The Planet Hana

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  1. In the future, there is a kingdom on the planet Hana. Hana is like earth in many ways, it has water, trees for breathable air, and extreme conditions other than the occasional earthquake, tornado and other various natural disasters.

    When Earth comes to a fiery end, the people find themselves in a whole new world full of a new, better species.

    What will happen to the inhabitants of Hana? Will Earths people be enslaved, or will they find themselves ruling over all?
    The Prince of Hana stared up at the sky, his horns proudly showing through his blonde hair. He growled, watching the alien airships enter his atmosphere.

    "This is not good Prince!" His steward cried out in their natural language. "We need to destroy them! Now!" The Prince gazed down at the six foot male. "I am the one in charge here..." He narrowed his eyes at him, standing at his tall six foot seven.

    "I know Master.." The steward would stutter out nervously, following his Princes shadow as the male hurriedly entered the castle. "Guards. We need four hundred Red Brute Troops and Ten Hundred Hastlers...tell them it is urgent and to meet at checkpoint 4SevenTwo." The guard saluted, turning and speeding off.

    The Prince then turned to his Father. "It is happening Father..." He knelt down and bowed his head, looking at the shrine. "I will keep this Planet the name of Hana..." He stood, moving outside and staring up at the hundreds of ships. This could end up with their heads.
  2. sgt ryuka was the commander of the elite special forces of the humans. she was on the holoscreen talking to the commander "yes commander i understand my mission objective. i am to take a team and recon the planet." the holoscreen disappeared and she walked into the briefing room where her team was waiting. "alright soldiers we leave now get aboard the drop ship." once on the drop ship it was deployed to the surface of hana. once on the ground her team began its mission of recon.
  3. A male appeared beside the prince. "Sire! We have humane activity on ground zero!" He looked over, modding.

    "Send twelve Recon Soldiers to retrieve them. We will bring them in for questioning. If they become violent..." He turned fully, his eyes shadowed and hair wild. "Then return and I shall go..."

    He waved his hand and the male disappeared. He ran a hand through his locks, moving up the stairs and to his observatory, zooming in with his telescope on the humans.
  4. sgt ryukas team was doing thee econ when she heard rusting and twigs breaking. "get ready for first contact." her team was in battle positions. then she heard nothing. she gave her team a hand signal telling them to hold their position. she disappeared into the bush she came back 3 minutes later with a prisoner. "i caught him watching us" she hit him with her gun. "who is in charge?"
  5. Zeely was outraged. Who were these people, marching about and pretending to have authority? Hana's royal family were the ones in charge. Everyone knew that. He wouldn't lower himself to the intruders' level by attacking, but he was perfectly willing to follow them on the recon team.

    The recon soldier crawled on his belly through the bushes. Suddenly - snap! Zeely froze in place. Had his foot snapped a twig? Any mistakes of this kind could have disastrous consequences. Soon enough, he found himself captured by a young woman in a military outfit, with people in similar uniforms around her. There he was, exposed to the intruders, the only things setting Zeely off from the others being his pale skin and his shock of orange hair. He glared up at the group, not sure what to expect, as he was hit with the butt of the woman's gun. Was she... asking who was in charge? Interesting. Anyone with half a brain would have guessed she was in charge. Still, this would be a good time to state his purpose. "The one in charge," he said in a slightly annoyed voice, "is the King of Hana. I was tracking you in case you meant violence." If the little militia was willing to hit prisoners, they most likely did. Zeely could never be too sure, though.
  6. "ok this is a good start." she threw her gun over her shoulder. second question, "how many more members of this recon team are watching us?" right as she said that she her sniper fired his rifle and someone fell out of the tree.
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  7. Zeely inhaled sharply as one of the intruders fired a gun into a tree. Down went a body, crashing onto the ground below. He let out a sigh at the sight of his comrade's limp form. How much violence would these people bring to Hana? He wasn't sure he wanted to find out. "I would have told you," he said, now speaking in a calmer tone, "if you hadn't just shot someone unconscious. It's more than four, I'll say that." Zeely balled up his fists, angry with and a little afraid of these newcomers. If they could hurt opposing lifeforms at the drop of a hat, they would be bad news for the planet. For now, though, he would have to stay and collect as much information as he could. After all, he was part of a reconnaissance team, so he would most likely learn quite a bit within the invaders' ranks.
  8. "alright soldiers, these guys are watching us. its going to be hard to do our job with these guys watching us." she noticed something moving behind one of her soldiers she told him to duck and she opened fire. when she walked over to it and saw it was a giant snake. she walked back to the prisoner "third question what in these jungles wants to kill us?"
  9. A thin smile flickered onto Zeely's face. "It depends," he said, clearly amused by the sergeant's question. "It depends on whether you are trying to kill us. If you will bring violence to Hana, everyone loyal to the royal family will try to eliminate you. If you come with peace, you'll probably get off easy," the recon soldier finished. He kept on smiling serenely, enjoying this little game but still on edge. These people, he remembered, would shoot anything other than themselves that made noise. Zeely couldn't be too sure of them.
  10. just as sgt ryuka was going to hit him for the snive remark, when it seemed like the entire forest was attacking. her soldiers were screaming and dying. she began to sprint towards the drop ship but got caught in a snare. "what the ..."
  11. The Prince smiled, having been watching the entire ordeal through his observatory. He looked at his steward. "Tell Rank4 to hurry, they will miss the chance to capture." He pulled out his transmitter and paged Zeely, speaking in their tongues. "Capture their leader now. I want her alive." He hung up, stalking from his observatory and heading for the prisoner room.
  12. sgt ryuka grabbed her knife and then swung her body up to the rope and caught it. she tried to cut but to no avail it was thick steel cable. she saw soldiers moving in on her. she pulled out her pistol and began shooting at the troops she managed to kill a few until she ran out of ammo.
  13. Among the chaos, Zeely looked down at his pager, shocked to see it beeping softly. He held it up and received the prince's message. The recon soldier nodded. "As you wish, Your Highness." Sensing his chance to be free of the intruders, he got up and dusted off his legs. "Rank Four!" he called out. "Capture the woman alive! The Prince of Hana himself requests it!" Zeely paused for a few seconds. "Formation 9," he added, before picking up a dropped weapon from one of his dead comrades. A ring of them began to form, shooting whoever shot at them and inexorably headed towards the sergeant. More rings circled that one, with Zeely in the second. The team was closing in.

    When the rings had definitively prevented the sergeant's escape, Zeely came forward. "Hope you don't mind," he jokingly told the leader of this group of intruders. Some of his men laughed at this one, while most of them stood stock still. With that last line, he pulled out a tranquilizer dart, aimed, and shot.
  14. Sgt ryuka felt the tranq hit her and she started to fade out into unconciousness. Just before she went unconcious she looked at the guy. "I will destroy you." She fell unconcious
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