The Planets.

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  1. M A R S

    It had only been hours after Mars had declared war on Uranus. He had enough of her tricks. She needed to learn to grow up and Mars thought the only obvious way to solve the problem was to bring her to battle. No matter what Venus said about peace, Mars wasn't listening. Even his good friend Saturn had spent days with him, trying to persuade him out of battle. But it had been so long since he had fought. Hell, Mars sort of was looking for a war to engage in. And there was no way he was travelling out of the solar system to find one. Mars was a ridiculous man sometimes.

    The sun was setting on his home planet, the red skies a blood colour. He stood watching the sun from his home, hands behind his back. "We shall rise at dawn and fight in the skies." Mars spewed out his battle plans at the window, hoping Saturn hadn't left the room. "Then, we shall press forward and fight on her soil!" Mars declared, raising a fist quickly in pre-triumph. The man straightened his helmet and turned towards Saturn. The wise man probably frowning at Mars through his mask. Mars was friends with most of the planets, at least, until he attempted to call them for war. But, Saturn was the only one who managed to deal with his lust for war. The only one he found hard to get along with was Venus, such a beautiful planet, but they did not agree ideologically at all. Jupiter probably found Mars an irritant to his jolly planet. Which was true, mostly. Mercury and Mars were friends, but Mercury was way closer with Uranus, Mars didn't expect to see him on his planet anytime soon. Neptune was the most mysterious, Mars didn't quite see her often enough. Then Uranus, of course, usually he could deal with her and her trickery. Not anymore, Mars thought.

    "It's been so long since my citizens have seen war..." Mars began to pace the open Roman hall. It was tall and large, the room entirely marble. "I shall bring it to them..." He mumbled, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. He wondered if anybody else would come to his aid. Well, the battle was between him and Uranus, but the other planets usually tried to help their friends. Mainly in attempt to stop whatever chaos Mars was starting.

    And Mars had a talent of starting chaos.

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  2. Saturn
    Saturn, A short yet large man, stood in the room with a planet he had the unfortunate pleasure of calling a friend. Normally he would not stoop to say such things about Mars but when he was demanding war left and right 'unfortunate' was the lightest way to put it. He stood rather still, head bowed slightly to stare at the floor, his mind thinking as Mars spewed out his war story like it was already written in the books. But what Saturn feared was that his friend was starting a war he couldn't win, a war in which his loss may cause more strife than he may anticipate.

    Yet still Saturn stood here, giving him advice that his friend never seemed to listen too, something that the wise man could never understand. Was he arrogant? Or did the crimson warmonger just have a short term memory? Either way, Saturn knew that the next days were only going to be more of a pain than they usually were. "Yes Mars. I believe every planet in the solar system has heard your romance stories of war. It's a wonder you still managed to keep friends when you continue to try and conquer." He said in a rather low, graveling voice "I must remind you that once again, I will not be supporting your ludicrous campaign with my people. You're on your own here and I still don't see why you can't just talk to the woman and discuss her immature actions." he said as he paced his way towards his taller friend by the window, looking out onto the red planet "If you go to war like this you are no more childish than the trickster you intend to stop." he coldly explained, even with the mask Saturn had a way of letting people know he was glaring at them in disapproval.

    Though Saturn knew very well that if this war was to see fruition his planet would be in danger. Being in between Jupiter and Uranus didn't have many perks and the fact that they had a close bond definitely wasn't a perk, especially when Saturn's closest friend tended to get annoyed at both of them. Saturn knew that if things didn't go right, his own home may even become a central battlefield, the last thing he would want.

    "Don't just think of yourself. My home, my people will be stuck in the middle of this." he warned, letting out one deep breath.​
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  3. Neptune

    "My people are my priority. You would do well to remember that."

    The night was young on the planet Neptune. The blue skies were dotted with distant stars. The ice crackled on the surface, showing colors of blue and purple. To those who do not know Neptune, they would believe it to be desolate and lifeless. But deep beneath the ice--only miles above the planet's core--lay the bustling world of the Neptunites.

