The Plummeting Ones Will Someday Smile

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  1. This town, the people, or lack thereof, there's something wrong here. Nothing was like this before. As a child, I remember happiness. Life. The glowing of a mother's face as she looked at her child. What's happened? Was I trapped for so long that the world had to change this much? ...No, I couldn't possibly judge this. It's all in my head, of course. It's just the time of day. Or, night, rather. My vision was altered, too.. I've not been allowed to leave shelter in so long, the darkness, the change in the air, it's too different. Maybe I shouldn't be doing this. I could be killed if I am found out here. Actually, they would not kill me, purposefully. But I would not be able to take going back there, what if the same thing happened to me as my brother? Except, no one would be calling for me as I died. No one else is left.
    No, stop thinking, dammit. I will be fine, if I pretend I am but a normal person walking the streets here.. at night... Who am I kidding, I can't possibly look normal.

    A girl, wearing what looked to be a knee-length, dark plaid skirt, and a thick coat, stopped walking suddenly. She was thin, small, with semi-short black hair which seemed to be accented with a white bow. She turned wearily, looking around the nearly empty commerce area with-presumably-her only good eye. It turned out the bow was from a bandage that had been wrapped around her right eye. She let out a shaky sigh, setting a hand over her eye and bowing her head, before murmuring something to herself.

    "Ah.. I hate the dark.."