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Plot Bunnies.

Those little ideas that get started in your head, that suddenly snowball in to more and more ideas.

Ideas that breed like bunnies.

So tell us! What are some plot bunnies you've been having lately?
Persona! My Persona RP started as a thought, and now I have more players interested than I can take. Who's up for some plot bunny stew?
I've had an idea for a while now where in the future, psychics rule the world. There bodies deteriorate faster than regular humans, though, so they begin a massive cloning program to harvest organs.

The only real plotline I've thought of for this setting involves a super-powerful psychic being born in one of the ghettoes where the non-psychic humans are forced to live who then tries to topple the system.
Sounds a bit like Needless, though the ghetto system is reversed.
Been reading far too much 'Requiem: Vampire Knight', and have since been scheming as to what crazy shit we could get up to in an RP about vampires in a weird version of Hell.

Also, zombies. Been scheming up zombies and zombie-related shenanigans for a Halloween RP for some mates.
THE VOID! It is amazing and because it is a private IM RP makes me sad that nobody else can read it right now.
Every time I'm listening to my music I get plot bunnies, and it drives me INSANE. At least if it's plot bunnies for -current- games I'm in, it makes good theme music. But then when I get -new- ideas.... BANANAS. I have to drop the bunny in my plot folder and hope I can use it one day. D:

Right now I am listening to "Paparazzi" and getting all kinds of ideas about a whole serial stalker and movie star thing. Like that damned Bodyguard movie.
Ever since I got my job [as moderator] I've oft dreamed of an RP where I killed Paorou and became the Mad King myself.
I have a Sith character stuck in my head, the character is only half complete and it's maddening because nothing I do to try and complete him ever works right.
Theres one generic plot bunny who keeps thumping me on the back of the head ;_;

I have this one idea of this big creepy mansion that connects all different time periods and realities together. Then people wander in and they can't go back through the door they entered by. Oh and the house is all alive and stuff, walls that eat you, rooms full of delight and nightmares, that sort of thing.
First off, I have to say... I feel violated that you're encouraging bunnies to make love in the empty, dark space at the back of my brain. NOT NICE! LOL

But..... I loving ideas of doom plots, supernatural gore stories are taking up most of the space. He's like that fat, lazy bunny you shutter from when it speaks to you. "Get me carrot cake."