    If one were to visit this world for the first time, they would think it chaotic. No one would ever find a peaceful moment on Neptune, nor would they find any sort of sentiment for war among its people. No, her ruler made sure of that. Neptune's many years and wisdom made her believe that true peace was impossible, while war was unnecessary and frivolous. Neptune herself was a mysterious being first and foremost--almost to the point that many were unsure if she truly existed. But she did. She certainly did. Keeping an ever-watchful eye over the Solar System, she preferred her planet's solitude over the rest of the system. In fact, she rarely ever left her planet unless absolutely necessary.

    And, sadly, she was afraid this would be one of those times.

    "Milady, your ship is prepared and ready to leave upon your word," Neptune's chief adviser and closest friend said suddenly. He looked at his ruler, wondering what she was thinking beneath that cloak of hers. Neptune took a breath, staring upwards towards the sky that her people could never see. She was one of the few that had ever been to the surface--much less off the planet at all. "Milady?"

    Neptune turned, looking at her friend. "Yes, of course. I shall leave immediately." With that, she walked quickly to their only dock. Neptune had many ships, but they were rarely ever used. Only two were actively used for trade. Today, a third ship was prepared--her personal ship that would take her to the planet Mars. She hated these sort of skirmishes, but she kept herself informed on them. She did not think this was going to be any mere skirmish, especially between Mars and Uranus.

    The ship was small but elegant, expertly crafted by Neptune's best engineers. It hailed the trident on its side--the classic symbol of Neptune. Neptune herself would be going alone save her pilot. She had no time for luxuries, and she did not want to cause questions to arise too soon. Her people would know the truth soon enough. And when they did, Neptune would be preparing for war.​
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  4. Jupiter-The Jolly Giant
    "All you need in the world is fun and dance!"
    Jupiter was in his lavish bedroom in his white castle, he was enjoying a blissful slumber. He was enjoying it that is until he heard his door swing open. "Your Greatness, we have word that Mars is declaring war on Uranus." Jupiter moaned in annoyance, Mars was always up to something. Why couldn't he just have some fun for a change? Jupiter, reluctantly got up out of his bed. His subject who spoke to him bowed and came closer. "Your Greatness, Mars is at his old ways again. He is tired of Uranus' tricks and games, he wants to harm her. I know he'll try and persuade us to his side..." Jupiter shot up his hand, and the subject stopped talking.

    "He will never get me to agree with his way of ruling. Me and Uranus have been dear friends for years...everyone knows that by now." Jupiter usually left the fighting and the bickering between the other planets, but when it came to an all out war like the one Mars was bound to start, Jupiter would have to ally with someone...and it would be his friend Uranus. The 60 foot giant looked at himself in his 100 foot glass and crystallize mirror, he smiled at himself and fixed his jewelry. "Any word on what my good friend has planned for this...War is it?" The subject shook his head no, he hadn't heard anything from Uranus. That could mean two things, either she was too busy to talk...or she hadn't heard about the declaration. "I shall take a trip to the planet Uranus, and hopefully she'll know how to stop this...before it gets ugly."

    Jupiter sent off his subject to get his ship ready for the voyage. It wouldn't be long before he would be at planet Uranus and talking with Uranus. He still couldn't believe that Mars was acting out, he had hoped the peace agreement would last...but with a loose cannon like Mars, that was just wishful thinking. He hoped that his people wouldn't have to fight in the war, they were kind and light hearted...only a serious attack would cause the giants to retaliate.

    "Your Greatness, your ship is ready for your departure." Jupiter smiled at his returning subject. "Thank you, now did my Royal Guard already leave ahead, like I asked?" The subject smiled and shook his head yes. "Splendid!" Jupiter always had his Royal Guard go ahead of him, he didn't want to go to the other planets unless he got the okay from the other planets' leaders, out of respect. "Now once Uranus gives the okay, we can set off." Jupiter walked out of his castle and into the planet's center area, the biggest area in the whole planet. "Until then...we dance!" All the Juptierians in the area started to dance and cheer, for their King was surely the Greatest.

    Mentioned: @Zelda (Wanted the okay, before Jupiter set off to your planet^^).
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  5. [​IMG]
    - Mercury -
    "Where responsibilities lie, so do tricks."

