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    The Powder Mage Trilogy By Brian McClellan
    This has NO relation to the canon storyline, and we will be using OCs. The only thing you need to know about the plot is the magic system and some of the backstory. However, if you have read the books, then it will be easier to understand the plot/some of the terms used.

    MAPS (very important!)
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    [​IMG] Adro and surrounding areas

    Adopest, the capital of Adro. May or may not be used in the rp.

    I couldn't get a map of the area the rp will be taking place in, which is around Budwiel, towards the south of Adro.


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    In the world of the Powder Mage Trilogy, there are typically three different types of magic.
    Knacked--Have some minor skill, like not needing to sleep or being able to never forget a face. They make of the majority of magic users, though they are still rare among the populace.
    Privileged--They are your stereotypical mage. They control fire, water, air, earth, and the Else (known to us as the aether). They are extremely rare, and are usually put in high positions or bodyguards to kings and nobles. They access the Else, through which all magic lives, with their gloves. Privileged have white gloves designed specifically for them that allows them to access the Else and their magic.When a Pillaged uses their magic, it they stare off into space, mumble spells to themselves, move their fingers almost like they are playing an instrument, and generally look like they are crazy.
    Marked--These are the most unique mages of McClellan's world. Rather than controlling fire or people, Marked control gunpowder. They are commonly called powder mages for this reason. Most are master marksmen, and are usually in special positions in the Adran military. With their control over gunpowder, powder mages can make bullets shoot for up to two miles, shoot with amazing accuracy, ignite gunpowder without a match, and shoot two bullets at a time to hit two different targets.

    For now, I will allow up to five Knacked, two Privileged, and one Marked, excluding my character, who I haven't decided upon yet to be.


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    It's been six months since Field Marshal Tamas's revolution, in which the king and the nobles were executed, their land given to the poor, and a council put in place of the monarchy. Since then, a bloody war with Kez has erupted, Field Marshal Tamas was betrayed and nearly killed, and rumors have arose that claim that the god Kresimir and his brother Mihali are walking amongst mere mortals. The famous powder mage Taniel Two-Shot even claims to have shot Kresimir in the eye, supposedly killing him. But you can't kill a god, right?

    After the battle at South Pike Mountain, in which Kresimir was said to have been shot, Tamas and the entire Adran army were moved to Budwiel to fight off the Kez invasion. After Kresimir was shot, South Pike Mountain was destroyed, left in smoldering pieces, with only two survivors, Taniel Two-Shot and his companion Ka-poel. Now, there are more rumors, that Kresimir is in fact alive and fighting with the Kez.

    Our characters are a select few soldiers in the Adran army, chosen by Field Marshal Tamas himself for their marksmanship, their gift for strategy, or any other number of reasons. They were chosen for a special mission, in which they were to go through a secret pass in the mountains to the east of Budwiel in order to set off blast charges above the Gates of Wasal on top of the Kez if and when the Kez army breaks through Budwiel.

    However, they weren't able to get through the pass quick enough, and by the time they are in their positions, behind where the Kez army should have been, the army has already pushed through Budwiel and is making its way north through Surkov Alley. Now, our heroes are caught on the wrong side of Budwiel and inside Kez territory. If they tried heading north, they would only meet the Kez army, and would likely die. Their only hope is to head back through the pass and attempt to beat the Kez invasion to the other side of the mountains and rejoin the army. However, the Kez also had this idea, thanks to Field Marshal Tamas's failed plan to flank the Kez, and are aware of our heroes. As they have much greater numbers, they are planning to play a game of cat and mouse with our heroes, picking them off throughout the pass as they make their way through it.

    Will our heroes survive? Or will they all die, to be remembered as deserters and cowards while leaving their families and lovers alone in a country that is being invaded?

    Character Sheet

    Race (if you haven't read the books, just put Adran. It's the most common in the Adran army.)
    If so, what type?:
    Injuries, if any:
    Appearance (can be a picture):
    Reason for being chosen for the mission:
    Reason for joining the army:
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