The prelude to sorrow

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  1. +stands after being dropkicked+
    +brushes off the dust and continues to eat candy coated razors+
  2. FOUR!!!!

    *dropkicks oushida*


    *nods and leaves*
  3. ...

    Welcome I guess? Thanks for taking the advice.
  4. *Stares intently at Oushida from the ceiling*
  5. Hey, no no dropkicking mah recruit!
    Welcome, Oushi!
    May you find a charger for Saiku's laptop soon. Here's in hopes that you can finally escape that FAILputer. ^_^
    Also, your grandmom Kitti shall post here soon.
  6. *dropkicks miru*
  7. +stands after a second kick and decides to look for the Plus Gravity switch in here+
    never again...
    +flips switch wrong way, thread is now zero gravity+
    Meh? my grandmother?
  8. *Topp headbutts the switch back into position.*

    You do that again I cave your skull in with my forehead.
  9. +stares at the switch+
    Tempting offer, though I asume Saiku would be upset...
    +turns away from the wall+
    Greetings to you by the way... Can't say we officialy met in the earlier encounter...
  10. Interesting form of hello. haha well welcome! Also Cbox is crazy so be wary :DD
  11. Welcome to the site.
  13. +dances+
    Welcome to Iwaku ! ;]
    Let me know if you need any help ;)

    @Rorehniichan~Syaoniichan~LOLWAT~ That avii is NOT SYAORAN ITS KERO IN SYAOS BODY XD
  14. *glomps oushida and bites his neck*

    Hola my love!

    *pinches his arm and glares at him lightly*

    Took you long enough to get here though...
  15. +half bows+
    Hello and thanks to all the new faces...
    And you love...
    +flexxes muscle with funny sound *pikyu!*+
  16. MEEP! no! Bad Oushi!

    *flicks your nose*

    Be nice or i'll make you be nice.

    *Sticks tongue out at Oushi*
  17. I'm late, but hello!
    Miru told me about you...
    Well, your fiancee didn't seem thrilled about my suggestions, so I guess you can call me Kitti, too.
    [size=-2]Silly people ruining all my fun[/size]​
  18. +half bows to Kitti before sitting in a throne of ice, the events of today slightly irritating me...+
  19. Wtf Bro. Lol.

    I honestly don't know how to handle this I can play it cool and be like ok I get it or I can be a dick and teleported him somewhere. Decisions, decisions
  20. Daisuke Hirragi

    Daisuke was listening, waiting for Otto's game plan when the new guy walked up to Daisuke and punched him in the same spot as Tyler. He replied with something Cliché, don't touch my sister. Daisuke took the hit and it hurt but he tried to keep his ground not wanting this new guy to think Daisuke was a push over. He contemplated punching him in the back of the head ala donkey punch style but knew if he did Tyler would be pissed plus this wasn't the time for that. He decided that he'd let it go, for now.

    Daisuke walked up and stood on the other side of Otto who was still in pretty bad shape, Daisuke was wondering why it was taking so long for Otto to heal? did it have something to do with Whatever Adler did to him? Daisuke heard Tyler's speech about their odds but having Otto's back regardless of their situation. Otto finally spoke saying that they all needed to find shelter and quick. "SHHiiit, I thought you'd never ask." Daisuke grabbed Tyler and Otto and teleported to the front of the E.I. Compound, he drew his pistol and opened the door, "looks like it's clear for now. Tyler hold onto Otto, i'll go get Maine and your brother, I guess." He was gone again he picked up Maine and motioned for Nyx to hold on. They disappeared and reappeared next to Tyler's brother.

    Daisuke was thinking of leaving him behind but knew Tyler wouldn't like that. he grabbed him by the back of the collar and started muttering "damn new guys coming around punching people like they know whats going on." Daisuke reappeared in front of Tyler and Otto. "ok so we should probably try to get in further into the compound, the front room will most likely not hold out against a huge wave of radiation." Daisuke looked back at Adler and his friend, he contemplated going back for Deanta's body and Alkura but remembered the situation they were in. Maine had just double crossed Otto, tyler was all emotions and wouldn't be able to keep them together. "Next time." he said as he helped Otto to his feet. "Tyler and Tyler's brother scout out in front while we bring Otto along." Daisuke looked at Maine. "come on man, you gotta pull your self together"