    A heavy sigh escaped Mercury's mouth as he took a brief respite from his duties. As the messenger between the planets he'd been flitting from one to the other bringing news about the rising conflict. No matter where his allegiances lie, he is expected to deliver important updates that concern him and his kind. Things were heating up and he was tiring of it. "Let it be known that if you dare to have fun, Mars will find a reason to beat some poor heads in." he muttered to no one in particular. He'd have to think twice now about who he played pranks on. If Uranus got in trouble... so could he.

    Mercury didn't have a long time to rest though. His next stop was going to be visiting Uranus. He needed her to know that he had her back. If she was going to face war because of her trckery, well, how could he not aid her? Mercury flexed his wings, stretching one out and then the other as he prepared to fly off. His alabaster feathers glinted in the waning sunlight with each deft movement. Mercury left with a whisper to his people.

    "I will be back for you. Stay safe."

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  6. Uranus - Planet of Tricks
    "A fun leader leads to a fun planet!"

    Uranus sat on her royal chair in front of a full-wall sized window overlooking a rich town. She stared out the window in boredom, desperately wanting to visit Jupiter or Mercury just for fun, but instead she was busy signing papers to officially allow the creation of a new diamond-crystallizing company. This type of boredom just wasn't her thing; she couldn't concentrate on reading the request at all.

    "Lady Uranus!" Her deputy bust through the door, making Uranus slightly jump in surprise, "I apologize for frightening you, Milady, however, this is an important message needed of an urgent response."

    Uranus sat up, bringing her mind back to business, "Yes? What is it?"

    Her deputy slightly hesitated before continuing, wincing while saying, "Mars has declared war upon you."

    Uranus sighed, falling back into her chair in annoyance, "Of course he would..." She rubbed her temples, trying not to get aggravated. "Send a message to the safety shelters informing them to start preparations. Notify the military officials of each town to immediately prepare troops, using the diamond-plated armor for the most important of out fighters."

    "Understood. Jupiter and Mercury have requested to visit."

    "Accept them. I will notify the commoners myself across the loudspeakers." She stood up, dismissing her deputy, walking over to her microphone. Hesitantly pressing the button, she spoke swiftly and seriously to her people that she so desperately trusted and protected, "Attention, please. Attention, please. An urgent and serious notice is about to be released. War has been declared by Mars. I will try to not let this escalate any further than just a proposal, but please be aware that if you are to see any Martians on our soil, do not converse with or approach them. Head to a safety shelter after the coast is clear. There is a possibility that I will schedule a nation-wide evacuation towards the shelters." She sighed in disappointment. It pained her to be so serious, "Once more, I repeat, war has been declared by Mars. I will try to not let this escalate any further than just a proposal. In the meantime, please return to your fun, and do not let this hinder you joy!" Slowly releasing the announcement button, she closed her eyes, softly whispering a saying of good fortune to herself.

    She knew her citizens would understand the importance of the message, while still not being too panicked knowing that she was safe and put on a good show of sounding calm. In the back of her mind, she always expected Mars to someday get fed up even more than he always was and decide - possibly just for amusement - to fight with her. In her opinion, Mars was always too serious and needed to let go. War is never a luxury, despite the constant preparation for it on his planet.

    She smirked, knowing that her citizens knew how to mess with the Martian's heads, whether it be by confusion or anger. Mars might have weaponry and brutality, but Uranus had agility and mental tactics.

    Uranus already had a plan made in her head, and her first step was to speak with Jupiter and Mercury, then go over to Mars to try and rationalize with him, even if she had to bust her way in.
    She held her head high, walking down to the plaza, waiting to be greeted by Jupiter and Mercury, hoping that their citizens wouldn't be put in harms way because of this war.
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  7. M A R S

    As Saturn began spewing wisdom, Mars turned around to listen. He usually took what Saturn had to say into account, the planet was wise. Yet, when war was in question, Mars's brain wiped anything that wasn't bloodlust. It probably annoyed Saturn more than anything. "They're not romantic -" Mars mumbled under his breath, "They're true." The planet looked around at the man speaking, gritting his teeth. Surely war was anything but childish. But, Saturn was a man of tradition, anything could be seen as childish to him.

