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    SIGN UP AND OOC thread here.
    (Inspired by the novel "Wither" written by Lauren DeStefano)
    In the year of 2046 the world has been genetically engineered to point where humanity is cured of all diseases and defects. This was the "The First Generation" was perfect but their children were cursed with a plague, the females would live to age 20 and the males would live to age 25. Once they reach their maximum life expectancy they would become very sick, it was a painful sickness. Humanity scrambles for a cure against this plague but no one has succeeded. A group of people called "The Gatherers", would go out in the streets looking for girls to bring to husbands for reproduction and science, a single man would have up to three wives at a time so he could get them pregnant and have babies to become test rats. The Gatherers would pick out the beautiful girls, and the rejected ones would be killed, they would die soon anyway.

    The beginning: You found yourself waking up in the back of a truck? Was it a truck? You couldn't be sure because you couldn't see. You could hear other girls breathing and you could feel arms and legs surrounding you. Where were you? The vehicle came to a sudden stop and you heard a few men talking outside. Then you heard the door open, the light rush in blinding you, one by one the girls including you were brought out to stand in a line. You looked at the girls faces some crying and some showing no emotion. You finally realized where you were. The Gatherers would pick off the girls and either kill them or bring them to be brought to a man you would marry and have babies with. The Gatherer came face to face with you and He began to examine you, this was it, this is where the road ends, he signaled to the others to take you away.

    Now: (If you're one of the girls) The roleplay will start at your wedding where you and two girls are going to be married to one man named, (*name*). The assistants of the house are helping dress you up in your wedding gown and fixing you perfectly.
    (If you're the man) : You are the master of the house, everyone tends to you all your servants and your wealth belongs to you. Even the three girls you will marry and get pregnant.

    Female 1: XxGiaXx
    Female 2: ElBell
    Female 3: PinkArrow
    Male: SilentSerenity

    Male: Jazz
    Female 1:
    Female 2:
    Female 3:

    EDIT UPDATE: I'm allowing another male character so this opens up three more spots for three girls follow the same character set up! The male will be Erin's brother who moves in with him because there was a terrible fire at his own house he was able to get out along with his wives. They will be living with Erin and the other girls...
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  2. I would be I terested to play one of the females!
  3. Okay I'll reserve a spot for you!
  4. Awesome! Now, is there a skeleton I need to fill our or..?
  5. @XxGiaXx I will make an OOC and Sign up thread soon once I figure out what genre it should be.
  6. Maybe it'd go in the Libertine section? Romance, possibly XD
  7. I put in Mod Fantasy. If it turns into really mature then we can get it moved to Libertine xD
  8. I didn't even think about that.. Yeah, that works. ^-^
  9. @XxGiaXx The link is up now. Underneath the picture.
  10. I want to join!! :3
  11. Okay yay! The sign up link is under the picture! @PinkArrow
  12. There's no way for this to become libertine as we have an adult member with us. The closest to sexual scenes it can become is fade to black.
  13. @PinkArrow Yeah, true. We'll have fade to black.
  14. I want a guy please :)
  15. There are no more spots left! V-V
  16. I know xD after posting, i saw it was closed and I was like ah shoot.... and I couldn't find my post xD
  17. I'm sorry! >_<
  18. its fine hahaha :P Would of hoped there was more spots tho!!!
    Can you open another guy spot???? O_O It really looks interesting
  19. Hello @Jazz ! This is my thread so Gia wouldn't be able to help you ^^|| Uhm please message me and we can discuss this further. Can you possibly send me a example of the way you roleplay. Like maybe a comment that you used for some other roleplay you are in? Just want to see if how you are before I decided if you can join. The reason I'm doing this is because I intended to only have one male strictly for the plot so I'm going to think on it and see if adding another might complicate it. Please message me.
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  20. I'm thinking of maybe adding more girls since we have one girl who is most active than the rest not that I blame them, I might open spots for girls. Just not sure about a guy yet...