exactly follow their example. So when a young prince (my character) from a particuarily selfish, neighboring kingdom, arrives to the castle with little to no warning, one could guess the words that were being whispered.

    Being unaware of the 'dangerous' crew that lived in the forest, the visiting prince gathered a few of his things to submerge himself with his mission for visiting the kingdom: training. With each royal family member being gifted with impeccable magical abilities in some way or the other, he... seems to disappoint every single person in his family of healers. Not only can he not heal, but seems to make things worse for whoever it is he is trying to aid. Because of such incidents, he was sent off to train elsewhere with teachers with more patience and time on their hands. Upon encountering the group of bandits, he ends up doing something that no one expects from a royal prince.

    He begs for help.

    And he receives help, but at the price of gold for each visit, and a night in your character's own personal tent.

    I want to develope the background stories of the two characters a lot, so it would be awesome if someone was willing to share ideas throughout the roleplay. I am looking for a tougher, but kind dominant. Your character will be the leader of the bandits with rare healing abilities+whatever other abilities you might want to add. This does not mean that your character can be invincible. There will be some violent scenes in this story.
  2. This sounds really fun.
    Message me whenever :)
  3. Will do :)
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