    When Saturn mentioned his own people, Mars felt a pang of guilt in his gut. "I'll protect you!" Mars suddenly declared, walking up next to his friend, holding his hand out to pat his shoulder. "My citizens would never allow allies to get harmed!" He shouted again, not realizing how loud he could get. Before Mars could get into details about how great his defense line was, his deputy 'Corporal' as he called him, burst through the doors. The doors towered three times the height of the man.

    "General!" The male called him, "We have news Neptune is going to arrive soon." Mars turned around and walked up to his corporal, hands behind his own back. "Does she intend to come in peace?" He raised an eyebrow. "Yes General." Mars lifted his chin in thought. Neptune probably had something to say, because he was sure she wasn't coming for support. "Then prepare for her arrival, be nice!" He used his arm to motion the man away. The deputy scurried off, closing the door behind him.
  8. Neptune

    "War is a foolish enterprise but so is peace."

    Neptune looked out at the red planet, a solemn expression on her face. Her pilot touched down lightly, and she could see that Mars had already sent out someone to greet her. She sighed, wishing that she was back home with her people. She enjoyed her solitude first and foremost, making it rather difficult to enjoy these necessary trips to other planets. She hadn't left her planet since the peace talks ended, and she only wanted to return as soon as possible. Alas, that was the way of war and peace. Until this System learned to find a balance, no one would ever truly be safe from others.

    Taking a breath, she exited her small ship, leaving instructions for her pilot to be ready to leave if needed. She walked in silent grace, her presence both commanding and unassertive at the same time. She noted the elegant and extravagant marble structures that were so unique to Mars. As she was led to Mars himself, many people looked upon Neptune with bewildered and even apprehensive glances. She was a mysterious woman, after all, and some would swear on their lives that she looked no older than a child.

    It simply added to the mystery behind Neptune.

    When she finally reached Mars's chamber, she could feel slight impatience rising. This entire conflict was the spawn of a childish and hasty mind, but there was a reason she had come to Mars and not Uranus. "Hello, Mars," she said quietly, her voice barely above a whisper as the doors closed behind her. Her eyes flickered over to Saturn, and she simply nodded in acknowledgement. "I see you have yet again put my people in jeopardy with your...lack of restraint." If there was one person in this system that she agreed with, it was Venus. While Neptune did not believe that complete peace would ever be possible, it certainly kept her people out of harm's way. Instead, however, she had to deal with Mars--the exact opposite of Venus. He had once again allowed war to threaten her people, and she would not let him get away with it so easily this time.
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  9. Saturn

    Saturn gave a small nod back to Neptune as she entered. She was a planet he didn't get to visit often, mainly because he never seemed to know where he stood with her. She was strange to say the least and when every other planet was so easy to read, so open, it was hard to justify making the trip to the planet that lay on the outskirts. Even stranger still was seeing her here, on mars of all places. Though it brought comfort to know he wasn't the only one backing the red planet. Having one ally in a war of this scale never really seemed like a great Idea. Not to mention that with Neptune on their side Uranus would have to be very careful, much like himself being stuck between 'the fun leader' and the 'jolly giant'. They were neighbors... Why did they have to be on opposite sides?

    "The notion of your protection is cute Mars. But my planet is stuck between the giants and your main enemy. There is no way you could possibly protect my people without my citizens being brought to their knees first." he said rather bluntly as he began to pace. It was in moments like this that Saturn was glad he always wore the mask. Back on his planet it protected the skin against most of the sand that could hurt a fair amount in high winds. But on other planets, talking to other leaders it served as the greatest poker face in existence. You couldn't make a mask flinch or waver. But behind his facade he was panicking. One wrong move and his people would feel the brunt of it. He knew that.

    "The fact that there are three of us puts us into a good position however. Venus would never pick a side which either forces the other three against us or leaves us in a three against two situation. Though I'm certain we wont be that lucky. Neptune I thank you for joining us but I have a proposal. What if I meet with Uranus and get this mess sorted?" He asked as he turned to the two allies, a hand rubbing the chin of his mask "I like to think I'm well respected by both Uranus and Jupiter and could probably get us out of this mess without pointless bloodshed. Mars if you want to fight build an arena or something to blow of steam." he proposed, making his way back to the other two with a small sigh "for now it's the best idea I have." he stated simply, standing with a rather neutral pose "Unless you two have a better idea?"