The prelude to sorrow

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  1. +stands after being dropkicked+
    +brushes off the dust and continues to eat candy coated razors+
  2. FOUR!!!!

    *dropkicks oushida*


    *nods and leaves*
  3. I've heard about it, but haven't delved too far into it just because the animation was a little off-putting and it struck me as a bit... *extra* for lack of a better term. Still, it looks promising, so on the list it goes.

    That said, I think I'm definitely looking more for the psychological aspect of it all. Maybe "Thriller" would be a more accurate description of what I'm looking for? Like, PsychoPass (for as much crap as I give it) had elements of what I'm looking for in terms of terror-oriented mind-games. Also, in a choice between torture and outright killing, I'd definitely take outright killing. Torture is the closest thing to a squick that I have. XD
  4. *Stares intently at Oushida from the ceiling*
  5. Hey, no no dropkicking mah recruit!
    Welcome, Oushi!
    May you find a charger for Saiku's laptop soon. Here's in hopes that you can finally escape that FAILputer. ^_^
    Also, your grandmom Kitti shall post here soon.
  6. *dropkicks miru*
  7. +stands after a second kick and decides to look for the Plus Gravity switch in here+
    never again...
    +flips switch wrong way, thread is now zero gravity+
    Meh? my grandmother?
  8. *Topp headbutts the switch back into position.*

    You do that again I cave your skull in with my forehead.
  9. +stares at the switch+
    Tempting offer, though I asume Saiku would be upset...
    +turns away from the wall+
    Greetings to you by the way... Can't say we officialy met in the earlier encounter...
  10. Interesting form of hello. haha well welcome! Also Cbox is crazy so be wary :DD
  11. Welcome to the site.
  13. +dances+
    Welcome to Iwaku ! ;]
    Let me know if you need any help ;)

    @Rorehniichan~Syaoniichan~LOLWAT~ That avii is NOT SYAORAN ITS KERO IN SYAOS BODY XD
  14. *glomps oushida and bites his neck*

    Hola my love!

    *pinches his arm and glares at him lightly*

    Took you long enough to get here though...
  15. +half bows+
    Hello and thanks to all the new faces...
    And you love...
    +flexxes muscle with funny sound *pikyu!*+
  16. MEEP! no! Bad Oushi!

    *flicks your nose*

    Be nice or i'll make you be nice.

    *Sticks tongue out at Oushi*
  17. I'm late, but hello!
    Miru told me about you...
    Well, your fiancee didn't seem thrilled about my suggestions, so I guess you can call me Kitti, too.
    [size=-2]Silly people ruining all my fun[/size]​
  18. +half bows to Kitti before sitting in a throne of ice, the events of today slightly irritating me...+
  19. *Melts the throne of ice with a blow torch*

  20. *Stares in Grump's general direction*
    *Prepares to get blowtorched or killed in some outlandish/brutal method*